Interview with Margaret Colin

We know Margaret Colin best from her part as Blair Waldorf's mother Eleanor on "Gossip Girl". If you want to know what the differences between Margaret and Eleanor are, what she likes most about acting and what new projects are coming up for her, read the following interview.


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1. Your father worked for the NYPD. Have you ever been interested to follow in his footsteps? Or did you always know that you wanted to become an actress?

I always wanted to be an actor. I have a fountain of constantly flowing memories from my years as a working actor and I’m looking forward to many more of them.

2. You have been a very successful actress for many years now. What is your fondest memory?

I don’t think I have a fondest memory. Each character I play is a piece of the puzzle of an actor career and I learn and grow from each experience.

3. In "Gossip Girl" you play the mother of the privileged Blair Waldorf and in real life you also have two children. In which ways are you and Eleanor similar as mothers and where are the differences?

We are similar in that we have been lucky enough to share in the miracle of life but different in that I never take modeling gigs away from my sons….laughing!

4. After having a bad relationship in the first episodes Blair and Eleanor grew closer over the seasons. Will we see more of that in season 3?

Well, they remain fabulously selfish creatures and not very trusting of each other…you’ll just have to watch and see

5. Blair attends college now and does not live at home anymore. Will we still see Eleanor on screen?

Yes, definitely. Eleanor is around for thanksgiving but thankfully not in the kitchen as she doesn’t cook!

6. In Germany the first season of “Gossip Girl” aired this summer and your character seems to be very popular. You have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the annual myFanbase TV Show Voting that takes place in December. What would you tell our users so they will vote for you?

That’s so great – thank you! Evil Eleanor is so fun to play and she’s one of the only people who makes Blair suffer so you should vote for her!

7. Do you watch the movies or shows you played a part in when they air?

Sometimes I watch….it just depends…I normally watch if I want to see something specific like how a scene was edited together. But as a rule I do not re watch my work.

8. Are there any new projects coming up for you? What can you tell us about them?

I have a feature film that was just released in the US called The Missing Person and I co- star with Oscar nominees Michael Shannon and Amy Ryan. It’s a film noir and the role I play as the femme fatal so to speak was a stretch for me personally. I really had a good time on the film and thought it was a great role.

9. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a
favorite one?

I’m a big fan of "30 Rock"., It’s so fast and the humor is great. The characters are clearly defined and the writing is so character based – I love it. "Modern Family" is another comedy that thrills me for the same reasons. Love the characters and the fully human motivations.

Thank you for your interest and be well!

Catherine Bühnsack - myFanbase