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01Alte Freunde?This is the Part Where You Run8/9
03Mythen und FaktenWe're Being Punked, Pedro6/9
04???Hope is Not the Goal8/9
06???Mombie Dearest9/9
07???Death Keeps Knocking On My Door6/9
08???Maybe I Should Start From The End7/9
09???What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?6/9
10???There's A World Where Your Dreams Came True6/9
11???We're Gonna Need A Spotlight5/9
12???There's a Mummy on Main Street7/9
13???The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do9/9
14???Let's Just Finish the Dance6/9
15???I'll Tell You a Story7/9
16???There's Always a Loophole8/9

2. Staffel

01???I'll Never Give Up Hope6/9