Interview with Annie Wersching

November 2, 2015 | Annie Wersching found her way into the hearts of viewers as Renee Walker on the hit show "24 - Twenty Four". After that she was seen in many notable roles on television such as the high school sweetheart of Sebastian Monroe on "Revolution", underground group member Femi Dodd on "Extant", the murderous Dr. Kelly Nieman on "Castle" and recently as Julia Brasher on "Bosch" and Lily Salvatore on "Vampire Diaries". Annie Wersching kindly made time to talk to us about her work as an actress and her different roles on television.

Foto: Paul Wesley, Annie Wersching, Ian Somerhalder - Copyright: Manfred Baumann
Paul Wesley, Annie Wersching, Ian Somerhalder
© Manfred Baumann

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1. Was there a special moment that led you to pursue a career as an actress?

I never really had an a-ha moment where I declared "this is what I have to do!"... it was just always what I did! As a little girl I started performing in the school plays & musicals around 4th grade and never looked back! I did all the shows through high school and then went to Millikin University as a Musical Theatre major... which is actually a little hard to find... a school that has an actual Musical Theatre major, instead of Theatre major with a music minor or something. I do remember, however, feeling a spark after visiting Los Angeles for the first time! I suppose as a musical theatre girl I should have technically moved to NYC, but LA and the west coast was always calling to me after that! :)

Foto: Annie Wersching & Kiefer Sutherland, 24 - Twenty Four - Copyright: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Annie Wersching & Kiefer Sutherland, 24 - Twenty Four
© Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

2. Renee Walker was a great character on "24" and for fans it was really hard to let her go. What did you like the most about her?

I loved Renee Walker just as much as the fans. I felt so connected to her and she felt so real to me. I loved her conflict inside. I loved her goodness, her outlook, her loyalty, her vulnerability and, of course, her ability to kick some major ass.

3. How did you learn about the idea of killing Renee off? And what was it like say goodbye to her and the show for that matter?

I actually knew the plans for Renee's demise before I started Season 8. I didn't know exactly when it would happen, but I knew it was coming. Kiefer is actually the one who broke it to me. He called to let me know that was the plan and that it would be beautiful, tragic, and heartbreaking, and that it would send his character off the deep end. It was of course difficult to say goodbye, but I suppose easier since I had time to get used to the idea. And at least her death had an impact; felt good I suppose to be the one to send Jack Bauer on a killing spree :)

4. On "Castle" you played Dr. Kelly Nieman. Did you know that they were planing on bringing you back? And do you like how they resolved Nieman's storyline?

Oh what fun it was to play Dr. Nieman! I knew the plan was to have her back for one more episode... they thought it would be towards the end of Season 6 originally, but of course she ended up coming back in Season 7 for 2 more episodes and she brought an evil friend back with her this time! With her connection to 3XK, I don't think there was really any other way to resolve their storyline... It was definitely time for these two deliciously evil people to get their come-up-ins... Ha! I do wish we could've seen more of the actual scalpel fight between her and Beckett…that would have be fun :)

5. You play Julia Brasher on "Bosch". Did you feel any preasure portraying her since the show is based on Michael Connellys books and already had a fan base?

No pressure for me actually! I'm sure Titus felt some in the beginning but Brasher was only in one of Connelly's books, so there was certainly less of an expectation for how she should be portrayed. And the fact that we already had a fan base was amazing actually! Most new shows struggle and hope they find a strong fan base and we knew if anything we'd certainly have a ton of Michael's book fans tuning in to see the show... so that was fantastic!

6. The line between online and broadcast television seems to be completely blurred now. As an actor, do you make any distinction between the two?

You're right about that; the line seems pretty much completely gone. As an actor now you just want to find the best writing, wherever that may be... and it could be anywhere nowadays!

Foto: Annie Wersching - Copyright: Kate Romero
Annie Wersching
© Kate Romero

7. How does one prepare for a role on a fantasy show like "Vampire Diaries" esp. in comparison to more realistic shows?

For me the prep is exactly the same. Whether I'm fanging out and attacking someone or having a super realistic scene in the actual Hollywood police department bullpen I try to find the truth for the character and make her as realistic as I can. Certainly sometimes it seems easier to accomplish that in a more realistic show, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to make the heightened and somewhat insane seem real.

8. What one thing about "The Vampire Diaries" would people not know?

They might not know that our Salvatore mansion isn't really two stories. All the rooms are on the same level (but on 4 different sets) and then there's a staircase set... in case someone needs to look like they are going up or coming down the stairs, but they don't actually lead anywhere! Also, no one in the world eats more apples and spinach than Ian Somerhalder.

9. So Lily has her two families together in Mystic Falls now, since she got her heretics back and has the chance to reconcile with her children. What can we expect from Lily this season?

In Lily's perfect world, her heretic family and Enzo and her biological sons would all be one big happy family co-existing and living together. But of course, Mystic Falls is not a perfect world and Lily will not be getting her way... if she did there would be no conflict and no show! Ha! We will learn a lot more about why Lily has done some of the things she's done (or not done) and why it appears she does not love her children like she should. She's at the peak of evil mommy villain status right now, but hang on... we will learn more!

10. In your opinion what is it about Enzo that appeals to Lily so much that she seems to care more about him than her own children Stefan and Damon?

I think Enzo originally was a lost soul that she wanted to help like she did for so many others, but there is something about him that makes him different from both her heretic "children" and her biological children. Honestly I'm not sure Lily even knows what exactly it is about him that makes him fall somewhere in between, but there will be some major developments in this department. Stay tuned.

11. After Malcolm being killed off in the season opener, will Enzo take his role as Lily's favorite now? Or do you think Lily won't be able to fully trust him?

At the end of Episode 1, Lily is definitely ready and anxious for Enzo to pick a side, and obviously she is hoping he picks hers. With Malcolm's death there are quite a few developments and Enzo does quickly pick the right side, but it is for a reason she did not see coming! Lily is slightly blinded by a love that she feels for someone else in her past.

12. You are quite active on social media (btw. love your behind-the-scene pics)! What draws you the most to use Instagram or Twitter to share professional and private details of your life?

The pictures are what I love the most about Instagram and Twitter.I am an avid picture-taker (clearly!) and I love sharing photos with fans. I don't share too many from my personal life (besides St. Louis Cardinals pics!) but I'm pretty sure I annoy everyone on set taking photos all the time so that I can share a little slice of our filming life with the fans who love the show and characters so much. It's just so fun! I must've been a photographer in a past life or something!

13. Imagine time travel was possible: What advice would you give your younger self from 2005?

Wow. So many things. I'd tell myself to get my act together sooner! Figure out the truly important stuff in life faster! Have kids sooner so that my mom could've been a Grandma for longer.... I know, I know... bringing the room down, but it's true. Sometimes you don't understand the big stuff in life until you've gone through it…I would try to make my younger self a little more aware of what's coming and to have her cherish every. single. thing. Oh. And moisturize and drink more water. :)

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

Oooooo! Let's see since my time in Atlanta I've binged all of "Game of Thrones". ALL of it! And I'm almost through with "House of Cards". I love me some "Grey's Anatomy". "Friends". "Breaking Bad". "Parenthood". "Six Feet Under". "The Killing". "Fargo". "Bloodline". "Mr. Robot". And 24!

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