Exclusive Interview with Eric Bruskotter

Eric Bruskotter plays the role of Cooter, a talent scout, who visits McKinley High School in the third season of "Glee". In this interview he talks about how the audition process was like for him, what he thinks about his roles in the past and how he got into acting 27 years ago.

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1. How did you get into acting?

I actually have a twin brother. I was going to college when a friend of mine hooked me up with a talent agent. They thought they could get us in a 'Double Mint' commercial or something. Never did the commercial but did a few TV and movie projects. My brother decided to pursue other things. I continued on solo and have been acting now for 27 years.

2. What was the auditioning process for "Glee" like? With whom did you have to read and did you have to sing, too?

No, I never had to sing nor was I told I'd ever have to sing. Thanks God, or I would have never went out for it. I can NOT sing. I met with the casting director, Robert Ulrich, and he put me on tape. I didn't really think I had a chance so I was so thrilled when I got it. I also could not have done it without my manager, Robert Enriquez, who helped me prepare for the role and audition.

3. Which song would you like to perform on the show?

I'll sing "Happy Birthday" in a large group. I can do that!! heehee

4. If you could put together a special "Glee" episode with all your favorite songs, which character would you give which song to?

Wow. They are really talented actor/singers. I think all the stuff they've been getting is just great.

5. Can you tell us a little bit about your storyline with Coach Beiste?

Yeah. I am just in love with Coach Beiste, but she can't really grasp the idea. Things will get interesting as I've read on the internet that Sue gets involved with me. Should be a wild ride!

6. On "Love Bites" you played a cop and husband. What storyline would you liked to have seen him in?

I didn't care for my character on "Love bites". I actually really liked me in "Glee". I hope thats okay to say.

7. You played a recurring role on the highly acclaimed "Six Feet Under". What was it like to work on that stirring and sometimes even saddening show?

It was really great working on the show. I was so excited to get the role. I was hoping that my character would be expanded more, maybe cool scenes with Keith about him being "gay" and all, but it didn't happen. One night I was sitting and watching the show and Keith said: "I don't want to be a cop anymore." I was like: "No... please! Hang in there!" But I knew I would be on the show no more. Oh well.

8. In the 80s cult movie "Can't buy me love" you played the role of Big John. What are your best memories from shooting and what was the reunion this year in The NuArt Theater in Los Angeles like?

Wow, the reunion was awesome! I have all great memories of that show. I just remember there was no pressure because it was just some little movie we were filming. Then it became very successful! I still get recognized for it.

9. Which one of the characters you played so far was the most interesting one for you personally and why?

I love my role in "Starship Troopers" because I met my wife on it. I also loved when I got to play this really bad guy in a movie called "The Grind". I pulled it off and it was so much fun! I always enjoyed playing the "dumb guy" roles, especially in the "Major League" series.

10. What sort of work does your participation in the "Best Friends Animal Society" involve?

I want to get more involved but right now I volunteer at their "Super adoptions" at the kitten tent. I love cats so much!!!

11. myFanbase is a website that is devoted to American television
shows. Do you have a favorite show?

"Glee", of course. I also LOVE "Dexter". I would love to get on that show!! Thanks for the interview.

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