Interview with Neil Grayston

Neil Grayston plays Douglas Fargo in "Eureka", a Syfy-Comedy-Show, that deals with a town called Eureka, where the most important scientists live und experiment. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his work.

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1. How did you get into acting? Has it always been your dream job?

I started acting in the high school drama club, the first role I was cast in was Hamlet, off all things, so I figured maybe there was something to this whole acting thing. I went to a small acting school after I graduated, and was approached by my agent after taking part in a scene and monologue contest sponsored by the school. Then I auditioned for a bunch of things and eventually started working!

I suppose I've always wanted to be an actor, or at least some form of performer. When I was younger I was obsessed with "In Living Color", and Jim Carrey in particular and wanted to be a stand-up comedian.

2. What do you think about the huge cut in the beginnig of season 4 of "Eureka"? Are you happy to be one of the time travelers and thus be able to mostly be yourself?

I loved the giant twist with the time travel and alternate universe. I think it put a fresh spin on the world of Eureka, and really let us as actors explore different facets of our characters. Plus, we all had a blast filming it. Then second half of season four is awesome as well. I've seen the first two episodes, and I think you guys are going to be mighty pleased.

3. What can we expect from the next "Eureka" episodes?

Without going into spoilers, I can say that the second half of season 4 is a very linear self contained story. Zane and Fargo do something that basically informs the rest of the season. How vague is that? Sorry. ;)

4. Can you bring your own ideas into the episodes, particularly in matters of the scientific experiments? If so, can you name an example?

I'm not so good on the sciency aspects. Our writers are geniuses, and I'm pretty sure a few of them actually have degrees in various forms of science. My own ideas and contributions generally come in the form of off the cuff statements and little improvised moments of funniness. Well, hopefully they're funny.

5. How long should "Eureka" go on? What would you like to experience as Fargo?

I think "Eureka" should go on as long at it stays fresh and fun and keeps the fans guessing. In terms of Fargo, I've always wanted him to be a bit more mature, a bit more human, while still being good ol' Fargo, and I think the writers have done that. Especially in season 5, which we are currently filming. We're on episode six of thirteen right now, and I've been having an absolutely awesome time playing around with the material I've been given.

6. In Bryan Fuller's "Wonderfalls" you played Alec who we only saw inside the store. What do you think did Alec do in his spare time?

I always thought of him as the guy who sits in a dark basement making weird sounds to amuse himself. That, playing video games about war, and yelling at people on the internet.

7. Like all of Fuller's shows, "Wonderfalls" has its very own charme and takes the viewers into a phantastic new world. What might be the reason that these magical ideas of Bryan Fuller usually tend to attract too few viewers so that these fabulous shows keep getting cancelled?

I think Bryan's stuff would be embraced by people who watch HBO, Showtime, USA network and things like that. Network TV seems to rely on reality shows and procedural dramas, which generally you don't need to make an effort to "get". Bryan makes awesome worlds with characters that are complex and interesting, and I think some people just don't like that, or at least don't want to spend the time and invest in that. Which is sad.

8. Can you tell us something about working with Bryan Fuller?

He's awesome, as is Todd Holland, who co-created Wonderfalls with Bryan. I'd like to see them do something together again. They're both wickedly talented and smart guys.

9. Do you know what would have happened in Alec's storyline had the show not been cancelled?

I actually don't. I wonder if he'd ever leave the shop.

10. You were nominated for the Leo Award for your role in "Godiva's". Can you tell us a little bit about this show and your character?

Godiva's was a dramedy about a group of young people working in a trendy restaurant in an upscale area of Vancouver. I played Martin, the stoic sous-chef, and best friend and roommate of Ramir (played by Stephen Lobo) the chef of the restaurant. The cast was fantastic, and we were all really close. Unfortunately, it ended too soon, methinks.

11. If you could sit down for a good talk with any living or dead person who would it be and what would you like to talk about?

Oh jeez, that depends on my mood I suppose. Some days I'd want to talk, or rather, just listen to someone who changed the world, like Ghandi. Other days, I'd want to talk to the guy who came up with the idea of Grimace, you know, the giant purple taste bud that's a McDonald's mascot? Because seriously, that's just bizarre.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

Currently, "Game of Thrones" is rocking my socks. I devoured the books after Eureka season 4 wrapped, and have been eagerly awaiting the series (and the new book!).

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