Interview with Tawny Cypress - Part 2

8. "Hero” asks: We first got a confirmation that your character's last name is "Deveaux". Is that a "tip of the hat" to "Nathaniel DeVeaux", who has played a part in quite a few sci-fi TV series and movies, but never as a character with special "powers"? Your character seems to be a lady who is strong and primarily self-sufficient (like a Whedonverse character); how will your character develop during the show? We also received the hint from Ollie Grigsby that there will be a "Deveaux Society". What will be the purpose of the "Deveaux Society"?

This is such a smart question. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for the shows inspiration for the last name Deveaux. I will ask, creator, Tim Kring at the premiere and get back to you. As for my character's development, Simone starts off holding herself to together so tight, what she really needs is a release. Finally, the Deveaux Society was founded by Simone's father as a means for funding causes he felt bettered the world. It's not something that interests my character so much as it often bleeds into politics she doesn't agree with.

9. "Heroes” asks: Does your character's dad, Charles Deveaux, have any interaction/connection with "Mr. Linderman" or "Sylar" or "HRG" (Horned-Rimmed Glasses) or with whoever was after the Human Genome Project research? Do you know what ails him (is he "Patient Zero")? And last, will we see Richard Roundtree in more scenes other than him as a patient in bed?

Another amazingly intelligent question. Man, you guys can think! I don't know much about my father's dealings, I'm afraid, as I had opened an art gallery and made that my life. My father was more interested in stocks and bonds. And yes, you will see him again.

10. Judy asks: Would you like to be a Hero?

I would love to be a hero to someone. I think I'd be strong enough to handle the responsibility. I'd love to be admired for something selfless that I do. Unless you meant, would I like to be a "super"-hero. In which case, yea, one of the wonder twins.

11. René asks: Did you have a Hero when you were a child? Like Superman, Batman or someone else?

I didn't really have any heroes growing up that I can remember. I was really strange and kind of moved to my own beat. I guess the closest thing to a hero would be my mom who taught me some of the wisest lessons.

12. Kathrin asks: Do you think "Heroes” could be the TV Hit of Season 2006/2007?

I do think "Heroes" could be a big hit. It's such a cool story. The characters are fan-freakin'-tastic and the actors who play the characters are stellar. I'd watch it even if I wasn't on it.

13. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV Series do you have a favourite one?

the shows I have to record are "Project Runway" and "Lost". And

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