Interview with Rekha Sharma

January 26, 2015 | Rekha Sharma has been part of quite some scifi productions like "Battlestar Galactica", the remake of "V" and right now she's in the second season of "The 100". In this interview Rekha told us a little bit about her character Dr. Tsing and how she was introduced to the arts by her older brother.

German translation of the interview.

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Foto: Rekha Sharma - Copyright: WB Fontenot
Rekha Sharma
© WB Fontenot

1. You fell in love with music and the arts because of your big brother. How did he influence you?

I always thought my big brother was the coolest :) We were very close when I was young and we still are in many ways! He was a very open minded, urban guy with an outdoorsy edge. He is mostly responsible for exposing me to art and culture.

He listened to a lot of alternative music and while my friends were listening to typical elementary school Pop music, I was listening to Frank Zappa, Joy Division, The Residents, The Cure, and The Cult to name a few... I barely understood the music, but I sure knew I liked it better.

My girlfriends were watching movies with Tom Cruise and I couldn't stand the idea of romantic comedies - Ha! I was watching films like "Brazil", "Babette's Feast", "Santa Sangre", "Cinema Paradiso", and "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" - which, btw was my intro to the incredible Helen Mirren! I was so blown away by the visual feast of these films, the acting was so honest... In fact, I can still recall watching Julie Dephy in "La Passion de Beatrice". I remember her face and the raw truth she carried - it was so exciting! However, many of these movies were so dark! I think they gave me nightmares too. LOL.

I think he also influenced me by being on the fringe of society. Perhaps if he lived his life in a very conventional manner, I may not have thought to follow my passions? In fact, my parents broke many rules so I guess thinking 'outside the box' has been slowly but surely developing in my family - one generation to the next.

2. You play Dr. Tsing on "The 100", could you please tell us a little bit about the casting process for the role?

It was the BEST casting process. I got a phone call from my agent asking if I was interested in the role. No audition at all. I love it when that happens!

I spoke to Jason Rothenberg and he said it was my work on "BSG" that made him want to give me this role. A compliment that I very humbly accept. I feel very lucky to be in the position that I am.

3. Cage and Dr. Tsing have a strange relationship, they fight like cats and dogs, but they work together if necessary. What's you take on this alliance?

Great question. Johnny and I discussed this on the very first day. We thought, what is the history between these two? We both had the same instinct - that there may have been some kind of chemistry or love affair gone wrong... something that lends itself to the kind of power struggle and teamwork that these two characters have. They both want to call the shots, but they need each other. They both have an obsessive mission to save their people that stems from fear and loss. This is a dangerous way to live...

4. Dr. Tsing is willing to make many sacrifices for the greater good. What do you think would she do on her first trip to the surface?

Oh wow - I've imagined her reaching the surface... How she longs to breathe real air. I can imagine she'd have to face her next hurdle of protecting them from all that's on the surface. She would probably keep working with the military to get rid of threats. She may even redirect the Cerebus program...

5. You are a painter yourself, which masterpiece or special item would you had saved and brought in Mount Weather?

oooh la la! That's a fan question. And so hard to pick! At least one painting each by: Rembrandt (self-portrait), Turner (a later work), Chagall (maybe The Birthday), and Henri Rousseau. I feel like that would cover a few of my favourite bases.

6. What was your most memorable moment on set so far and do you have a favorite blooper moment from working on "The 100"?

We had a lot of laughs on "The 100" - how else can you get through all that dark stuff?! Devon Bostick is a funny dude. Chris Larkin and I had a running joke that our characters fall in love and run away together - ha!

If I told you my most memorable moment, it'd be a spoiler... sorry!

Foto: The 100, Promo-Plakat zur zweiten Staffel auf The CW - Copyright: 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
The 100, Promo-Plakat zur zweiten Staffel auf The CW
© 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

7. "The 100" is not your first experience in science fiction, are you a fan of the genre yourself?

I do love Sci-Fi. I think it's a wonderful medium in which to explore grand ideas. One can easily look at politics, racism and spirituality (for instance) from a wider perspective than other genres allow... There is a creativity which leaves room for quantum thinking, childlike imagination... there's no limit! And I guess that's what I believe about life: there's no limit to what we can create!

8. You are not the only "Battlestar Galactica" alumna on "The 100", do you sometimes chat a little about the old times on the "BSG" set? What do you remember best from this period of your career?

I actually never got to work with AJ [Alessandro Juliani] or anyone else from "BSG" on "The 100"! Our days never coincided - lol. But that's ok - most of us still have personal relationships and do plenty of reminiscing :) There is so much I remember from that time - right now, the first thing that popped to mind was how ridiculous it was dealing with the 'edges' of Colonial One where the ceiling came down on an angle... It was like - Ok, I'm going to walk over here in the scene... and, oh, ok, maybe not. lol :)

9. Conventions and social media are a way to interact with the fans. What kind of experiences have you made so far?

I love going to Cons. It such a great way to connect with my fans and reconnect with my fellow actors. I have an fb fan page which I do my best to respond to at least once a month, but nothing beats one on one, I find :) Here's a link.

10. Your very first experience with the film industry was when "21 JUMP STREET" came to your high school. That must have been exciting! Could you please tell us a little about that?

Oh that was funny... When I come to Germany I'll give you the whole story, but here's probably the best tidbit: Johnny Depp threw tampons at me. That should leave you wondering - LOL! ;)

11. If you were a teacher what would you like to teach, what are you really good at?

If I was a teacher... I suppose acting, of course. Maybe yoga (because I love doing it and would like to learn more). I have also done some life coaching / counselling and audition coaching over the years. I love to help people live fully - I guess because I'm always striving towards that myself! I believe we teach what we most need to learn.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about U.S. television shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

I LOVE "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Arrested Development". "True Detective" was awesome. I have a love/hate thing with "Breaking Bad". "The Wire" was so good I couldn't watch it. I loved "Six Feet Under", "Deadwood", and "BSG" of course!

Thank you for making time for us, Rekha, we wish you all the best for your future!

Thanks for reaching out to me.

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