"Teen Wolf" interview with Michael Johnston

September 10, 2015 | "Teen Wolf" is already in its fifth year and leading men Posey and O'Brien, who were only 18 years old when the show started, are now playing high school seniors on the show. In season five we got to meet Corey, one of the new younger guys, played by Michael Johnston. In this interview Michael kindly answers our questions about his character's journey and also talks a little bit about his other projects.

Foto: Michael Johnston - Copyright: Jeff Lorch
Michael Johnston
© Jeff Lorch

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German translation of the interview.

1. You studied at Second City, Chicago, right? How did you get into acting?

I started doing voice overs for animations and video games from my home studio when I was about 12. That eventually transitioned into acting when I moved out of my home town to Chicago, where there were more opportunities to learn about on-camera acting. I wasn't there long, but Second City was a blast.

2. You're playing Corey on Teen Wolf season 5. How did you land the role and how much did you know about what was planned for Corey?

I booked a small costar part in MTV's Awkward and that's what got me the audition for Teen Wolf. All I knew about Corey was that he would come into the show with an injury and that Mason would be his possible love interest.

3. When we first saw Corey on "Teen Wolf", it was your first scene ever on TV. A fast paced scene with Mama McCall in the hospital, Corey wounded and screaming... What will you never forget about the shoot for your first TV scene?

I'll never forget how much fun it was to scream all day! I almost lost my voice. It turns out pretending to be in extreme pain is a lot of fun. It was also nice to have my very first scene in the show with Tyler, Melissa, and Arden.

4. What's the biggest surprise about working on "Teen Wolf", what did you not expect coming on as the new guy?

I was nervous about my first big role in a show. I'm really lucky because the Teen Wolf cast and crew were extremely welcoming and kind. I was introduced to everyone right away, and I felt right at home.

Foto: Michael Johnston - Copyright: Jeff Lorch
Michael Johnston
© Jeff Lorch

5. Corey and Hayden are the two chimeras who didn't immediately turn out to be killers like Tracey or Josh. Now that Theo revived the four to be his pack, do you hope that will come into play and complicate things for Theo?

That could be an interesting dynamic. Corey seems like he wouldn't hurt a fly. I wonder what will happen when Theo starts ordering him around. Jeff keeps us actors in the dark so I don't know much, but I'm excited to see what happens.

6. Jeff Davis said the revived chimeras will have to be reminded of their humanity. Do you think Mason will be some kind of anchor for Corey? It would certainly make for an exceptional first date, to go out with a Frankenstein's Monster chimera...

Dying and coming back to life seems like it would take quite a toll on someone. I'm sure Corey is fearful of what might happen to him next. Mason would be a nice distraction... A reminder of what life was like before. The real question is - can a human successfully date a chimera that is part of an 'evil' pack? I guess we'll find out.

7. When you booked the role of Corey did you watch (some of) the previous "Teen Wolf" seasons? If yes, who was your favorite villain so far and which one of the characters would you like to see return - and why?

I watched the whole show. I wanted to know every detail. My favorite villains were the oni and void Stiles. Both were terrifying. It's scary when a monster appears and you don't know how to fight it. I'd love for Allison to come back! I highly doubt that will happen but she was the heart of the show for a while.

8. As a chameleon werewolf chimera Corey can make himself invisible. What would you do if you could make yourself invisible for a day on the set of "Teen Wolf"?

If I could be invisible for a day on set, I'd probably mess with people at lunch. I'd love to make food float around. "There's a ghost on the set of Teen Wolf throwing mashed potatoes!"

Foto: Michael Johnston - Copyright: Jeff Lorch
Michael Johnston
© Jeff Lorch

9. In #5.08 Ouroboros you were part of some big scenes with almost all of the main cast plus Cody and Khylin, and we got to see some bloopers of these scenes, too. Please walk us through how you guys ever get a scene like that done and not die laughing?

A little goofing around is good. It can definitely get a little crazy with a big group scene, but you just have to flip a switch and do your job when you hear, "Action!" It's what we are paid for!

10. If you could hang out with one or some of the characters of "Teen Wolf", who would it be and what would you do?

I wouldn't want to hang out with anyone who might bite or paralyze me. The first thing that popped into my head was fishing with Stiles. What could go wrong?

11. On your Twitter you posted quite a little bit about the movie "Slash". Can you talk a little bit about what that movie is about and what role you're playing in it?

Slash is a coming-of-age comedy about a high school freshman named Neil (my character) struggling to fit in and figure himself out. Neil writes erotic fan fiction about his favorite superhero, Vanguard. Naturally, he isn't the most popular kid in school. Neil eventually meets Julia (Hannah Marks) who also writes these stories. The proceed to have a very interesting relationship.

12. And last but not least: What tv shows do you enjoy to watch?

I'm a huge fan of "Game of Thrones", "The Walking Dead", and "Portlandia". I've also recently been turned on to "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Mr. Robot".

Thank you so much for making time for us, Michael, we wish you all the best for your future!

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