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September 17, 2014 | He diffuses bombs, he saves lives, he can't burn to death, in extreme situations his eyes glow orange, he has a heart of gold and we can't imagine "Teen Wolf" anymore without him! The talk is of Deputy Parrish of course, who actor Ryan Kelley portrays with so much charm. In our interview Ryan gives extremely interesting insights into different aspects of his work on "Teen Wolf" and his thoughts on his character and whatever lies ahead of the young deputy.

Foto: Ryan Kelley - Copyright: Patrick Shipstad
Ryan Kelley
© Patrick Shipstad

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1. You auditioned for Scott and Isaac but as Jordan Parrish you took the audience by storm! What do you admire about the young Deputy?

I admire how brave he is and how he always tries to do the right thing in any situation. In my own life, If I was ever put in just one of the many horrible situations that he's found himself in, I'd probably just cry like a little girl. In the real world I try to stay as far away from having to defuse bombs and chasing after supernatural creatures as humanly possible. No thanks!

2. In one of the most emotional scenes of the season Parrish rescued Argent from the sewer. Such a good character scene! Can you tell us a little bit about working on that scene?

It was a pretty powerful scene and getting to perform that alongside JR Bourne was really pretty special. I wanted the audience to believe that in that moment Parrish truly cares about Argent, because I honestly believe he does. Parrish mentioning Allison to Argent just added to the intensity and power of that scene. I think fans really enjoyed that acknowledgment of Allison and her death. It was difficult though, our shooting schedule on "Teen Wolf" is pretty hectic and thing change a lot. I got called very last minute in the middle of the day to see how quickly I could get to set to shoot that scene which wasn't originally supposed to shoot that day, I thought I had that day off. When I got the pages I freaked out a little when I saw how many lines I had and what an intense and emotional scene it was. I normally like to have more time to prepare for a scene like that, but it ended up going really well and JR is just so talented and so great to work with that he made that scene very easy to shoot. The only real hard part about shooting that scene was pretending that re-bar was actually stuck in him! If I had really pulled on it it would have come right out. So I had to totally fake all that tugging and pulling and pretend it was firmly stuck in the wall. Now that's acting!!!

3. The biggest question at the moment is "What is Parrish?" and everyone has a theory about it. What are your personal guesses at the moment? Or what are your favourite theories?

I'm kept in the dark just like everyone else, so your guess is as good as mine. Jeff Davis, the man in charge, definitely knows what Parrish is, but he won't tell me. One evening I was out at a bar with Jeff and some of the writers and producers and he finally offered to tell me what I was. I said yes, please, please tell me. I could tell he really didn't want to so I said you know what, you obviously would prefer I didn't know so don't tell me, I'll be surprised along with everyone else. So I had the opportunity to find out, and I decided to wait. Now I kind of wish I had made him tell me, but when people ask about what I am now in interviews I don't have to be evasive, I can honestly say I don't know. I will say I don't think it will be anything simple or obvious. One idea that I've heard a lot of people guess that I'm really enjoying is that Parrish is some sort of dragon. I'd love that, I think Dragons are very powerful and who doesn't want to be powerful?!

4. We don't know much about Parrish's background, just like we know next to nothing about his private life. Do you have certain back-stories for Parrish that you would share with us?

Up to this point in time I know exactly as much as the fans do. It's frustrating but also exciting at the same time. I kind of enjoy being kept in the dark so I don't have to lie in interviews and to fans. As far as his background goes I really haven't created too much up in my mind, I just know he's a veteran who served in the Middle East prior to becoming a Deputy Sheriff and feeling "drawn" to Beacon Hills. I truly think Parrish is a good guy with a sense of duty and honor and trying to do what's right. As for any additional background on him I'm hoping, just like everyone else, that we will discover more soon enough.

5. There is a theory that Parrish could have been Camden Lahey, Isaac's supposedly dead older brother. Do you have any idea if that's a lost plot line?

I'm sure some fans would love for me to have some knowledge on this subject. Sadly I don't have the slightest clue. It's interesting, our fans are the most awesome and dedicated fans I've ever seen, and they have some pretty strong ideas about plots they'd like to see on the show and what character should get involved with who and a huge amount of fanfic. A lot of their ideas are really very clever, even Jeff sometimes says "why didn't I think of that?" There's no way to satisfy everyone's different ideas of what they would like to see happen on the show, but I hope they are mostly satisfied when they see what the writers came up with.

6. Are you aware of how much people ship Lydia and Parrish? Lydia is going to be 18 soon and she did have the line in season 4 "I'm done with teenage boys." Plus, both are in an isolated position not knowing much about their powers. What do you think are they a good fit?

Yes I've seen a certain segment of our fans and people who write recaps about the show pushing for that and there are definitely signs that have been popping up left and right this season that might suggest a growing relationship between them. Now is a romantic relationship in the works or is it just a special friendship? I don't know. But who doesn't think Holland Roden isn't stunning, so you guys have my vote on the two of them being a good fit! But Parrish is still a bit of an unknown, we haven't really seen yet where his romantic interests lie, maybe he's the kind of guy who's all about his job and doesn't think he has time for romance. Or maybe all the fans that have been hoping for a significant same sex relationship on the show will finally get their wish. I truly have no idea what's in store, but I'm super excited to explore whatever the writers come up with for Parrish in the romance department. It's "Teen Wolf", so anything can happen! I say next season he dates a different main character every episode, one week it's holding hands at a movie with Lydia, the next week eating pizza by the fire with Stiles and the next week going to a club with the Darach. This way by the end of the season every man, woman, and beast possible are in love with Parrish! Lol

Foto: Ryan Kelley - Copyright: Patrick Shipstad
Ryan Kelley
© Patrick Shipstad

7. You've worked with quite a good mix of the "Teen Wolf" cast members so far. Who didn't you have so much scenes with yet and would like to work more with?

I've been lucky to have had the chance to work with quite a few of the different cast members on the show so far, and look forward to more scenes with everyone. I've been acting since I was very very young, but in my 20 year career this is my first role that wasn't a movie or just a guest starring role on a series for one episode. It's my first time as a regular on a series giving me the chance to play an ongoing character. It's great to get to keep playing the same guy and find out new things about him and interact with all the other different characters along the way and wonder what's coming up. I love that Parrish is old enough and is also enough of an authority figure to interact with the adult characters and hold his own, but at the same time he's young enough to hang with the younger characters too. It's been great as an actor to get to kinda bridge the gap between the adults and the teens. Some days at work I get to play with the adults which is usually pretty professional, and other days I get to work with the kiddies which usually involves more goofing around. It's cool I get to do both, but I must admit in real life I'm much more of a kid! I was very lucky that when I first started most of my scenes were with Linden Ashby who plays Sheriff Stilinski. He's such a cool guy and was very welcoming when I was just starting on the show. We've also only just scratched the surface of the Parrish and Argent saga in the last two episodes of season 4. Not only do I think JR is a tremendous actor and a blast to work with, but I love his character on the show. I would love to see the possibilities of the two characters teaming up and working together. I think Argent and Parrish teaming up to fight the bad guys could be a really interesting relationship. Kind of like "True Detective" only with werewolves and other beasts (including Parrish!)

8. Do you have a favorite improv or blooper moment from working on "Teen Wolf"?

Parrish doesn't really require much improv as he really isn't the comic relief like Stiles. In fact there really isn't much improv on the show with the exception of Stiles and thats just because Dylan is so brilliant he can get away with it. Parrish does get to be a little sassy from time to time which is always a blast. When I was naked and burned Parrish I walked into one of the doors at the sheriff's station giving my face a good smack. Thankfully the cameras weren't rolling so I don't have the pleasure of getting to relive that moment over again. Don't worry though, you guys will get your chance to laugh at my expense very soon I am sure!

9. Has growing up with no less than 14 siblings somehow prepared you for working with the "Teen Wolf" family?

Growing up with an unusually large family has put me around all types of personalities since I was very young. I can be put in any situation and for the most part find some sort of familiarity. Starting off fresh with the "Teen Wolf" family was no different, but everyone was also so eager to bring me aboard it made joining the show easy and very pleasant.

10. On "Smallville" you played Ryan James, Clark's little foster brother, who was the first of Clark's loved ones to die. Such a heartbreaking story arc. Can you talk a little bit about what you remember from your "Smallville" experience?

Oh wow, I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast today! I will say "Smallville" was the experience that sealed the deal for me. After shooting that first episode, I knew acting was something I was going to pursue as a lifelong career.

11. Do you like traveling? Have you ever been to Germany? What did you see or what would you like to see?

I think people who don't like to travel are crazy! I love experiencing new cultures and seeing all the different sights the world as to offer. I've never been to Germany, in fact the only time I've ever even been to Europe at all was a few years ago doing some press in London for "Ben 10 Alien Force" and we were only there a few days and had to do interviews and appearances the whole time so there was not as much time for exploring and our trip was so short i was just starting to get over my jet lag when it was time to fly home to L.A. But I'm dying to visit Germany and travel more, It's definitely going to happen soon!

12. Would you tell us three things that are currently on your bucket list?

In no particular order,
1) Go to a World Cup final game
2) Learn to speak Spanish
3) Swim with Great white sharks!
3-1/2) Save someone's life (very deputy like)!

13. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

I watch so much television that this is honestly the hardest question to answer. I'll give you guys six current shows not including "Teen Wolf"! I love "Suits", "The Walking Dead" "Sons of Anarchy", "Vikings", "Game of Thrones" and "House of Cards".

Thank you for making time for us, Ryan, we wish you all the best for your future!

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