Exclusive interview with Titus Makin Jr.

May 14, 2014 | A lot of us are still in shock that on Monday we had to say goodbye to the new CW science fiction drama "Star-Crossed"! Titus Makin Jr., who played Lukas on the show, took the time to answer a few questions about his character, working on the show and also about his time on "Glee" and performing live on the "Glee! Live" with the Warblers.

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Foto: Titus Makin Jr. - Copyright: Russell Baer
Titus Makin Jr.
© Russell Baer

1. Your "Star-Crossed" character Lukas is one of the few who were actually enthusiastic about meeting the Atrians. Was is that openness that drew you to play this character?

Absolutely! Right off the bat I identified with Lukas due to his sincere heart and open love towards both races. He's was seemingly such a great guy!

2. Sophia and Lukas - She likes Taylor right now but she worried so much about Lukas, when he was poisened, so there is hope for the two of them in the romance department, right?

I think right now Sophia definitely still sees Lukas as a very good friend. I do believe Lukas will always have hope that he and Sophia will end up together in the end, while that hope is very possible knowing that Atrians are open to loving whomever they fall in love with.

3. "Star-Crossed" has the magical teen romance but it addresses social issues, too. It challenges its viewers to try to call the racial tension into question. What's your take on that aspect?

I think that's the great thing about the show, it takes on modern day issues in a new sic-fi world. It helps a younger audience focus in and understand racial issues that they may have not payed attention to in other cases.

4. What one thing about "Star-Crossed" would people not know?

One thing that people wouldn't know about Star-Crossed is that the Atrian sector is actually not as big as what it seems like on television. A lot of the crates are later added in with CGI. Although without the CGI the set is extremely well done and really cool.

5. Stories about the pranks on set are always the best. Could you share anything from "Star-Crossed" with us?

The cast got along extremely well and were constantly pulling pranks on one another. A major prank that would constantly happen is that we would put embarrassing pictures found online on each others dressing room doors for everyone to walk by and see!

6. Which of the magical Atrian plants and which one of the futuristic technical devices from the show would you like to own?

It would be amazing to own Red Cyper, to have the ability to heal any sicknesses along with Atrian blood. Also the cell phones are amazing!

Foto: Titus Makin Jr. - Copyright: Russell Baer
Titus Makin Jr.
© Russell Baer

7. Which day on the "Glee" set would you like to relive - either to make it better or just to experience it again?

Any day on a Glee set is to be cherished! Being able to sing, dance, and act all at the same time is a day worth having in my book.

8. With the Warblers you were part of the "Glee! Live" tour. What was that like, touring and performing live with all the buzz and love from the "Glee" fans?

Performing live is always a rush, but performing live in front of the Glee fans makes you feel pretty close to being Michael Jackson! They are die hard fans that are so supporting and loving and will literally almost pass out just from being in the presence of a cast member! It's beyond flattering.

9. How do you experience communication between actors and fans through social media? What does it add to the experience being on a show with a passionate fandom?

Knowing that you're able to have such an intimate impact with supporters on a daily basis is an awesome feeling! If it weren't for social media, I would never know how my small part would make such a huge impact in someone's life!

10. You lived in Germany during your school days, in Heidelberg, right? What do you remember best from your time over here? Do you speak a little bit of German?

Yes! I do remember living in Heidelberg! My fondest memories are all of my school field trips to huge castles that looked like the castles from fairy tales! I do speak a little German, however it's a bit rusty! But I do understand a lot more than I can speak. It's such a beautiful country, and it's a goal of mine to own property there one day!

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, what are your favorite shows?

"The Walking Dead" is my favorite show currently! My previous favorite shows before they ended were "Heroes", "Lost", "Smallville", and a guilty pleasure has always been reality tv shows including American Idol and The Bachelor. :)

Thank you so much, Titus, we wish you all the best for your future!

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