"Teen Wolf" interview with Aaron Thornton

Foto: Aaron Thornton
Aaron Thornton

April 29, 2016 | There's a new deputy in town! The hunky Aaron Thornton, who walked Milan's catwalks for Galliano and Armani, now protects the people of Beacon Hills on "Teen Wolf". In his first recurring role in a hit TV show he plays Deputy Strauss, the hot new deputy we want to see more of, especially since he insinuated he believes in the supernatural. Aaron kindly made time to answer our questions about "Teen Wolf" season 5 and his other projects, and we welcome him with open arms into the "Teen Wolf" family.

German translation of the interview.

From what I read you spent some time working as a model in Milan for some amazing designers, which I assume is an experience of a lifetime?

I did, and yes it truly was. In many ways the experience of living there shaped who I am today. Nothing forces you to grow up quite like living alone in a forgien country at 19. Although I met lots of great, talented people; many of who I am still close friends with in LA today.

Now "Teen Wolf" is your first recurring role on a hit TV show. How did that come about?

I had an opportunity to audition for a different character on the show in the past. I didn't get the part, but was later down the road brought in to read for the role of Deputy Strauss and got the call later that day that the role was mine.

What do you remember best from your first day on the set of "Teen Wolf"?

The whole day was amazing. The cast and crew were amazingly welcoming and friendly. My first scene of the day was with Dylan and he was great to work with. Overall everyone on set made the environment easy to adjust to and get to work while having a ton of fun.

As a deputy who chooses to work at a Sheriff's Department with such a high body count and who is open to believe in the supernatural, what do you hope for the future of Deputy Strauss?

I think Strauss is excited by the action in Beacon Hills. I hope he continues to be curious and look further into the activities surrounding the town and is trusted with more of the "secrets" everyone seems to be surrounded by.

"Do you guys believe in the supernatural?" cue all eyes on Deputy Strauss! A perfect scene and your first with Tyler and Dylan, the leads of the show. Can you talk a little bit about this day of shooting?

It can be nerve wracking to jump into such a tight knit cast that has such a history, but these guys are great. They are a fun group and the "on-set" environment really feels natural. By the end of the day, I felt like i got to know them and was really part of the show.

Which "Teen Wolf" cast members would you like to work more with?

Linden Ashby is someone I have been really hoping Strauss gets a scene with because I feel I can learn the most from his character; but honestly they really are all great actors and I hope to get the chance to work with each of them.

Are you aware of how much the fans are shipping Deputy Clark and Deputy Strauss? I love how this show inspires fans to root for characters even after just a few episodes. How do you feel about that?

I think it's great! I love that in such a short amount of time, Strauss already has people who are curious and excited to see where his own curiosity is going to take him. It really makes bringing him to life so much more fun for me.

Did you have the chance to meet and hang out with the rest of the "Teen Wolf" cast? What was it like to come on board in the middle of a show with these guys?

Just being on set, I have had the chance to get to to know some of the rest of the cast and they are all very talented and welcoming people. I feel really honored to get to work on the show that they have brought to life over the years.

If you were a werewolf would you be an alpha, a beta or an omega?

I don't know what is in store for Strauss but I personally would want to be an Alpha... I mean who wouldn't want to be!

Another project of yours are the YoYoMats, self-rolling yoga mats. Can you talk a little bit about what did it take from having an idea to really making them?

It's really been an intensely creative rollercoaster that I have loved every minute of. In many ways its been like creating a character. There really is nothing quite like being able to create something in your mind that has never been done before and see it through to a final product. Inventing has always been a passion of mine and when I got this idea, I knew i had to run with it. Once I got the U.S. Patent issued, we went into development. With my awesome team, we had great success on Kickstarter last year and you will be seeing on shelves soon!

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

If I watch a show, I get invested! So, for that reason I only commit to a couple at a time. Currently, "Game of Thrones" is one of my favorites and I am a huge "Friends" fan! I have seen each episode a few times, and of course, I was watching "Teen Wolf" long before I actually got a part on the show.

Thank you for making time for us, Aaron, we wish you all the best for your future!

Thank you for the questions! Hope I get a chance to talk with you guys again.

Nicole Oebel - myFanbase

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Foto: Aaron Thornton
Aaron Thornton