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In season 3B Melissa's and Sheriff Stilinski's silent reaction to Stiles' MRI was incredible acting on your and Melissa's part. Do you think the storyline about Claudia Stilinski's illness be continued at some point?

I don't know?! She'll always be a part of my life but I think she would want me to move on, she would want me to find love. I don't know that we'll explore the illness a lot more but I think it's time to move on as a person.

Sheriff Stilinski is one of the characters who brings that certain warmth to "Teen Wolf" like Melissa, like Scott and Stiles, but this season you also had some of the funniest scenes. How did that come up?

[Laughs] I don't know?! I just say the words that are written. Look at the people that I'm playing with, you know if I'm with Dylan and Shelley... and also there can be that moment of looking at the insanity of the situation, if you just stop and look at what you're dealing with it's crazy. So I guess some of that comes from that and I like to laugh and I work with really funny people and so I can just go for the ride.

This season Derek spent quite some time at the grown up table. Is there maybe more of that great teaming up of Derek and Sheriff Stilinski on the horizon?

I certainly hope so. I think there is a very cool dynamic and I hope we do see more of that. I know that Tyler and I both really enjoy working with each other. It's sort of, Jeff called it the Batman-Commissioner-Gordon-relationship [laughs] and it was pretty fun.

As it seems the parents have been living in Beacon Hills for quite a while. I'm dreaming of an episode with a dinner party of all the grownups in which we learn all about their shared background. What are the chances of something like that happening?

I would love that! I would love that because I have own story about who I am, I'm sure Melissa does, I'm sure Susan, Lydia's mom, does and I'm sure JR does...

...and Coach...

Oh my god, Bobby Finstock! Everybody. I mean I know that Stilinski grew up in Beacon Hills and yeah, I think it would be very cool to have that scene. That would be a great scene! Because when you find out the back-story on people, the layers make much more interesting people.

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JR Bourne, Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby, Wolf's Bane 2013
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Another amazing thing on "Teen Wolf" is that Beacon Hills is a world where homophobia is nonexistent. Do you think a cool, compelling show like "Teen Wolf" can help further visibility for LGBT youth?

I certainly hope so. I already see the difference between my generation and my children's generation. It's just not a big deal and it's so much more accepted than it was when I was growing up. And I tell ya I look forward to the day when we don't even have to have that conversation, when it's just a given. I think so many of the misconceptions, the fear - I guess it's really what it is - are disappearing, the stupidity is disappearing. And people are realizing it's not a choice, you can no more choose your sexuality than you can choose how tall you're gonna be. It's just what you are. I think it's so cool to have a show that has dealt with it like that and I hope that that's a reflection of the direction the world is moving in.

With a supersized season 5 and the "teen" in the show's title, do you see "Teen Wolf" go on beyond season 5?

I think so. I think there's a good shot of that. I know that people are already talking about it at the network so we'll have to wait and see on that but I think there are definitely conversations about going beyond season 5. The young cast that's coming in now, Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo, they're great! It's so amazing to me, you know Dylan Sprayberry came out to surf with me a couple of weeks ago and he's such a good kid and he's a kid! I mean he's 16 years old and you forget the energy and the dynamics and the mindset of a real 16 year old. It's just beautiful! It's limitless energy and just a whole different kettle of fish. I think that they're a great addition to the show.

Looking back at 4 years of "Teen Wolf", what has been the biggest surprise for you?

Crystal leaving! And that was her choice. She wanted to do it and I was like "Why? What are you doing?" But she really felt it was the right move to make at that moment in her life and she did it. The other biggest surprise was how successful the show has been and how it's really resonated with so many people across the world in such an amazing way. That's the biggest pleasant surprise.

Was there a day on set you would like to relive, just to experience it again?

There have been so many. So many days that we have just laughed so hard that we couldn't even get through the scene. I never really think about going backwards to reliving things but gosh, there have been so many days that I loved.

They say it's the golden age of television right now. Do you enjoy watching some TV shows, too?

I do! Gosh, what am I hooked on. I'm probably not helpful to the ratings system, I watch them on either Netflix or iTunes or DVR or VoD or whatever it is. I very rarely watch it when it's on but I love a show called "Ray Donovan" this year and last year, I love "Penny Dreadful", I ground through the whole first season of that and that was great! You know I'm a bit older, I loved "Mad Men", loved it, loved it, loved it! I have not watched "Banshee" but I hear "Banshee" is amazing. "Shameless" is pretty great. There is so much good television on right now! "Boardwalk Empire" I love on HBO, "Breaking Bad" was a great one. "Archer" is maybe my favorite show on television [laughs]. Yeah, it is the golden age of TV. There is great, great television on right now.

Thank you for making so much time for our little chat!

You're very, very welcome and thank you!

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