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May 28, 2014 | We came to love australian actor Rick Cosnett with the piercing blue eyes as the determined and unrelenting Dr. Wes Maxfield on "The Vampire Diaries". Very soon we will see him as series regular Eddie Thawne on hot new The CW superhero show "The Flash". In our interview Rick talks about some exciting and funny stuff from his time on "The Vampire Diaries" and gives a few little clues about "The Flash".

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Rick Cosnett
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1. Congrats on landing the part of Eddie Thawne on "The Flash"! You're gonna play a supervillain right after playing a villain on "The Vampire Diaries". Is that your favorite part of acting, exploring how a character is pulled into the darkness?

Wow thanks! We're so excited about it. Unfortunately you're going to have to watch to find out exactly what happens as Eddie's lips are sealed right now. I do love the messed up depths of Dr Wes and I think it's something that fascinates and scares me about the human condition. I always want to know why people behave in extremes and how they got to that point. Eddie is a wonderfully complicated character to play.

2. What is the most exciting part for you being on this brand new show?

The cast and the creators. I am so invigorated and feel lucky to be working with people who are so passionate, down to earth and talented. It's gonna be a real ensemble effort and I feel like the chemistry is gonna set it all on fire.

3. On "The Vampire Diaries" you play Dr. Wes Maxfield who introduces a whole new story arc to the show, the secret society Augustine. Secret societies are always somehow enticing. Can you relate to Wes' choices, trying to eliminate a threat using scientific methods?

I related Wes' choices very much to prejudice. He is a man who is simply ignorant and spirals out of control. He sees vampires as 'other', just as a lot of ignorant people in society today see different races, sexes etc as 'other' to themselves. They will treat people completely differently based on this awful assumption and so it is with Wes. Hopefully with the fall of Wes, what we can take away are values of equality. I hope, something in addition to blood and sexy vampires of course.

4. You're one of the few people on TVD to play a character your own age. Is that something you were specifically going for?

I think I was lucky. And I also think it's great to embrace everything you already have and use it in your character as it brings you more layers of truth. Age is one of these things. Each line on your face tells a story. Embrace it!

5. How did the TVD cast accept you as the new guy in their midst? Any pranks or some sort of "fraternity pledging"?

Just the usual: drinking a pint of each other's blood.

6. What one thing about "The Vampire Diaries" would people not know?

That sometimes we pack out laughing in the most intense moments. There were times when you would be so close to another actor in a scene and something happens and your emotions are already running high and when the laughter comes it's kind of magic.

7. What was your favorite scene to play on TVD?

I think it was my first scene in the lecture hall. I loved how we got to see Dr Wes in his natural habitat, something so every day for him. It was awesome telling the girls to GTFO.

8. How do you experience communication between actors and fans through social media? What does it add to the experience being on a show with a passionate fandom such as TVD?

It's overwhelming and incredible. They are so passionate about the show and just so supportive. They have been nothing but wonderful to me. And I think they love to hate Wes.

9. Did you ever play a role that you couldn't leave at work, that had an effect on you personally?

Yes. Especially earlier in my career. The things I want to be able to play I start to manifest in my life; mannerisms etc. And lately I've had to try and learn how to separate the two. It's not healthy.

10. You're Australian but you grew up in Zimbabwe, right? For your average not-so-well-travelled European that sounds adventurous. How has growing up in Zimbabwe shaped you?

Wanna know where Dr Wes get's his dark side? Somewhere in there for sure haha. But I wouldn't change anything for the world. It has made me resilient, rich and full of hope for the world. I hope I can begin to help this world in some way. I have been lucky so far and both countries have been good to me in ways I never even understood at the time.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, what are your favorite shows?

I love "Sherlock", "Ray Donovan" and"House of Cards", and a bit of "Downton Abbey".

Thank you for taking the time, Rick, we wish you all the best with "The Flash"!

Thank you so much for all your support. I'm excited for you to see it!

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