"Teen Wolf" interview with Khylin Rhambo

Foto: Khylin Rhambo
Khylin Rhambo

March 30, 2016 | For many "Teen Wolf" fans Mason is a little bit of a Stiles 2.0. He is a true friend, he helps the pack with his smarts and his lovely funny lines bring light into the most gripping episodes. Still Mason has been a truly optimistic kind of person, and we can't wait to find out how everything that has happened to him in the dark fifth season will affect him in season 6. Khylin Rhambo kindly made time for us again this year to share his thoughts on these aspects and answer our questions about his character and working on the set of "Teen Wolf".

German translation of the interview.

1. Mason was the beast! Stiles had a hard time coping with what he did when he was possessed by the Nogitsune. What do you think how Mason will cope?

Well, since Mason is such a kind hearted person I don't think the fact that he was involved in the deaths of so many innocent people is going to sit well with him. I just hope that he doesn't blame himself too much because technically he was as much as a victim as anyone else. Being used as a test subject to be the host of a rampaging bloodthirsty monster against his own will is a lot to handle. So hopefully he can cope with the help of his new pack of friends.

2. In our last interview you said that Mason was a lot braver than you are. You have been playing him for two years now, was there ever a point at which you realized you learnt something from him?

It's always nice to learn new things about a character that you play over a period of time. Mason has definitely been coming to life more and more each episode. One new thing I've come to find out is how smart he is. He actually is starting to become an asset to the pack by using his intelligence to help solve problems rather than just be a little ole human in the pack. He has a huge fascination in science and just knows things that a normal teenager his age has no idea of. (Myself included) Which is why I think he's so in love with the idea of supernatural creatures being a reality. It pretty much defies everything he's ever been taught to be true and expanded his entire view on the world.

3. As a fan my theory was that Theo's sister was the beast and the Dread Doctors were their parents and Theo was really trying to save his sister from disappearing forever. What was your theory and when did you find out you were the beast?

Wow dude, that's no joke, probably one of the coolest theories I've heard on the beast's identity. I'm going to be honest my theory literally had no thought. I really thought that there was just gonna be some new random teenager casted that supposedly went to BHHS and just none of us ever noticed him/her. I'm so glad I'm not a writer on the show. I found out I was the beast literally right after the boys locker scene between Corey and Mason. Jeff Davis showed me some concept art on what it was going to look like and I was completely wowed by it. (He's definitely got some sketching skills) so I asked how we were going to kill that thing and he told me that it was actually me and I couldn't have been happier.

Foto: Khylin Rhambo
Khylin Rhambo

4. Michael Johnston said in our interview he'll never forget how much fun it was to scream all day shooting his horror scenes. How sad are you that you didn't have any scenes in the Dreads' torture chamber and what about shooting this season will you never forget?

Well, I actually got to do something pretty similar! Even though I didn't have the honors to make it into the torture chamber I got to be a science experiment, and got injected with green fluid coming out of the tank with the naked guy. That was kind of like torture. Plus I had to sit hunched over for at least a good 2 hours. That was definitely a memorable moment. Pretty much every scene working with the dread doctors was my favorite thing in season 5.

5. Corey caught Mason when he was rescued in the finale and it was a really sweet moment! But Corey is the only remaining chimera and we have no idea about his life expectancy without the Dreads' elixir. With both their traumatic experiences do you think there's a future for them?

That's really tricky because even though Corey was considered a "failure" by the dread doctors and died once, It seems like that green naked man juice is doing a swell job keeping him alive and I haven't seen any mercury coming out of his mouth ever since Theo revived him so who knows ? He actually could be in the clear from dying due to his new chimera DNA. But at the same time he lives in Beacon Hills and just because he might be healthy it seems like there's always some more near death experiences on the horizon for these kids. As far as their relationship goes things could go either way. They're both very young, and are still figuring things out, about themselves and the world around them so these traumatic experiences could be the very thing that draws them closer together or at the same time be the thing that makes it harder to be together.

6. When you booked the role of Mason did you watch the previous "Teen Wolf" seasons? With so many villains and returnees this seasons, who was your favorite villain so far and which one of the characters would you like to see return - and why?

Yeah I did actually! I didn't follow each episode from season to season but I definitely saw a good 5 episodes. Well I always have said that Theo has been one of my favorite villains. It was really cool to see a villain try to take down Scotts pack not only with brute force but attack psychologically. He was just a master manipulator and Cody Christian is definitely the homie so I loved seeing him do his thing. I'd love to see Jackson return. Since he was a Kanima without knowing it I think Mason can kind of relate to that being the beast and all.

Foto: Khylin Rhambo
Khylin Rhambo

7. You've worked with quite a good mix of the "Teen Wolf" cast members so far. Who didn't you have so much scenes with yet and would like to work more with?

Yeah I think I've had good solid scenes with pretty much every one of the main cast except Dylan O'Brien. I'd love to have a one on one with him man. I truly admire him as an actor.

8. When you think about "Teen Wolf" really being about the "monstrosity" of adolescence, how would you compare the challenges of portraying teenage drama in a supernatural vs. real world?

Well the one thing that being on this show has taught me is to completely discard what's possible or impossible. So when I'm preparing for a scene I often times have to shut down my rational mind and allow myself to truly go to the place where me turning into a ferocious beast killing 30 + people isn't just make believe. It's been an amazing challenge because I'm forced to actually make that a reality drawing solely on my imagination, rather than past experiences.

9. In season 5 you were part of some big scenes with almost all of the regular cast members, and we got to see some bloopers of these scenes, too. How do you guys ever get a scene like that done and not die laughing?

You have no idea how hard it is for me to stop laughing once one of us do something funny or break character. Some people are better than others and can just force themselves to stop laughing and keep a straight face and it doesn't even seem like they were just laughing uncontrollably a second ago. I'm a whole different story. For some reason the harder I try not to smile or laugh I end up smiling and laughing even harder.

10. Do some of you guys still watch the show together?

We normally watch the big episodes together. Like the finales and things like that. Jeff just had a screening of Episode 517 which was when Crystal Reed came back which was actually one of my favorite episodes.

11. And last but not least: What tv shows do you enjoy to watch right now?

Right now I love "Better Call Saul", "Marvel's Daredevil", "Adventure Time", "Regular Show", EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF "HANNIBAL" (Yes all caps was necessary) Serial killer shows are my guilty pleasure. There's plenty more but I'd be typing for hours if I named them all.

Thank you so much for making time for us again, Khylin, we wish you all the best for your future!

Of course! I truly enjoy these talks we have! And thank you so much I'm looking forward to talking to you guys soon.

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