Exclusive interview with Natasha Henstridge

June 2, 2012 | Shortly after the mystery show "The Secret Circle" was cancelled Natasha Henstridge, who played Dawn Chamberlain, was so nice as to answer a few of our questions. It's not much that she can say about what would have happened but she talks about working on the show and what it's like for the cast when their show is on the bubble. She also talks a little about starting out as a model in Paris and about her first acting job in the movie "Species".

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Foto: Natasha Henstridge
Natasha Henstridge

1. There was a huge outcry from the fans following the rather unexpected cancellation of "The Secret Circle". What is it like for the cast when that happens? Do you find out together and have a goodbye dinner or something like that?

Unfortunately the actors are all on hiatus at that point so no we don't get the pleasure of ending the way we began, but there were some gorgeous emails sent and lots of warm wishes, I know some of the cast got very close so we'll keep in touch depending on schedule!!

2. In the finale we saw four new Balcoin kids. Do you know if they were going to be the new villains and what the plot for season 2 was going to be?

We barely knew what was happening in the next episode let alone the next season, we were pretty in the dark about it!

3. There was some discussion on how Charles Meade, the villain in the pilot, tolerated being condescended to by your character Dawn ever since the pilot. What do you think about the development of their relationship?

I know audiences loved Charles being the bad guy but I have to admit for me it was a lot of fun having him under my thumb! who doesn't like to be the boss! I do think the development of our characters was a little muddy at times though!

4. Charles and Dawn went to great lengths to get Cassie back to Chance Harbor. What did they really hope to achieve through her presence and the complete circle of their children?

Yes it was all part of the master plan! They needed to get the circle back together to acquire the ultimate power "The Crystal Scull". There were other families, other bloodlines of witches as well that lived elsewhere that were as, or more powerful than our circle so they were always in danger. So in many regards it was to protect them!

5. Most of your scenes were with Gale Harold. Were you familiar with his work before? What is he like and what is it like to work with him?

I was not familiar with Gale, although that's not saying much, I'm one of the worst people in Hollywood for knowing who's who and what they've been in, terrible thank goodness for IMDB. Gale is a very interesting man, he is a lover of the arts in all forms I think he actually went to art school in San Francisco and came into acting quite late in his mid thirties I believe. I always joke that I need a translator when I'm talking to him, he makes a lot of obscure references about many different things including music and always totally assumes you know what he's talking about, so you just see people looking at each other quizzically! He is very warm and kind and really dedicated to his craft though! I loved working with him.

6. How did you get the part on "The Secret Circle"? Did you audition or was the part offered to you?

Kevin Williamson was a fan of some of my previous work and offered me the role!

Foto: Natasha Henstridge, The Secret Circle - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Natasha Henstridge, The Secret Circle
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

7. On DVDs you sometimes find bloopers from the shooting. What moments would you put in a "The Secret Circle" gag reel?

Well with a show about witches there are some pretty ridiculous stuff involving spells and basically making up our own language at times, I'm sure the editors had a good time with that! Also I love the different ways people act when the go up on lines, everyone has their way of coping, mine happens to be swearing!

8. When you're on a show that's "on the bubble" regarding a renewal do you look for new good scripts during pilot season?

That's always a tough one, you keep your eyes open but honestly producers don't really want the hassle of falling in love with someone and then their show gets picked back up and they have to redo the process, too much work during a really busy time! So your usually in a holding pattern!

9. On "Eli Stone" you play the part of Taylor Wethersby. How would you compare her to Dawn Chamberlain?

They were similar in terms of their strength and determination, and sort of both living in a world of mystic and intrigue! I think Taylor had a much bigger heart though!

10. "Species" was your first movie. Your character didn't know who she was and spent a lot of time wandering around in wonder of the world. Was this like a mirror to your first experience in the acting world?

Yes the character I played absolutely mirrored what I was experiencing at that stage in my life and career! I still feel like an alien somtimes in this world, more particularly living in LA!

11. You began working as model in Paris when you were only 15. What was it like moving away from home and starting out in the modeling business in Paris?

WOW, when I think back to how brave I was, I'm in awe, I wanted so badly to spread my wings, my mother said she thinks from the time I was born I was trying to get away, to do my own thing, to not follow rules. This opportunity gave me that option, now I have a son like that and I'm feeling for my mother in ways I never knew I could!

The fashion industry was not my favorite place in the world at that age but the traveling and people were! I had my moments where I just wanted to come home and be taken care of, but my adventurous spirit always won out!

12. Do you have new projects you can talk about?

I'm on my way to Toronto Canada tomorrow to shoot a really sweet Christmas Movie called "Christmas Song" in which I play a music teacher. Then I'm back to LA to film "Raging Bull 2" with William Forsythe, Paul Sorvino and Penelope Ann Miller, I'll play Sally, Jake La Mottas second wife! It's a prequel and sequel to the famous Scorsese film!

13. myFanbase is an online magazine about U.S. television shows. Do you have one or more favorite show(s)?

Well I love to cook so some of my favorite shows are cooking shows like "Chopped", "American Horror Story" last year was incredible can't wait for next season, I love british humor, so I watch the american and british version of "The Office", I do like fantastical shows like "Once" as well! And of course "Dancing with the stars" !

Thank you, Natasha, we wish you all the best for your new projects!

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