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In the charming comedy show "Greek" Jessica Rose plays the role of Rusty's girlfriend Jen K., who causes some tizzy in the greek system. Also Jessica was Lonelygirl15, a fictional character with a very popular video blog. Here Jessica talks about this experience, the danger and opportunity of the internet and what she loved about working on "Greek".

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1. You played Jen K. on "Greek", a student journalist who reveals inside information about her friends in the greek system. What do you think about Jen K.'s ambitions? Did she go too far?

Jen K. ended up doing exactly what she had promised her editor that she would do, but ultimately she made a huge mistake and lost the things that really mattered such as Rusty and her friends at ZBZ. She was definitely torn between doing what was 'required' and what was 'right' and unfortunately she made the wrong choice.

2. Did you audition for this role? Did you read with Jacob Zachar to see if you have a good on screen chemistry?

I actually originally auditioned for the role of 'Casey' played by Spencer Grammer, I was leaving the audition and the casting director came back out as I was walking back to my car and asked if I would read for a different character that only had a few lines, in the end they merged that character from the pilot into the storyline they had in mind for Jen K. I did have to come back and read again though and that audition was a really hard one for me, I was so nervous I could have sworn you could hear my heart beating from miles away!!

3. The internet says you and Jacob Zachar are a couple. Was it funny playing Jen K.'s and Rusty's storyline with your boyfriend?

It was really fun getting to be an 'on-screen couple' as our real life relationship was as new as the characters at the time, getting to come to work and see the person you were falling in love with everyday was pretty awesome! Having worked together gave us the ability to remain friends to this day I think.

4. Which one of the other characters and storylines did you like the most?

That's a really tough question! It's really hard to Judge because I think each actor brings something different to the screen. Every episode someone different shines through. It's really a great ensemble, they all appeal to different people, which just goes to show you how talented the creator Sean Smith and the writers are at developing dynamic characters.

5. How do you as actors approach love scenes in case you haven't met the person opposite you before?

If you get thrown into a situation like that than you know it's likely the other person is as uncomfortable as you are. One time before a scene like that the other actor asked "Am I making you uncomfortable?", just admitting to him that I was a little nervous instantly put me at ease, you have to find a way to connect with the person quickly and sometimes the common ground of that awkward situation is enough.

6. You were Bree aka Lonelygirl15 in a very popular web series which started out as a video blog that people didn't know was fictional. What was that experience like?

A whirlwind! I didn't expect my first job to be such a bizarre launching pad. I really just wanted to work, the opportunity to do Lonelygirl15 arose and I ran with it for the acting experience. I never thought it would become what it did.

7. Could you relate to what you talked about as Bree in this video blog and did you get a lot of feedback from teenagers that could relate?

I think a lot of teenagers could relate to Bree, she was a sheltered girl that felt very alone in her family and just life in general, but she was also optimistic for the most part which I think is why she was a likable character.

8. What do you think about internet platforms that allow (young) people to share personal things with strangers in the internet. Danger or opportunity to expand their horizon?

I think there is a fine line between danger and opportunity on the internet. Young people especially need to consider their own personal safety before divulging so many details about their lives online, I was playing a character so my real life was not on line. I have uploaded very few videos of me being myself and usually take them down. I commend the people on youtube that are getting out there and making a career out of it, they are amazing entrepreneurs! It's not for me though, to be honest I don't think my videos would be very interesting if I started vlogging! It would go something like this... "Today I went to the gym ...twice, and played with my dog. The end." haha not so interesting.

9. You studied at New York Film Academy. Can you tell us a bit about acting classes?

NYFA was a fantastic place to get my foundation for acting, I had some amazing teachers there and you get to learn the most well known and respected techniques which is excellent. I continue to take classes with different teachers outside of NYFA now that I have graduated. I think it's important to keep practicing.

10. Which of the lead roles in current TV-shows would you most love to play (age and looks not being an issue)?

I don't know that I want any particular role, but I have just discovered an HBO show called "Boardwalk Empire" that I absolutely love. It's set in the 20's which is such a cool era, I'd really love to be a part if that show.

11. Can you tell us something about your new projects?

I'm working on working right now which might be my hardest job yet! I did a movie with my Lonelygirl15 co-star Yousef Abu Taleb called 'Look At Me', not too sure when that would be coming out but for now you can try to spot me in the web series "The Temp Life" playing 'Tammy Roeder'.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

Boardwalk Empire!

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