Exclusive Interview with Cindy Sampson

She's the woman who conquered Dean Winchester's heart in "Supernatural": Lisa Braeden, played by Cindy Sampson. In this interview Cindy talks about her thoughts on the relationship between Dean and Lisa, how she landed the role and what she felt like at her first fan convention.

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1. You play Lisa on "Supernatural" but you actually auditioned for another role, is that right? What happened?

I screentested for Bela, but didn’t end up getting the part. My friends were devastated - ha. A couple weeks later I was offered the role of Lisa and when I read the script WHOA!! The coolest part is I never expected to be in season 5 or 6. It’s been a pretty amazing character to play.

2. The fans are very critical about the girls in Sam's and Dean's life and you ended up playing the one girl the fans were actually glad to see Dean start a family with. What is it in your opinion about Lisa that's so essentially right for Dean?

I think Lisa respects and understands Dean. He saved Ben... so, he's a hero in her eyes. I'm not sure she was SO right for him, but she was there when he needed and she knew HOW to be there for him. Until he turned into a vampire, of course.

3. You were a fan of the show from the start, right? Can you relate to the fans feeling so protective of the boys?

I loved SPN. Every week it was a mini-horror film. The first season is still my favorite. I relate to the protectiveness of not wanting the format of the show to change. It may have seemed jarring with the introduction of Bela or frightening to think Lisa would change the dynamic of the boys. But looking back over the years it has all made for a pretty interesting ride, no?

4. What do you think about the ending of Dean and Lisa's story, and how hard was it to create the wonderful atmosphere in the last hospital scene?

I don't think it could have ended any better. It was poignant and heart breaking. I was so excited when I read the season finale script because I thought Sera wrote a BRILLIANT episode.

5. Is there any hope that we will see Lisa again?

I have no idea... perhaps in the future? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

6. At the Asylum Europe Convention 2010 Misha and Jim talked quite a bit about the pranks Jared and Jensen played on them. So please tell us how do the boys treat the ladies on set?

Like ladies! Well, they make fun of me, but that's about it. I laugh so much working on SPN, it almost seems wrong. The guys are amazing, the crew is amazing.

7. You were at the "Supernatural" convention Asylum 6 in England in May. How did you like the experience? Would you like to go to more conventions?

The convention was somewhat foreboding. I kept imagining no one wanting an autograph or a picture and maybe there would been eggs thrown - haha. However, the convention was AWESOME. It was icing on the cake. I think I was more excited to be there then most of the fans!

8. So after Asylum 6 Brock Kelly told us via Twitter you and him got married? We expect it was a wonderful reception? Please give us the details ;-)

HAHAHAHAHA. No comment!

9. You also played a young mother on "Being Human". How did you get this role and do you know if we are going to see your character Cindy again in season 2?

There are no plans for Cindy Lanham to return. Although I'll keep wishing she does. I was a BIG fan of the BBC version of "Being Human". I heard Sy-Fy was doing an American version, but I was filming SPN at the time. I really wanted the part, especially from watching the original and luckily the shoot dates all worked out! (Interesting that it was also written by Jeremy Carver, eh?)

10. Like some other "Supernatural" actors you are on Twitter. What is it like for you to keep in touch with the fans on this platform?

I'm actually really new to twitter and unfortunately foresee a large twitter addiction in my near future - ha! I signed up after the Asylum 6 convention because interacting with fans was so much FUN!

11. You had parts in several horror movies. Do you like watching horror movies, if so which one do you find the creepiest?

I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. The religious ones creep me out the most. I'm not a fan of the violent Saw type movies and my favorites are definitely horrors of the 80's like "Evil Dead", "The Changeling", "The Shining", "Pet Cemetery".

12. What does the tattoo on your arm mean (if that's not too personal)?

There are 6 small tattoos on my wrists and they are all a tribute in honor of my brother.

13. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

There are so many... how could I possibly choose just one?! Well, If I had to... right now it would be "Game of Thrones". I LOVE that show. It's rivoting... I can hardly breathe while watching it - haha. I'm still mad the first season only had 10 episodes?! Who's bright idea was that?! Ridiculous!

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