Alexander Vlahos interview teaser
London, February 19, 2017

by Nicole Oebel

Inspiring. Honest. Passionate. These are the first words that come to mind thinking of my interview with Alexander Vlahos yesterday in London. We sat down to talk about the fascinating new play he is currently starring in, "La Ronde", in the Bunker Theatre, and have a closer look at his creative process as an actor not only in such a bold and daring play but also in his other recent projects such as "Versailles", "Hamlet" and "Genius". You better believe I'm doing my very best to present this piece to you as soon as possible, but until then please enjoy this little excerpt in which Alex talks about working with George Blagden and Evan Williams on "Versailles". I hope it will whet your appetite to read the interview.

Alex: I'll tell you a very funny story. So George, as an actor and as a person, lives on this earth, he walks on the ground, he's a consistent optimist and a pessimist. He lives in the realm of humans. He lives among us. Evan is an optimist. He lives amongst the stars, he floats above the earth, he sort of hovers, aethereal, mercurial, it's about astronomy and fate with Evan. Everything is magical and fantastical. Me, I live six feet under the earth. I can't see the light and the bright, I see the problems and the hurdles and they are challenging and I get to walk among the earth but it's a struggle, with myself, with my confidence I guess, not as an actor but as a person. So you have these three people that are leading a television show. When we do a scene together or we're rehearsing a scene and you have that happening, that's why there's magic. Because of that combination of ideas or idealistic views of who we are as people.

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