Exclusive interview with Misha Collins

October 4, 2013 | Just a few days prior to the premiere of season 9 we had the opportunity to do a nice and interesting little phone chat with "Supernatural's" very own Misha Collins. In our interview he reveals what's next for his character Castiel and he talks about his charity projects and his passion for scavenger hunts.

Foto: Misha Collins, Asylum 5 - Copyright: Jenny Duckworth Photography
Misha Collins, Asylum 5
© Jenny Duckworth Photography

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In a recent tweet you said "Supernatural" has third grader interests: magical guns, cool cars, monsters with superpowers - from the top of your head: What are the best qualities of the show?

I think the very best thing about the show is that – and this is not appealing to thirdgrader mentality – it deals with really epic, mythical storylines, like the battle between heaven and hell, but at the same time the story is grounded in the family dynamic of two brothers. So the show is completely relatable to all viewers, everybody can identify with the relationship between Sam and Dean, yet at the same time it appeals to everyone interested in really mythical storylines. So, that's the very best thing about the show. Maybe the second best thing about the show is that it's about cool angels like me.

That's right, so let's talk about your character Castiel: Over the years you've had the chance to show different sides of him, like megalomania and delusions – what do you think about the journey of your character and which part was the most fun for you?

I as an actor am really happy that the character has gone through so many different incarnations, it's really never boring playing Castiel. And it's hard to say what my favorite is. I actually think that what I'm doing right now on "Supernatural" might be my favorite – what you haven't seen yet.

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Foto: Misha Collins, AECON - Copyright: myFanbase/Nicole Oebel
Misha Collins, AECON
© myFanbase/Nicole Oebel

Some of the characters are based on religious or mythological figures. Do you sometimes do a little research in that area?

Yes, I mean, for my part the mythological figures my character is based on are angels and leviathan and God. I did a bit of research on angels when I first started on the show. The bulk of what I've learned was from the Book of Revelation in the bible, where angels are described as soldiers of God and actually quite powerful, destructive forces, contrary to our popular reception of them as, you know, fluffy-winged, harp-playing characters who sit on clouds. So, that was interesting. And as far as leviathans were concerned, I think that while there is a biblical reference to leviathans, they are not well flushed out characters in biblical mythology, so they were largely invented, let's be honest, by the writers of "Supernatural". And in terms of researching for God – I don't know how the hell somebody does that! I just threw my hands up in despair at that point…

Since Sky Germany is showing season 8 right now, can you tell us something about what it was like to work with Amanda Tapping?

I have heard a lot of good things about Amanda Tapping for the longest time, so I was excited to meet her when I finally did. And all of the rumors about her being a lovely person, who is thoughtful and hard-working and a pleasure to be around were all true. She is just fantastic, I really like her a lot! And, you know, not bad looking…

How did you come up with the idea of your Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen?

I went to the University of Chicago and when I went there it was a very rigorous, kind of depressing, academic environment. But they had this one thing: every year they had this scavenger hunt. And it was the one weekend of the year when the students at that university actually had fun. So I always had a fond place for scavenger hunts in my heart. And I have been sort of playing around with my fans on Twitter for some time now and I thought: "Let's try and do a scavenger hunt!" It turned out to work very well and now we have – I don't even know how many – four, five, six world records under our belt and it's been a tremendous amount of fun and tremendously satisfying. We donated a lot of money to charity and had tens of thousands people participating and I love it!

You sound very passionate when you talk about it – is there something else you are passionate about?

There are many things! At the moment I am really passionate about the charity I've founded with fans of "Supernatural" as well, Random Acts…

With the project "Hope to Haiti"?

Yeah, we finished construction on this project, we built a really large orphanage and community center down in Haiti, which was a tremendous success. And we got a lot of other really great projects that are cooking up with an incredible staff and I am really happy about that.

Are these other projects also in Haiti?

We do have a couple of smaller projects in Haiti, we have helped an art school acquire a school building and help them to fix it up and we are also working with a couple of other schools down there. But we also have our sights on another community in Nicaragua for another big project and then we're doing much smaller projects all over the world. What else am I passionate about? I like my two kids and I like running.

Did you ever run a marathon?

I've done a couple of marathons. In fact, the first time I ran a 50 miles ultramarathon to raise money for Random Acts a few years ago.

Would you tell us three things that are currently on your bucket list?

Oh! Goodness gracious… I've never talked about this but it's something that's secretly brewing in the back of my head: I kind of want to do an Iron Man, that would be really cool to do. I'd like to spend some time in Northern Siberia for some strange reason. And other than that, my third item is that I would like to be president of the United States.

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, what are your favorite shows?

I really like "House of Cards", "Damages" is excellent and I should probably say "Supernatural". But my favorite is "Game of Thrones" at the moment.

Thank you very much for taking the time, Misha, good luck with all your future projects and we wish you all the best.

Thank you, you too! Bye-bye.

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