Exclusive interview with Colin Ford

October 13, 2015 | Colin Ford has been playing the role of Joe McAlister in the TV version of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" for three years. In our second interview Colin talks about the developement of his character, surprising elements in the scripts und his upcoming plans.

Foto: Colin Ford, Under the Dome - Copyright: Paramount Pictures
Colin Ford, Under the Dome
© Paramount Pictures

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1. The beginning of "Under the Dome" season 3 was very surprising. What were your thoughts, when you first read the script?

The start of the season is always an exciting time. This year season 3 was exciting because it was apparent in reading the first three pages that this season was going to be different than those in the past. The matrix theme and the introduction of new characters I think added a lot to this season. Season 3 in my opinion was much more action packed and the introduction of the source behind the dome was fascinating.

2. Joe played a crucial part in crashing down the dome. Did you like the idea of him maybe being one of the heroes?

I absolutely love being able to play the hero! The one aspect that I truly love about my character, as Joe, is how smart and resourceful he is.

3. And did you understand the physics behind the plan?

Actually I never took physics in high school. While I love science and have always done very well in class I have to be honest that I would not have, in reality, known how to split the amethyst.

4. Joe was one of the few people who wasn't affected by the cocoons. What do you feel makes Joe's emotions about Angie's murder different in comparison to all the others who lost someone, who were able to let go and start over with the kinship?

Well when season 3 opens, we know that most of the other characters (in the matrix) have gotten on with their life. In other words, they have moved on with any grief and developed completely new existences. Joe, on the other hand, has not. He is still "stuck" in Chester Mills. He is still trying to be convinced by Christine to forgive Sam, Angie’s killer.

5. After three years of playing Joe was there any room for improv here and there?

I would have to say that there was a small amount of room for improv in our scripts, but not too much. With any scripted show, we as actors are given a script that has gone through a systematic approval process by the network, so we are not allowed to change the wording very much.

6. Now that the season 3 finale is also the series finale, do you think the ending is satisfying for the fans?

This is a tough question. From my viewpoint, I think the viewers will understand who was behind the dome. Unfortunately, we shot the final show without knowing that this would be the series finale. The final show definitely answered many questions, but had the show continued on to another season, we left a way for the show to continue on.

Foto: Colin Ford, Under the Dome - Copyright: Paramount Pictures
Colin Ford, Under the Dome
© Paramount Pictures

7. Do you have any idea what would have happened in season 4?

No, the actors really only know what is going to happen in each episode just a few days before each one is filmed. At the beginning of each season, the producers sit down with each of the characters and give us a brief overview, but we are often in the dark until we read the upcoming episode.

8. What is your greatest memory from three years of "Under the Dome"?

Up until my work on Under the Dome, I had generally been working in features, which I love. The chance to work on a television series and to be involved with a wonderful group of producers, directors, and fellow cast members was incredibly rewarding. The people involved in the show with me are like a second family. We spent over three years together and those relationships are priceless.

9. And what did you learn from working on the show?

I grew up a lot working on this show, especially during this past year. It was really nice during season three that I was able to travel alone, and since I was finished with high school, it was really nice to not have “school on set” anymore. This allowed me to focus more on my work.

10. Which day on set would you like to relive - either to make it better or to experience it again?

I would have liked to rock out a little more in the episode "Love is a Battlefield". However, the script was limited and very specific on the time limit allowed. All in all, though, it was a fun experience and I even talked to Pat Benatar for any suggestions she could offer.

11. Can you talk about new projects you have lined up or what sort of roles / genres you would be interested in?

I just retuned back to Los Angeles, and am taking a month or so off to just relax and vacation with friends. I am eager to get back into either another television series or I would love to return back to doing more movies. I just love to work, so I can’t wait to pursue what’s next.

12. What TV shows do you like, character or plot driven, serialized or procedural etc.?

I would say that I watch TV shows that are all of the above. Right now I am catching up and watching "The Office", "Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte", "Parenthood" and "Supernatural". I love all types of TV shows!

Thank you, Colin, we wish you all the best for your future!

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