Interview with Chad Lindberg

In the mystery show "Supernaturnatural" Chad Lindberg plays the role of Ash, who the fans fondly call Dr. Badass. Chad reveals Ash's secret in this interview, talks about working on the set of "Supernatural" and also about his horror movie remake "I spit on your grave" and his plans for the future.

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1. At the Asylum Con in Germany you talked about the remake of the horror movie "I Spit On Your Grave" which you play a part in. The movie premiered recently. Was it as controversial as the original?

Absolutely!!!! If not then we should close up shop and go home!! The movie just premiered in Montreal to some great reviews and an interesting Q&A. Someone passed out during one of the death scenes! It's already beginning to make a lot of noise.

2. You also mentioned most of all you'd love to play an alien. What is it about an alien character that fascinates you?

I think it would fun!! I love the movie "Starman", with Jeff Bridges. He played an Alien but in a human body dealing with human conditions. Same with Kevin Spacey in "K-Pax". I love the Alien movies that tug on your heart cords. "E.T." anyone...? ;) I just feel like playing an Alien is in the cards for me at some point.

3. You said you're hoping for Ash to return in season 6. Do you have ideas for a possible story line?

Well now that I'm in Heaven I can do anything!! I think it would be fun to team up with Castiel at some point and help the boys. In #5.16 Dark Side of The Moon Ash talked about hanging out with dead famous people. I think it would be funny to see Ash ACTUALLY hanging out with say... Johnny Cash? Hangin' out having beers all casual like it's nothin' :)

4. What did you enjoy most at the Asylum convention in Germany?

Hanging out with all the fans. Going to conventions is like a weekend in Vegas for me. It's a lot of fun and I love to meet new people from different places. I also like getting to hang out with my fellow cast mates. I see some old friends and get to meet new ones. It's good times.

5. How would you describe Ash? What do you like most about him?

It's all about the Mullet. Period.

6. How did you feel about Ash dying in season 2? Were you surprised to be able to play Ash again after that?

I was bummed to learn Ash was going to die. But that's the nature of the show and the business. Sometimes you die :) LUCKILY, I'm on a show called "Supernatural". Anyone can die and come back. Or, in my case, die and go to heaven :) I like where I'm at now. I think Heaven is going to be a good time. I was surprised to play him again. It was a nice surprise. The fans on Twitter (Chad Lindberg on Twitter) started a petition to bring Ash back, as well make videos and send letters to Eric Kripke to get Ash back on the show. It worked ;)

7. In season 5 we got to see what Ash's heaven looks like. What would your perfect heaven look like?

Being around my friends and family. That's what a perfect heaven for me is. I'd also like to be able to fly. As well as see a Michael Jackson concert, I never got the chance in this life. Also maybe be able to see some dinosaurs as well... how cool would that be!!!

8. What is the atmosphere on the "Supernatural" set like? Did Jared and Jensen play pranks on you?

The guys always make it a great atmosphere to work in. As well as the wonderful crew. Not too many pranks were pulled on me as I recall. This last episode we were making faces at each other during the other's coverage, trying to make each other break and laugh. It's good fun.

9. Do you watch "Supernatural"? What aspect of the show do you like most?

I try to watch it when I can and keep up with show. I love the characters the most.

10. Which one of the characters you played so far do you like most and why?

I like them all for different reasons. There is something to be learned from each character you play. I played a deaf Transvestite once in "The Velocity of Gary." That was great fun :) Of course Dr. Badass is up there on the list!! I got to work with Ed Harris on a movie called "Once Fallen" that's due out soon. That was an amazing role and experience as well. It's hard to come up with just one :)

11. You guest starred in the vampire series "Buffy" in 1997. What was is like working in the Whedonverse?

My first gig in Los Angeles!! I was so young. 19 if I recall. I was just excited to be working and to have booked a job. My episode was #5 of Season 1. (It was #1.08 I, Robot... You, Jane - editor's note). I don't think "Whedonverse" had taken over quite yet. It was before "Buffy" had started airing. I remember him being very nice to me. It's been cool to see "Whedonverse" explode over the years.

12. What do you think about the recent vampire hype?

I don't mind it. "True Blood" is me and my girlfriend's favorite show. We get so fired up when it comes on!! It's a great realistic spin on Vampires I think. I'd like to play a Vampire at some point.

13. Which are the three movies or shows that you like to watch over and over again?

"Point Break" is number 1 on that list. Seen it a trillion times. Love it. "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Love that movie. And "Bruno"... that movie cracks me up. Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius.

14. Are there any new projects coming up for you? Can you tell us something about them?

I've got a movie called "Once Fallen" coming out. Directed by Ash Adams. Amazing cast and a life changing experience for me. "My Big Break", Over 10 years in the making Documentary about making and breaking it in Hollywood. And of course the controversial "I Spit on Your Grave". Being released into theaters Unrated October 8th then DVD next year.

15. Would you like to direct a movie someday? What genre would you like to do?

I would most definitely like to direct. I've been making videos lately and putting them on "Funny or Die" with fellow Actor and friend Josh Cowdery. We make offbeat funny videos. It's kind of a start into making our own films.

16. Everybody that follows you on Twitter knows you're not that much into sports but is there any kind of sport you like or even do (besides twittering)?

Hahahaha!! Ya... not a Sports guy. It's not in my makeup for some reason. I didn't get the Sports gene I guess. I do like to hike though!!

17. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

"LOST". Hands down. Love that show. I actually start clapping and cheering during the show. It's get me so fired up. Great characters and it keeps you guessing. I also love ANY show with Gordon Ramsay. Love that guy!! He cracks me up. I hope to meet him someday.

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