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Dillon Casey plays Noah on "The Vampire Diaries", the vampire Anna brings to Mystic Falls to help her open the tomb and release her mother Pearl. In this interview Dillon talks about working on "The Vampire Diaries" and how a german newspaper article led him and his brothers into the idea of a short film they won the 24 Hour Toronto Film Challenge with.

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1. You studied Environmental Science and Economics. How did you get into acting after that?

I've always been an actor but never considered it to be a realistic profession until I started landing work in Toronto. I guess caught the 'acting bug' first in grade 8 when I played the Genie in our school production of "Aladdin". That's still the most fun I've ever had as an actor. When I was working on my Masters in Economics at the University of Toronto, I was going out for auditions. Nearing the end of that degree, I landed a lead role on a CBC show called "11 Cameras", then followed that up with a lead in another CBC show (and essentially my launching point) - "MVP". After that I decided to give it a serious go.

It feels weird using the word "I" so much - they always taught us to not write like that back in school... oh well.

2. Noah's storyline in "Vampire Diaries" #1.12 Unpleasantville reminded a little of horror movies like "Prom Night". Is the tension that comes across later in the completed episode noticeable on set, too? Or is it astonishing for you as an actor to see what the episode feels like when it's finished?

There's no tension on set. We're all friendly and I'm not really a method actor. Astonishing isn't really the word - but it's definitely satisfying if it comes across well.

3. In your scenes with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley your three characters are a threat to each other and this was very palpable. Is this difficult to play with another actor if you know eachother and get on well?

Not for me. I do my best work with my brothers so the more I know somebody the better I feel on set as the character. It becomes fun to try to make the other person break.

4. What can you tell us about a typical day on the set of "The Vampire Diaries"?

It runs like a machine. Everybody's nice, working hard, happy to be on such a successful show. There's nothing too crazy about that set.

5. Can you relate to the buzz about vampires, the fascination for beauty, danger and living forever?

Not really... never really thought about it. Living forever would suck - all your friends would die... that's no good.

6. If you could be a supernatural creature what would you like to be and why?

I'd probably be a werewolf. Always been a dog person.

7. What was the best part of working on "The Vampire Diaries"?

Got to hang out with my old friend Nina Dobrev. It's great to see how well she's doing. It's nice that she hasn't turned into a diva... yet...

8. Can you tell us a little bit about your short film "A Rare Affair" and what the 24 Hour Toronto Film Challenge is?

"A Rare Affair" was the first short film I worked on with my brothers Conor and Lyndon back in 2006. We came up with the idea from an article in a German Newspaper talking about how a man was looking for volunteers to let him eat (literally fry up and eat) their penis and then kill them. That led us into this idea of an underground high-society group of cannibals who only eat "volunteers". The 24 hour film challenge itself is a competition where filmmakers are given a genre, a prop, and a line of dialogue at 9am saturday morning, then have 24 hours to complete the film from scratch. It's a grind but it gets you off your ass and forces you to make a film. We won it that year with "A Rare Affair". It's still one of our favorites.

9. At the RingCon 2010 (fantasy convention in Germany) Kyle Schmid talked a lot about the movie "Three Inches". What is your role like in this movie?

For the record, Kyle and I went to grade school together (Mentor College) where I was the president in grade 8. I was Kyle's president - everything he knows he learned from me. I've got a small 'cameo' type role which may be recurring... basically the lead guy doesn't like me because I'm dating his crush.

10. You play Evan in the US version of "Skins". Do you know the UK version? What do you think about the accusation the show was pornography with children?

It's to be expected in the US. Controversy is always good in my opinion. I haven't seen the UK version yet but I heard it's great.

11. It is interesting how many remakes of UK shows there are in the US at the moment. You are in another one called "Being Erica". What are the challanges in doing a remake compared to an original show?

There aren't any challenges to it really... not as an actor at least... well not to me... I just dont think about it.

12. Is there a show currently airing which you would like to play a part in? What kind of part would you like to play if you could choose?

I'd love to be in "Curb Your Enthusiasm", or "Eastbound and Down"... or "Mad Men". Any of those cable shows. Network TV sucks right now.

13. Would you like to tell us a little bit about your current projects?

It was a great summer for work. I had a lead in an upcoming film called "Blood is Blood" which also starred "True Blood's" Mehcad Brooks and Horror legend Sid Haig ("The Devil's Rejects"). We shot that in Baton Rouge Lousiana and it was an absolute blast. After that I returned to Toronto, my home town, where I was lucky enough to have some great work lined up: including returning as "Ryan" on the CBC/ABC show "Being Erica", a supporting role on the feature film "The Vow" - which stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams (Rachel still hasn't returned my calls), and of course the cameo in "Three Inches". Right now I'm guest starring on "Torchwood" (Starz Network), where I will have a very racy scene with John Barrowman... a little nervous about that one.

You can also check out my monthly podcast with Soap Opera Guru Michael Fairman on it's a podcast about soap operas - admittedly I know nothing about soaps, so I just sit back and make stupid comments. It's fun.

Finally - I have my own web-series called "Living in LA With Dillon Casey" which has a strong following on Funny or Die - it displays the glamorous (or lack thereof) trials and tribulations of trying to be an actor in LA. Here's the link to the latest ep.

I'm also working on a feature film script with my brothers Conor and Lyndon under our production company Taryn Leigh Films - the script is in development with Canada's Temple Street Productions ("Being Erica", "How do you Solve a Problem like Maria"). We hope to start shooting soon.

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favourite show?

My favorite show at the moment would have to be... "Eastbound and Down".

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