Exclusive interview with Khylin Rhambo

September 26, 2014 | Not only did "Teen Wolf" season 4 feature a storyline involving some sort of fountain of youth, there are also two new castmembers who make current Teen Wolf Tyler Posey look kinda old. But only in the best possible way as Khylin Rhambo's Mason and Dylan Sprayberry's Liam are a wonderful addition to the "Teen Wolf" family not lastly because Scott McCall gets to be the big bro, which suits him very well. Khylin Rhambo made time to answer our questions about his role of Mason, who is an inspiring example when it comes to friendship and bravery.

Foto: Khylin Rhambo - Copyright: Ricky Middlesworth
Khylin Rhambo
© Ricky Middlesworth

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1. How did you land the part of Mason on "Teen Wolf" and what drew you to play the character?

I got the audition notice however, casting actually did not have any sides for the character Mason. I instead read for Stiles and I ended doing a scene from the pilot. The first thing that drew me in were the words Teen Wolf. I just figured it would be so cool to be on a show that popular. The next thing was my character. It sounded like a challenge to play a gay character and it was refreshing to try something completely new.

2. Dylan Sprayberry and you put the "teen" back in "Teen Wolf" in season 4. And while it's still a teen mystery it is essentially a show about some amazing friendships. What do you think about Mason's approach to Liam's obvious distress?

I honestly love Mason's approach to being a friend. In a way I want to be more like him. He doesn't take things too personal and at the end of the day he just cares about his friend. He also endures certain things he may not certainly like for the sake of the friendship. That's pretty admirable to me.

3. Beacon Hills is a world where homophobia is nonexistent. Do you think a cool, compelling show like "Teen Wolf" can help further visibility for LGBT youth?

Oh my god no doubt. This show most definitely shines light on that subject. And the characters in the show are kind of being an example for how everyone should just be. I love how a show like this can show teens that it’s ok to be yourself and the whole world isn't going to judge you.

4. High school in Beacon Hills is scary, teenage assassins, outbreaks, and add the monster Mason met in the finale. What do you think how Mason will cope?

To me it is already pretty apparent that Mason is a lot braver than me, especially considering he is willing to attack a Bezerker with a baseball bat. I think he's either, going to let all this stuff make him stronger or go home where it is safe and watch Netflix all day.

5. In the 3B finale we found out that Danny had always been in the know while dating Ethan. When Mason finds out his best friend is a werewolf will he still want to date Brett who is also a werewolf (and hopefully returning for season 5)?

I could honestly see Mason finding that as a turn on. So yes I think it might give him even more of a reason to want Brett.

Foto: Khylin Rhambo - Copyright: Ricky Middlesworth
Khylin Rhambo
© Ricky Middlesworth

6. Lydia didn't seem to have many girl-friends before Allison came to Beacon Hills. And after her best friend died Lydia seemed lonely this season. As Mason was at her side in such an important part of the season, the finale, is there maybe a gay best friend for Lydia in the works?

I feel like Lydia and Mason have a lot of chemistry and maybe after having an experience like they did in the finale, might bring them even closer. I definitely can see something like that happening!

7. What's the biggest suprise about working on "Teen Wolf", what did you not expect to happen?

I honestly didn’t expect everyone to be so cool on set. Not saying that I pictured them mean or anything but it was just so awesome how welcoming everyone was. Even the fans of the show have come to accept my character. It is most definitely one of my favorite projects to be a part of.

8. Do you have a favorite improv or blooper moment from the "Teen Wolf" set?

Dylan [Sprayberry] and I are always messing around when we do scenes together. There are probably plenty of moments where you can see us having the most ridiculous conversations before they say action.

9. If you could hang out with one person in character from "Teen Wolf", who would it be?

I would hang out with Scott. Nice werewolves are cool.

10. Since you had most of your scenes with Dylan Sprayberry: I read about his little quirk that he makes the faces the actors are making when he watches a movie. Does he do anything like that filming a scene, too?

I actually didn't even know he did but I am going to make fun of him for that next time I see him. One thing he does do is talk in the "Cartman" voice from South Park in between scenes, at lunch, in his trailer and everywhere else. It's pretty funny I hate to admit.

11. How do you experience communication between actors and fans through social media? What does it add to the experience being on a show with a passionate fandom?

I love talking to fans of the show on Twitter. I love hearing all the things they have to say. Some people are really entertaining, and I am always laughing on there. Like I said earlier, I didn't know that the fans of the show were going to accept my character so much. Twitter has been a great way for me to talk to everyone and share all the love.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

Some of my current favorite television shows are "Breaking Bad", "Hannibal", "House of Cards", "Luther", "Doctor Who", "Misfits", and "Criminal Minds".

Thank you for making time for us, Khylin, we wish you all the best for your future!

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