Interview with Melissa Ponzio

April 5, 2017 | There are those characters in the world of TV series that may be harder to let go than the series itself. Because they were the heart of the show. Lorelai Gilmore, Tim Riggins, Stiles Stilinski... "Teen Wolf" has plenty of those characters and Mama McCall is one of them. Last year we met Melissa Ponzio at a convention and saw that in real life she is just as full of heart as her character is. Soon the final ten episodes of "Teen Wolf" are going to come to our screens and so we talked to Melissa once more about all things "Teen Wolf" and also "Chicago Fire".

Foto: Melissa Ponzio - Copyright: Claire Bryétt Photography
Melissa Ponzio
© Claire Bryétt Photography

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As this may well be our final "Teen Wolf" interview, Melissa, let me thank you for our yearly wonderful indepth talks, looking at each of the seasons together since s3, and making Mama McCall the woman full of heart that she is!

Awwwwwe, thank you honey! It's been an absolute pleasure to talk with you about Teen Wolf and life in general. I appreciate you saying that Mama McCall is full of heart, I feel that way too. It was important to me to honor my own mother, and I feel like I have :)

Finally seeing the parents aka you, JR Bourne and Linden Ashby in the opening credits brought up the first tears of joy in the new, the final season. How did this decision come about?

WHOOHOO!!! Wasn't that a fun surprise to see?! That was a very proud moment for me personally and professionally. I kept it a secret from my family and loved ones :))) That was a lot of fun knowing it was happening months before they saw it :))) Just before we started shooting Season 6, Jeff Davis reached out to say that we would be included in the final season credits. The three of us were so touched and honored... much like how we have felt our entire run... so special to be playing parents who are so included and loved.

Melissa had a great storyline with Chris Argent in 6A, a man who's lost most of his family but sticks with our wolf population as if it was family, too. Is that what forged the bond between him and Mama McCall?

Good question. Melissa McCall has had three very special and very strong bonds in her lifetime... Rafael McCall was her first love, father of her child... Noah Stilinski as an amazingly close friend and confidant... Chris Argent possible love and new found excitement... She's been very lucky with these very different relationships. I feel that time has really dictated all three. Whenever asked about a possible pairing on the show, I always answered that I found it much more interesting for her to be a hard working single mother, I always felt that she was complete that way. ALL of our parents on the show are putting their kids first... I always felt like Mama McCall had a very full life working and guiding her young son into being a young man... So I think it will be interesting in 6B to see how we all grow-up and also let go in a way...

Watching the season 6A finale, the last school day, the kids saying goodbye, it felt a lot like a series finale. How would you describe 6B in terms of how it builds on these goodbyes?

I think graduation allows growth in life. Not only in literal school graduation terms, but in thinking, outlook, planning, tastes, life, death, in everything... So when you have any 'graduation' for story and characters, I think that provides a new platform of creative choices. In 6B, people can step up and try something new because they are not beholden to what they once were... I guess in short, time changes everything and you will see that in Beacon Hills.

Foto: Melissa Ponzio - Copyright: Claire Bryétt Photography
Melissa Ponzio
© Claire Bryétt Photography

For cast and crew the last filming day has already past. After six years with the core actors and characters it must have been incredibly emotional. Can you talk a little bit about the final run, let us glimpse at it through Mama McCall's eyes?

This question made me cry. It's such a raw feeling to have wrapped the show... We obviously started shooting knowing it would be our last, but you always think you have more time than you do... but I can say I savored the moments on set much more deeply... I would sit and just listen to the crew as they buzzed around between scenes, watching everyone, remembering the sounds, laughter, the overall vibe, LOTS of hugs... I took solo walks thru all the sets, that was bitter sweet... I tried to thank everyone personally for their hard work over the years... I tried to leave feeling satisfied with what we all created, what we all gave to make Teen Wolf. I went to work and lived and loved in Beacon Hills for 6 years. I'm proud of that and so sad to not be there any more... and NOW I'M CRYING AGAIN.

"Remember" was the tagline of season 6A and for sure "Teen Wolf" will be remembered for its amazing characters and relationships, being bold and daring, and so much more. What do you think was the strength of "Teen Wolf" that it connected even far beyond the MTV target audience?

Linden always calls our show "Lightning in a bottle." Something that can not be re-created or explained, very hard to attain, if ever, in a lifetime. I don't know what exactly the strength/connectivity was... but I can tell you this... it ran thru every cast member and crew and production person and editor and everyone AND anyone that worked on the show and then I think it poured out into who was watching. It was like a string of energy, if that makes sense... it was a beacon that pulled you in... (see what I did there ;) #BeaconHillsFovever!!!

Which scene or storyline on "Teen Wolf" was the hardest and / or the most rewarding for you to play?

I really feel all my scenes have been rewarding, at least to me personally :) I don't want to tease... BUT... there is a scene between Tyler and me that was just amazing to shoot, I think I can speak for the both of us, coming up in 6B. And episode 613 was directed by Tyler, so we were all on our game for him, we wanted that episode to be one of the best ones we've done collectively... I hope you all enjoy it :)))

If you could be friends with one character from "Teen Wolf", who would it be and why?

Such an interesting question! I'm really lucky to call so many people on the show my real friends... I think it would've been interesting to have a cup of tea with Dr. Deaton. Talk about an old soul, it would have been fun to dig around in his brain for a while... like, not literally... And who doesn't have a girl crush on Malia?!? I mean come on!!! Mama McCall + Malia + girls night out + drag show = FUN TIMES!!!

The Chicago-verse has grown and we have four shows now. If you could choose a storyline for Donna in one of the spin-offs, which one and what would it be?

Chicago-verse! I love that!! Donna being a teacher is so lovely. Teachers are undervalued in our nation, I'm very honored to portray one...thinking back, I don't believe I've ever been a lawyer, so that would be fun :) Both Eamonn Walker and I are so proud of The Boden's on Chicago Fire.

And last but not least: What tv shows do you enjoy watching at the moment?

There is a lot of good TV happening, isn't there? I'm a big fan of "RuPaul's Drag Race", "American Crime", "Big Little Lies", "House Of Cards", "Feud", every single re-run of any "Law and Order" :)))

Thank you, Melissa, we are going to miss you as Mama McCall but we are looking forward to seeing you in "Chicago Fire" and new things! All the best to you!

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