Exclusive interview with Cody Saintgnue

September 8, 2014 | "Teen Wolf" season 4 brought us some amazing new characters to fall in love with. We met two of them as Lacrosse rivals whose thrilling scenes sparked Twitter trends such as #BRETTandLIAM, and while Liam is already going to be a regular in season 5, fans rally the troops on Twitter with #WeWantBrett to make sure everyone knows how much we want to see more of him. Brett Talbot is an impulsive yet simply irresistible guy and actor Cody Saintgnue took time to answer a few of our questions about this new role including how he came to be in more episodes than initially planned.

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Foto: Cody Saintgnue - Copyright: Courtney Phillip
Cody Saintgnue
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1. You watched "Teen Wolf" before you booked the role, right? What do you think about the change from a romantic teen mystery to the full blown action horror drama it is now?

Yes, I did watch the show before. I think it's amazing! Teen Wolf has truly proven its diversity as a show. Each season has been created differently and has been successful. I think that's so cool!

2. What do you remember best from your first day on the set of "Teen Wolf"?

The moment Tyler Posey and I saw each other in the make-up room. We used to take acting class together a couple of years back, so it was a really fun moment when we saw each other! Fun to reconnect with friends!

3. Brett was supposed to be in only one episode, right? When and how did you learn you were coming back for more episodes?

Yes, that is correct. When I found out I booked it - the writers and producers all looked at my tape again, and that's when they decided to give me another episode. They really liked what I was bringing to the character Brett and just kept giving me more episodes.

4. What does socialmedia and things like #WeWantBrett trending on Twitter add to the experience being on a show like "Teen Wolf"?

It was such an exciting feeling! I really tried to bring a strong specific character presence to Brett, and to see the such a positive response from the fans made me so happy. Super grateful.

5. What makes the character so compelling?

I think what makes Brett so compelling is his mystery... He has an unpredictable quality. Brett has a real hard, snarky, but still heroic side... As you'll see from the episode #4.11 A Promise to the Dead he really showed a softer, more vulnerable side in the scene where he's giving Liam a pep talk.

6. So, this week you were stabbed by a Berserker on a Lacrosse field. What was filming that like?

Actually I didn't film that. There was a stunt double for that. They don't trust me with Berserker-sized knives...(Joke)

7. When Brett was first introduced he was Liam's rival, but this week he was completely amazing in waking Liam up from his fears. Such a good character scene. What were your thoughts reading that?

Thanks! Credit goes to Jeff Davis for the character arc. I thought it was awesome. It gave people another opportunity to see that there is more to Brett than meets the eye. He really is a good guy. Tough love is love.

8. Rumor is you're coming back in season 5. Can you tell anything about that?

I have no idea, but would love to if the opportunity presented itself.

9. What storyline would you like to see for Brett and which characters to interact with?

I'd really like to see Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Brett's story line develop more. I think there are a lot of scenarios that would be interesting. I'd also like to see Brett pick up a love interest on the show. Now, that could be fun.

10. In Satomi's pack the wolves were trained to be peaceful but Brett did show some potential fighting skills. Do you think Brett would eventually want to join Scott's pack in fighting the good fight?

Well, I find Brett to be very loyal. But I think there could be a cool way for both Satomi's pack and Scott's pack to learn from one another. I see Brett being the General for Satomi's pack. And he wouldn't want to abandon Satomi.

11. If you were a werewolf would you be an alpha, a beta or an omega?

I'd be an Alpha. I'm naturally caring for others, and I fight for what's right in real life. I prefer to be in charge.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

I love "Family Guy", "That 70's Show", "Breaking Bad", and "Teen Wolf", of course. I could be a bit biased though... :-)

Thank you for taking time, Cody, we wish you all the best for your future!

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