Interview with Emily Kuroda

Emily Kuroda played the legendary Mrs. Kim in the popular dramedy Gilmore Girls. In this interview she talks about how she got into acting, what life in the lovely town Stars Hollow was like and what her new projects are.

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1. How did you get into acting?

I started in high school doing monologues and directing, then at Fresno State University I was in the masters program for drama and later studied with Mako at East West Players in Los Angeles.

2. You played Mrs. Kim on the "Gilmore Girls", Lane's mother. What was working with Keiko Agena like over these 7 years? Did it actually feel like a mother daugther relationship?

I love working with Keiko Agena. After 7 years, I didn't have to act. I was there for her first date, prom, marriage and motherhood. I was with her as she grew up. What a gift!

3. Would you like to live in Stars Hollow? What are the upsides and what are the downsides living in such a small town community?

Like Stars Hollow where everyone knew each other, so was "Gilmore Girls". After 7 years and some really long work days we grew to know and love each other as a family.

4. Which was your favorite of all the lovely and funny Stars Hollow festivities?

So many... the picnic, the knitting, holidays were always spectacular, and of course, Lane's wedding.

5. Mrs Kim's shop was really crammed with antique furniture. Didn't anything ever fall down when you were shooting in there?

No, thank goodness.

6. Are there funny experiences you made on set that you can tell us about?

When we shot a big dinner scene I sat with Sally Struthers and Liz Torres. They had me laughing so hard I cried. They are two very funny ladies!

7. If you could put together an entire crew for a movie or show: Who would be the director? Who would be the writer? And who would be in the leading role(s)?

I can't think of any.

8. Do you have any new projects you can tell us about?

I play Margaret Cho's mom on "Drop Dead Diva", and am currently in "RED" with Bruce Willis. I will be starting a movie called "Justice Angel" in March.

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