Interview with Ken Marino

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Ken Marino from "Veronica Mars" and the fifth season of "Dawson's Creek". He talks about his new project "The Ten", his character Vinne Van Lowe on "Veronica Mars" and much more.


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1. You've written "The Ten" starring Adam Brody and Jessica Biel. What can you tell us about it?

Actually it's Jessica Alba. And a bunch of other great actors. ( It's a movie inspired by the ten commandments. It's a silly raunchy, absurd Comedy.

2. How did you cast the actors? Did you have some of them in mind or was it a "normal" casting?

Some of the people were friends or actors we've worked with in the past. Some auditioned. Some of the bigger names like Winona Ryder and people like that we called up and offered the parts up.

3. Since you are writing and producing, would you like to spend more time behind the camera than in front of it? Or do you try to keep the balance?

I like to try and keep a nice balance if possible.

4. Would you also like to work as a director any time soon?

Yes. That is something I would very much like to do one day... soon.

5. You played Vinnie Van Lowe on "Veronica Mars" a character who always thought about himself and then about others. Would you agree with that or do you think there is more?

I agree. Vinnie always put himself first but I think deep down he was a pussycat.

6. If you look back, which season of "Veronica Mars" do you think was the best and why?

I think all the seasons were great. But if I had to pick... I'd pick any season that I was in.

7. What do you think about the series finale of "Veronica Mars"?

It was sad for me because I loved working on the show and I knew I was coming back the next year which would have been fun.

8. You also played a part in "Dawson's Creek". Do you have any special remembrance you wanna share?

Working with Katie Holmes was fun.

9. Do you have any new projects you can tell us about?

David Wain (the director of "The Ten" and my writing partner) and I are working on several upcoming projects together.

10. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series do you have a favourite one?

I love the show "Little Britain".

Annika Leichner - myFanbase