Exclusive Interview with Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik joined the adorable nerds on the comedy show "The Big Bang Theory" in season 4 in the role of Amy Farrah Fowler. In real life she's also a neuroscientist and here she talks about if and how this helps with understanding and portraying her character.

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1. You've been working in television since young age. Did you always want to go back to acting after your studies? Does the success feel any different now from when you were a kid?

My grandparents were immigrants to America and placed a very strong emphasis on education, so I always knew I wanted to go to college. Being an adult actor is very different than it was as a child; I get to make all my own decisions, and I am responsible for myself without help from my parents in the same way. Also, the internet didn't exist when I was a kid, so that is a different way to be in the public eye as well.

2. You spent several years working on "Blossom". What is your dearest memory from back then?

We had some incredible guest stars on our show. BB King stands out as someone I was so impressed with who was on our show!

3. You joined "The Big Bang Theory" in the fourth year. Was it strange to be the new girl?

Very strange! You have to find your way in to a well-established social and working atmosphere and it was a bit intimidating. I was welcomed with open arms though and it's been fantastic.

4. Has your real life degree in neuroscience helped you play Amy and understand characters with a scientific background like Sheldon, Raj or Leonard better?

I have a real fondness for science and I get to give recommendations about neuroscience terms if our writers need some help with that. And I love scientists and geeks of all kinds, so I have a special place in my heart for this show on a personal level!

5. Are you going to pursue your scientistic career, too, or do you plan to concentrate on the acting?

For now, I am happily employed regularly as an actor, but I do teach science in our homeschool community which I love.

6. If it was solely up to you, which character developments would you want for Amy? Do you have a say in the development of your character?

I have no say nor would I want to. I am just the actor, I have no clue what the audience likes or what characters should do. I love being in scenes with Jim Parsons, and I like that we got to do crazy things last season: dance the tango, kiss, who knows what's next!?

7. What's your favorite character on the show (aside from Amy) and why?

Wow, tough question. I like Howard a lot. I love how neurotic he is, and how self-deprecating he is. I think Simon's delivery of his lines is perfect, he is so subtle and so funny.

8. Could you see Amy and Sheldon going down the relationship route?

I think Amy and Sheldon are destined for weirdness forever. I may be wrong, but that's my best guess!

9. What do you like most about Amy? And is there anything about her you don't like at all?

I like how Amy is brutally honest, even to a fault. It's a great quality. But I guess what I don't like is her total lack of tact!

10. You said at Comic Con you didn't know "The Big Bang Theory" or Jim Parsons before your audition. How did you prepare yourself for the part of Amy? Did you watch old episodes?

I googled Jim Parsons and watched about 3 minutes of his acting and tried to mimic him as best as I could! I picked a nerdy outfit for the audition and barely made eye contact when I read the lines. That was it!

11. In season 4 you had a lot of scenes with Kaley Cuoco, Amy's best friend Penny. Do you know what will happen to them in season 5?

We are filming the first episode now, and it's a lot of me and Kaley! I think people like seeing how different our characters are, and also we get to see a new side of Kaley's character because she is usually the "not smart" one. But socially and compared to my character she is a social genius!

12. At Comic Con Johnny Galecki said you and him shared your first on screen kiss many years ago. What is it like to work together again after all that time?

It's funny to see Johnny all grown up, and nominated for an Emmy too! I am so happy for his success and he was always such a cool teenager. Now he is a cool adult! He is much hipper than me in my wildest dreams!

13. You adopted a whale, a wolf and a manatee. Can you tell us a little bit about how it came to that?

When I was a teenager, those animals were adopted for me by people who knew how much I love animals. Various wildlife organizations offer that as a donation option. As a teenager, I stopped eating meat, and as an adult, I became a full vegan. Some people show their love for animals by eating them, people like to joke to me, but for me, my love for animals has led me to be a vegan.

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

I used to watch "Lost" and "Heroes" and I loved "Six Feet Under" a few years back. besides that, I am catching up on "Fringe" and also "Primeval," a BBC sci-fi series. I don't have much time for TV because I have two little boys and an active life, but I try my best to stay current!

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