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Sam Lloyd is best known for his role as weird lawyer Ted Buckland in "Scrubs". During that show we get to know his a capella group which is called "The Blanks" in real life. Next month Lloyd and his mates will perform some shows in german speaking countries. That's why we asked Sam Lloyd to answer some questions for us.

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1. You are touring with your a cappella group "The Blanks". How did you chose the places where you perform? Are the crowds' reactions different in the different countries?

We don't choose the places -- they choose us!  Our manager and booking agents put out feelers, but it's up to the venues -- If anyone wants to see us -- we'll be there!
We've played in the US and the UK and Ireland so far.  All the crowds give us a great response, but the UK and Ireland are a bit louder!  We're looking forward to seeing how the German crowds are...

2. Do you have the chance to see a little bit of the cities you play in? Which place did you like most so far?

We really don't have much time to investigate the cities -- we basically do our show and head out in the morning to the next gig.  It's fun, but we wish we had more time to investigate.  We did get to spend some time in Dublin on our last trip -- we loved it.

3. Was there something like a light bulb moment, maybe a concert, a certain song or a record that made you dream about performing as a singer and comedian?

I actually never did have one of those moments.  I grew up in a small town (Weston, Vermont) that had a summer theatre that both my parents performed in.  My mom also directed a children's theatre group that I started performing in when I was 3 (a baby rat in "The Pied Piper!")  I've just always known that I wanted to do it.

4. What do you think makes a cappella special?

You don't have to lug instruments around!

5. Is there some improv in The Blanks' shows and do you develop the ideas and skits for the performances yourselves?

We develop the ideas and write all the skits ourselves.  There are a few moments in our show where we improv, but it's mostly scripted -- that way we know the comedy will work.  Of course if something goes wrong with the show (which has happened on more than one occasion!) -- all bets are off -- there's no telling what we'll say...

6. What has been your best or funniest experience so far as a musician?

Philip might not want me to mention this -- but in one show we did in the states he split his pants jumping up on the stage and the whole audience saw it!  Talk about improv -- we got lot of comedy mileage out of that for the rest the show!

7. What are you aspiring to in the future, where would you like to go with the group?

We'd love to get the show in a theatre in New York City.  We also have a pretty great idea for a television pilot.

8. Do you still like to be linked to "Scrubs" and what is your fondest or funniest memory from your time on the show?

I'll always be happy to be linked to Scrubs.  It was a great break for me and I enjoyed every day I worked on it.  There were too many funny moments to single out!  My fondest moments were just working, talking and laughing with the cast and crew.

9. Do you still find the time to keep in touch and meet up with your co-stars such as Zach Braff or Ken Jenkins?

Ken Jenkins is the coolest guy in the world. He just helped us out with a great performance in our latest video for "Guy Love".  He's a great pal. I see also Rob Machio and Neil Flynn and some of the crew and writers from time to time. We all became family.

10. Your character Ted returned on "Cougar Town". What did you think about the fact that he was seperated from Gooch? Is there another return in the cards for season 3?

I was almost as sad as Ted was that he and Gooch were separated... on the other hand I got to go to Hawaii!!!  I'm not sure if a return is in the cards -- it would be fun.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

I was addicted to "Lost"! What a great show. Some of my past favorites include Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Taxi, Cheers, the recent "Battlestar Galactica", Seinfeld, "Six Feet Under", among many others.

Thank you, Sam, we're looking forward to see The Blanks in Germany!

The tour dates:

01.09.2011 Köln
02.09.2011 Bochum
03.09.2011 Stuttgart
03.09.2011 Wien
06.09.2011 Münster
07.09.2011 Braunschweig
08.09.2011 Hamburg
09.09.2011 Bremen
10.09.2011 Berlin
10.09.2011 Luzern

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