Exclusive Interview with Kayla Ewell

Kayla Ewell plays the role of Vicki Donovan on the CW mystery show "The Vampire Diaries", whose unexpected death in season 1 caused quite a stir. Here Kayla talks about working on the show, her co-stars and her favorite characters.

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1. What was it like to get spotted by a talent agent in acting class when you were only 14 years old?

Acting is something that I have wanted to do for years, I owe a huge thank you to my Mom who drove me to auditions and set everyday. Without her I wouldn't be where I am today. She has mastered a way of being supportive and not becoming a "stage Mom". Both my parents are truly incredible and I know having them cheer me on along the way makes it so much more fun!

2. Was "Freaks and Geeks" your first TV appearance? What was it like to work with Judd Apatow?

"Freaks and Geeks" is such an iconic show and I am proud to say that is was my first job. Judd Apatow is amazing. There was a scene we shot where we are chowing down on ribs and he wouldn't let us eat before we shot for fear of us not eating in the scene. I remember thinking at the time "What is he doing?" but in the end, he was right. We ended up with a fantastic scene of us shoving our mouths full of ribs. And they were gross, cold ribs but we were all so hungry by that time we didn't care!

3. You were in far more than 100 episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful". How different is working on a daily soap from a weekly TV show?

The thing I remember most about being on the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" is the fans, they are so incredible. I think it's because the show is on everyday so we become a part of their daily routine. I also remember having to memorize a ton of dialogue. Sometimes 25-30 pages a day. It was like acting boot camp.

4. Your character Vicki's death in "The Vampire Diaries" season 1 was a huge shock to the fans. And mysteriously Ian Somerhalder kept on tweeting about you being on set afterwards. Was that to keep the viewers guessing?

Vicki is one of my favorite characters to play. People will come up to me on the street and exclaim how much they love to hate Vicki. I love that! It's how then viewers are supposed to feel so I know I've done my job well. Ian was tweeting constantly about Vicki being on set after my death to tease viewers and also to help and support me. I was the first to die and it was hard on all the actors on the show. Ian really helped me through it because he experienced something similar on the set of Lost. But Vicki is back in action now and we are really happy to be working together again.

5. It was heartbreaking to see Jeremy suffer so much afterwards. Steven McQueen has an intense on screen presence. What's working with him like?

Steven McQueen makes shooting everyday an adventure. You never know what to expect with him. He's always cracking jokes and making it extra fun. He's a wonderful guy and also takes his career very seriously. I admire how hard he works. He's pretty handsome too, so for a co-star, it doesn't get much better than him.

6. When did you learn Vicki was going to come back? Did you know how you were going to be reintegrated into the story?

When I received to phone call about coming back to the show, I thought it was a joke. I got the call on April Fools Day so I figured it was my agent and manager playing a cruel joke on me. When I realized it was real, I couldn't stop smiling and jumping up and down. Of all the shows I've been on, it was the one I loved most. It's been crazy to come back and return as a huge storyline. Now it feels as if I never left.

7. What can we expect from Vicki's storyline in season 3? Are you going to have scenes with Matt and Tyler or only with Jeremy?

Season 3 is jam packed with so much action and romance and Vicki is right in the middle of it all. The writers have really started to explore the brother/sister relationship of Vicki and Matt. It's been emotional and chilling at the same time. It's been a lot of night shoots and stunts. The fans will be very pleased with the unexpected twists and turns.

8. Which character do you like most on the show and why?

My favorite character to watch is Caroline. She has a way of making us laugh and cry on the same line. Something like that is so much harder than it looks. I love the dialogue that they give her as well. She is the comic relief and does it so well.

9. Please tell us a little something from the set. From the bloopers it looks like everyone has so much fun?

There is a chalkboard on set at the Mystic Grill and all of us drew on it and put our nicknames on it. It's remained un touched since that first day. It's a little inside joke we have between the whole cast. If you watch numerous episodes you'll be able to see it.

10. A lot of characters died on "The Vampire Diaries". If it was up to you who would you bring back and why?

If it was up to me, I would bring back Aunt Jenna, Sara Canning. Because she was such an underused talent. I just adore that girl so much. I miss her dearly.

11. What was your best experience as an actor so far?

My best experiences as an actor have to be traveling the world and interacting with so many amazing people from all walks of life. I love my job.

12. If you could spend a day with any living or dead person, who would it be and what would you do?

I would bring back my Grandpa. I've never met him but I have heard what a truly remarkable human being he was. We would rent a boat and go fishing on a secluded beautiful lake and enjoy our time making up for all the lost time.

13. myFanbase is a website that is devoted to American television shows. Do you have a favorite show?

My absolute all time favorite television show is "Friends". I could watch each episode a million times and never get bored. I met Jenifer Aniston a couple of weeks ago and it was the most fun night. She's so personable and beautiful. She inspires me!

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