"Scandal" interview with Brian Letscher

December 12, 2014 | "Scandal" might already be on hiatus but still Brian Letscher was so kind to make time to talk to us about his character Tom Larsen and his exciting development in season 3 of the ABC drama. Get to know the person behind President Grant's Secret Service Agent and how he got into acting and see what he thinks about Olivia's and Fitz's lovestory.

This interview contains spoilers for season 3 of "Scandal".

Foto: Brian Letscher - Copyright: Bobby Quillard
Brian Letscher
© Bobby Quillard

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You graduated with a degree in Economics. How did you get into acting?

I had done a bit of acting in college – basic classes and one sketch comedy show. But it is really a third career. After coaching college football and dabbling in the internet world, I turned to acting. First in Michigan at The Purple Rose Theatre and then in the theatres of NYC.

In "Scandal" season 3 we learn more about B613. Did you know that Tom would be a part of it? Were you surprised to learn that Tom had been a spy the whole time?

Had no idea Tom was in B613 -- a complete, fantastic surprise. Love that Tom had a bigger purpose.

Now that President Grant knows that Tom murdered his son, what can we expect in the coming episodes? Will Tom be able to explain what he did?

Tom does his best to explain what happened. Or at least WHY he did what he did. That will come soon, yes.

Tom "arranged" many of the Fitz/Olivia encounters. Do you think they should end up together one day or aren't they meant to be?

I think that's the big question of the show – will they or won't they be together. It’s a twisted love story with murder, deceit and betrayal. Just the way we love them! Always tough to use the word "should" with love…there just 'is' and 'isn't'. Never 'should'.

Foto: Brian Letscher - Copyright: Bobby Quillard
Brian Letscher
© Bobby Quillard

There are so many secrets on "Scandal". Which twist did you enjoy most?

Whoa. Tough question. Huh. I think the killing of James was a very powerful episode – not necessarily a 'twist' but definitely compelling drama.

Would you have voted Fitz Grant for President or do you think that maybe Sally Langston would have been a better fit?

Oh, definitely not Sally! Maybe Fitz. Would need to speak with him a bit more. Tom definitely voted for Fitz!

The show has changed a lot since season 1. There are less cases of the week and more character driven storylines. What do you think is Toms darkest secret?

Well, if I told you Tom's darkest secret then clearly I (Tom) would have to give you the proverbial 'back pat'. Night, night!

Your brother Matt was in the first two seasons of "Scandal", but you never had a scene together. Would you like to have met him in front of the camera?

Would love to work with Matt. Would love Tom and Billy to meet each other – the conversation of two killers!

Foto: Brian Letscher - Copyright: Bobby Quillard
Brian Letscher
© Bobby Quillard

"Scandal" is a show with a very serious tone. What is it like on set between filming the scenes?

The cast and crew are pro's. Completely respect the work, the process and want to get the absolute best out of every scene but also know when to laugh. It's really a great set.

If you could hang out with one person in character from your favorite show, who would it be?

The cast of "Cheers". Or Abbott and Costello. I'm old school. Contemporaries? It would be a blast to hang with the guys from "Silicon Valley". I laughed so hard I cried during the Season 1 finale.

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

"Fargo", "Silicon Valley", "How to Get Away with Murder", "The Walking Dead" and "Peaky Blinders"!

Thank you for making time for us, Brian, we wish you all the best for your future!

Thank you!

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