Interview with John Patrick Amedori

We got the opportunity to do an interview with John Patrick Amedori who plays the part of Aaron Rose in season 2 of "Gossip Girl". He told us about his preparation for the role of Aaron and about his life as a musician.

The interview contains spoilers concerning season 2 of "Gossip Girl".


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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being new in a crew that has been working together for already a year?

An advantage is that the cast and crew has only been working together for a year so the excitement of working is still there.

2. Why did you take the part of Aaron Rose? What do you like most about him?

It was a chance for me to play a character I'd never played before - a promiscuous artist from the upper east side.

3. Did you read the novels of "Gossip Girl" before you became part of the show? If yes, did you know the character of Aaron Rose before you played him? If not, did you read them afterwards or did you leave it to not being influenced in your way of interpreting this role?

No, I didn't read the books. When I booked the part I did research on Aaron in the books. I tried to do what I could to apply the characteristics in the books to the character that was written for the TV show. It was kind of a short leash.

4. Fans of the show loved the couple "Serena and Dan", then you came as Serena’s new love interest Aaron. What kind of reactions of the fans did you get?

I don't know, I don't really pay attention to that stuff. I think if you pay attention to that your head is in the wrong place. It should be about the work.

5. How do you get along with Blake Lively? Is it sometimes difficult to play her boyfriend on the show if her real-life boyfriend Penn Badgley is also on the set or on camera with both of you?

Everyone knows we're there to do a job so we didn't make a production out of what the script entailed. I knew Penn before the show. He knows that I wasn't going going to try and have life imitate art.

6. Can you give us some scoop about the upcoming episodes of "Gossip Girl"?

It's a secret, watch the show!

7. Are there any scenes planned where we see the whole new Waldorf/Rose-family together?

See number 6.

8. At the moment a lot of people are talking about a spin off from "Gossip Girl". If you could choose two other characters to have their own spin-off with your character Aaron, who would it be? And why would you choose them?

That's the producer's job and that's why I'm an actor. But if I had to choose ...I think it should be me, Wallace Shawn and Dorota, Blair's maid. We'll all be backpacking across Europe.

9. You played a leading role on "Vanished". Do you know how the plot would have gone on if the show had not been cancelled?

I don't. If I knew, I'd tell you.

10. As "Vanished" has been cancelled surprisingly in November 2006 the writers tried to solve all secrets in the last few episodes. Nevertheless a lot of fans of the show were very disappointed about that. What do you think of the end of "Vanished"?

To be quite honest, I didn't see the final episodes of "Vanished". I remember the writers trying to figure a way to wrap it up with the possibility of a second season.

11. Next to acting music has always been a big passion of yours. In 2008 you recorded a CD with your band "Ceesau". Will we see/hear more of the musician John Patrick Amedori in the future?

Yes, I play and write music every day and am constantly collaborating with other friends and musicians. With one in particular, I'm really excited about the direction we're going in.

12. What is more important to you: acting or making music?

I can't live without either one. The difference between them is that you're not an actor until someone gives you a part to play, but you can play music anywhere, anytime. Because of that, sometimes it can take a back seat to the acting.

13. Do you have any new projects you can tell us about?

I have two independent films coming out. "Timer" puts a sci-fi spin on meeting your perfect match. I play the younger guy falling for an older woman. The  other is "Driving Lessons" (I think it's now called "Happy Together") with Hope Davis and Dermot Mulroney. It's about a troubled, dysfunctional family.  My character is a stoner with a mohawk. I loved the mohawk, I wanted to keep my hair that way after we wrapped.

14. myFanbase is an online magazine about TV shows. Do you have a favorite show?

I love "Twin Peaks". David Lynch has the weirdest, creepiest, brilliant view of the world. He's a genius. From current TV, I like "Dexter" on Showtime.

Catherine Bühnsack - myFanbase