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June 12, 2015 | Jon Huertas, best known as Javier Esposito on ABC's "Castle", was one of the guests at 12th Precinct Convention in Dresden, Germany. He took the time to talk to myFanbase about his time in Europe, the future of "Castle" and his childhood dream role.

German translation of the interview.

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Foto: Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden - Copyright: myFanbase
Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden
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You've travelled Europe in the last weeks. Where have you been?

Ireland, Amsterdam, Berlin and now Dresden.

Is this your first time in Germany?

When I was in the Air Force I went through Ramstein Air Force base a couple of times. But not for vacation, I was not able to see anything, so this has been great. It's been fun. I probably come back, I didn't get enough time to see enough. It's a pretty big country, so it's hard to see everything.

You just came to Dresden or did you already have time to visit the city?

I just got here this morning.

This isn't your first convention. Are there any special fan encounters that you had before that were particularly funny or strange?

Our first real convention was Comic-Con after season 2, I think. And it was pretty crazy - the amount of fans that we had, we didn't even expect that. And then there were a couple of reactions to us, to me, from a couple of fans that was reminiscent of what Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley experienced, like someone actually crying and shaking. And I had never expected something like that. That was very humbling, surprising and touching, too. It's odd that you can affect somebody that deeply with what we're doing.

And "Castle" isn't even a comic TV show...

I think now the entertainment business, TV and film, has kind of taken over Comic-Con as they take over everything, but it was unexpected, because I thought, at that point too Comic-Con was still new to the TV/film world, that it was pretty crazy and pretty special that she did that. That was probably the craziest reaction I had.

Foto: Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden - Copyright: myFanbase
Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden
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Did somebody ever think you were a real cop and asked for your help?

No, no one has ever... I tried to volunteer my services a couple of times, but no. People weren't ready for that.

I guess you get often asked how much you personally influence Esposito, but is it sometimes also the other way round? Does your character influence you?

I don't know. I've had a lot of input into who the character is, how Esposito has grown over the past seven seasons. That's a lot of me. There's a lot more of Jon in Esposito as far as his personality. But no, I don't think that much of Esposito bleeds into Jon, I think it's got to be the other way round, which means that Esposito is Jon basically, just with a different job. Normally Jon is just an actor and an actor needs to do that, in order for however we're acting in a scene it needs to come from a truthful place. As an actor I've always put myself into whatever character I'm playing. That's just the nature of being an actor from my perspective. You've just have to bring yourself into each character and live in the moment as if it were you in that moment and how you would react and make it a truthful way of reacting.

Castle and Beckett get married in season 7 without telling Esposito, Ryan and their other friends...

That was pretty mean.

... Did you expect the wedding to be different?

I did. First of all I didn't expect it to happen so quickly after the end of season 6. I thought they would take a little bit more time with it based on the fact that Castle disappeared. I never expected them to do a wedding between them without Ryan and Esposito, Lanie and even Gates there. I thought it would be kind of that thing. If it's a small or private ceremony in their apartment, I just didn't expect it to... you know. I think Seamus [Dever] and I were both very surprised like "wow, okay..."

So not only your character but also you were surprised of the wedding...

Yeah. And now something has happened from that specific moment with regards to Ryan and Esposito that we'll find out about and how we actually dealt with it, what they missed out on, in the season 7 DVD. Whenever you guys get the DVD there will be a huge surprise on there for everyone in regards to Esposito and Ryan missing the wedding. It's really fun, it's a good thing.

Foto: Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden - Copyright: myFanbase
Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden
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Do you think that the wedding and that Beckett and Castle are married now changed the dynamics of the show?

I think it did change the dynamic of the show a little bit. Now that they are married, the tension that they had has been relieved. There was sexual tension at first, that was relieved, and then there was the tension of 'are they going to make this marriage?'. I think that tension is gone. I feel like it is a little more difficult to write the way that Castle was prior to season 7. He could act a little more rogue with regards to being a man, flirting and things like that. You can't and shouldn't do that in front of your wife. A lot of cases and a lot of things that we would do, there'd be some hot girl or whatever and it'd be kind of fun to see him dancing and playing with that. But I think once two people are married, his job is to be a husband... certain things he should always do, but they won't let him do that same kind of childish behavior that he did before. So I think that's one of the biggest differences that our writers had to face. And I think they did a good job. We didn't lose audience members, I think. Let's see what happens in season 8. We have new writers now, new show runners... we see what happens. They can take a different approach, I heard it's going to be a really big different approach to 'Castle'.

We already heard that Penny Johnson Jerald is going to be written out for creative reasons...

Yeah, she's not going to be Captain anymore. That's pretty crazy.

If season 8 would be the last, what would be the ending of the show? Maybe a wedding between Esposito and Lanie?

Since there are already two very successful relationships, Ryan and Jenny and Castle and Beckett, so far.. who knows what happens. If there are three perfect relationships then - in my opinion - a show gets boring.

And they already have a good relationship without being married...

Exactly, it works. If it's not really broken there is no reason to fix it. It's often an on and off thing between those two. I'd like to see everybody move forward in their careers and lives, all the different characters. Ryan, Esposito, Beckett, Castle... We've got the C-plan that Beckett could run for senate, maybe she becomes a senator, something really cool could happen with Castle in his life and his career. And with Esposito and Ryan, they maybe could both become Lieutenants or get their own precincts and who knows... something like that, something cool for each character to graduate to.

Foto: Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden - Copyright: myFanbase
Jon Huertas, 12th Precinct Con 2015 in Dresden
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In 2011 you did an interview with myFanbase and you told us that your favorite TV show was "Game of Thrones" at the time. Is it still or do you have other favorite shows now?

"Game of Thrones" is still one of my definite favorite shows but one that has kind of creeped up right next to it is "Vikings". I love "Vikings". And when I was in Ireland I was able to go to the set of "Vikings" and see it. One of my friends plays Ragnar Lothbrok (Editor's note: played by Travis Fimmel). We got to hang out, went to his house and had barbecue, watched the UFC together. Travis and I have known each other for 15 years, but he's been doing that, I've been doing "Castle" and so we haven't been able to see each other.

Maybe a guest spot on "Vikings"?

"Vikings" the series did a post on Twitter once, because I guess the marketing people know that I'm a fan of the show and they took my face and put it on a Vikings body with a beard and a long sword. And they told me: "Make sure you watch us." And I was like: "That's me as a Viking. That's awesome looking." And then I started doing all this research looking 'Were there dark-skinned Vikings?'. There are writings about it, when [people from Africa] conquered Spain and Morocco and Portugal, some of France. Maybe they went up to... I don't know. We'll see. I would love it that was the case. I wouldn't mind being the oddball of "Vikings". Everyone's looking at him: 'Where did he come from?' I'm sitting there with my beard and my sword like 'What?! Let's go pillage! Let's go raid!" I like "Vikings" a lot, "Vikings" and "Game of Thrones" are very close-tied. I like historic TV shows. My dream role is to be doing something riding a horse and swinging a sword. That's my dream role since I was a little kid. So one day, I will be a guy riding a horse and swinging a sword. Could be "Castle", I might be going undercover at one of the medieval times restaurants or something like that.

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