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September 1, 2014 | The beautiful Meagan Tandy landed one of those roles on "Teen Wolf" that would make millions of fan hearts melt. She plays the love interest for one of the fan favorites, Derek Hale. But that's not all there is to Braeden because she's a badass and an exceptionally strong female character. In this interview Meagan Tandy talks about working on those breathtaking action scenes and the mystery of the benefactor's identity. And for those of us who love to swoon she talks a little bit about working with the striking person that is Tyler Hoechlin.

Note: The interview contains spoilers on season 3 and 4, which haven't aired in Germany yet.

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Meagan Tandy
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1. Your first episode on "Teen Wolf" was an impressive debut. You had badass motorcycle and fight scenes and you got to interact with a lot of the characters, the alpha pack, Isaac, Allison, Lydia, Melissa. What do you remember best from this first "Teen Wolf" experience?

The biggest take away from my first "Teen Wolf" experience was working on Paramount Studios. It is a huge deal to be able to work on that lot and not every actor gets the opportunity. When I found out we were shooting part of my scenes with Daniel Sharman at Paramount Studios I was ecstatic ! I'll never forget that.

2. We thought Braeden was killed by Deucalion the same way Kate was seemingly killed by Peter. Kate was turned by the slash with alpha claws. If Braeden had also been turned, what were-creature would mirror her character traits best?

Although "were-badass" isn't an actual creature, I'd say that would be the most fitting! But if we were being serious, perhaps some kind of were-creature that is a "protector" would be the most fitting. I don't think Braeden would turn evil as that doesn't seem to be in her "true nature".

3. On Wolf Watch Tyler Hoechlin said Derek trusts Braeden. What do you thinks evokes that trust in Derek, a person with deep and comprehensible trust issues?

Derek knows she saved Issac, as well as Derek himself and Peter. There were plenty of opportunities for Braeden to show she had different motives but that never happened. She just came in, did her job, and left. I think Derek could sense that her actions were genuine.

4. This season you've had a lot more episodes than before and so you probably started guessing who the benefactor is with all the others on set, right? As it has been such a well plotted mystery, were there a lot of people on set who found out? Did you guess right?

I never discussed who the Benefactor was with anyone on set except for Tyler Posey for a brief moment while doing reshoots. No one really talked about it. We all just came in, did our job, speculated privately with who we thought it could be but never really discussed it openly. Probably because everyone was hoping it wasn't themselves so no one wanted to draw attention to it? Not sure. I do think Peter was a great surprise though!

5. In real life Tyler Hoechlin seems so different from his character. Between us girls, how is working with him and how did you approach your hook-up scene?

I enjoyed working with Tyler very much. He is absolutely striking in person. He has gorgeous features and a very sweet and genuine spirit to go along with it which made him THAT much more attractive. He and I were always professional on set. As I shared in another interview, we never did any "off screen" practice or anything of that nature. Our chemistry came naturally and without much effort honestly because all we did was chat and catch up on set, shoot our scenes and that was it. Once action was called, we knew we were "Derek and Braeden" at that point and knew what the scene called for. We literally just hopped in and did what was needed. Not much preparation other than me popping in a mint or two so I wouldn't embarrass myself.

6. Jeff Davis brings out the best of everything and everyone to make this exciting show and as someone growing up with Russell Mulcahy's 80s music videos you notice his signature style in the look of the episodes. From script to screen, what do you think makes "Teen Wolf" so compelling to not only the networks target audience but also to viewers above 25?

I think what makes Teen Wolf the most compelling for their audience is the fact that the show is shot like a movie. Russell, Jeff and our executives take pride in that and they do such a great job. You're not just tuning in to another drama show, you're actually stepping into Beacon Hills when you watch each episode because our writers and directors and editors do an excellent job at sucking you in with the movie-like feel of each episode. That plus an awesome cast of story tellers doesn't hurt either ;-)

7. What's the biggest suprise about working on "Teen Wolf"? What did you not expect to happen?

I didn't expect to work with Tyler Hoechlin. We didn't know each other but we both grew up in the same area throughout High School and even before that (I think). When I found out I would be his love interest I was extremely excited. I remember watching "Seventh Heaven" and thinking he was so cute, now he's just GQ Handsome and so friendly.

8. What one thing about "Teen Wolf" would people not know?

All of the sets get torn down (for the most part) and reused or rebuilt for certain scenes except for Derek's Loft. Derek's Loft literally IS "DEREK'S LOFT" and it goes know where. It never gets torn down, rebuilt, nothing. It stays exactly the same and is never touched. The only thing that changes is the bed mysteriously might move around the room in different episodes as well as the couch and table. Other than that, the actual set of "Derek's Loft" never moves.

9. Do you have a favorite improv or blooper moment from working on "Teen Wolf"?

During episode 403 "Muted", I had to speak in Gaelic and had learned how to speak the language just hours before shooting. On top of being able to articulate the dialogue correctly, I had to stare at Tyler Hoechlin and not break my serious tone. I remember LITERALLY being directed to "stare into Derek's eyes". At the same time I had to remember the Gaelic line, I completely forgot it because I got so distracted and through out a lovely "F" bomb while filming. I was so frustrated but it was very funny and I remember them laughing in video village.

10. You won the Miss California USA title in 2006. What do remember best and what did you learn from this experience?

I was Miss California USA 2007 and the biggest take away from that experience was when I went to compete for Miss USA 2007. I never ever thought I'd hop on any pageant stage ever in my life. And to end up on the pageant of all pageants stage, owned by Donald Trump, I was extremely exciting and so thankful. Plus it was the Kodak Theatre at the time and all I could think about was the Oscars and how one day I'd like to come back to that venue and receive an Oscar. I ended up getting 3rd runner up at Miss USA so that was a big deal as well.

11. What do you like to do in your sparetime? Sports, music, languages...?

I love exercising. Cardio and weight lifting for the butt and legs are my favorite. I enjoy grabbing sushi with friends and working on my Girl Talk seminar that I founded and created.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

I am in love with "24 - Twenty Four" - My favorite TV show since season 4. I love "Witches of East End", "Scandal", "American Ninja Warrior", "Amazing Race", "Trophy Wife" (canceled), etc.

Thank you for taking time, Meagan, we wish you all the best for your future!

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