Interview with Gilles Marini

Since season 4 of "Brothers & Sisters" Gilles Marini can be seen as Sarahs friend Luc Laurent. In this interview with myFanbase the actor who was born in France tells us about his engagement in the drama show and what he has in common with his character on the show.

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1. You had many different jobs so far, you were in the French army, a fireman and a model. When did you decide to pursue a career in acting?

Yes, I did many jobs. I was a pastry chef since I was a kid, firefighter in the army, model, bodyguard, waiter, worked in catering, and as a salesman. I was even an alter boy and had many other jobs. In the end, I became an Actor. I always wanted to be in this business but the truth is that it's a long road. I kept trying, and I finally made it happen.

2. What were the first impressions you had when you moved to the USA? Was it difficult for you leaving your family and friends behind and getting used to a new culture?

Moving to the states was not too hard for me. I had felt stuck in France, and now I was flying to the land of opportunity. I love's beautiful, but it was my dream to come to the US. My family felt that I had incredible courage for leaving like that...I had absolutely nothing at all, and my dream was just to be in this amazing country. I love the culture here. I found the perfect balance between who I am as a French man and this culture here. I love it.

3. How did you get the part of Luc in Brothers & Sisters? How was working with the cast?

I got the part while I was working on "Dancing with the Stars." Ken Olin and the rest of the producers and writers at ABC met with me to discuss creating a new role for me. I couldn't believe it! This is truly the land of opportunity. The next thing you know I am working with some of the most incredible actors in the world...Rachel Griffiths, Sally Field, Rob Lowe, Calista Flockhart , Ron Rifkin, etc. I am in heaven when I am shooting with them. I learn so fast and the support of the beautiful Rachel Griffiths is so wonderful. I will always admire and respect this woman, and some day I know she will be an amazing director...I can feel it.

4. Did you know the show before you got the part of Luc?

I did know about the show and was a fan.

5. Luc's scenes contained what we consider the beautiful French way of life with all the dancing, swimming, painting, cooking and picnics in the country. Is this "savoir vivre" a cliché or is there a bit of Luc in you?

Well yes, I have a lot of similarities with Luc. First, I am very much a romantic and I love women...I think women are the most beautiful of God's creations. I love life to his fullest and Luc is really like that. I never painted in my life, or swim laps in the pool, and prior to "Dancing with the Stars," I never even danced, so it's really all a character. As an actor, to make a character believable, you have to find something inside of him that you like...with Luc it's easy.

6. The viewers loved Luc and were sad to see him leave. Can we expect to see him again this season or is his relationship with Sarah really over?

Yes, Luc will be back and you will see much more of him and the involvement with Sarah and the Walker family. I am very much exited to see what the writers have in place for Luc. I just hope that he stays true to his deep passionate love to Sarah. I'll be back on set January 5.

7. Your mother is of Greek and your father of Italian origin. Do you have an emotional connection to those two countries or have you always felt French?

My mother's ancestors were Greek and my father's were Italian. I am really French from my culture to my accent and character. If anything, I am a bit of an Italian man with my passion for life, family, food and more. I am very expressive and loud at some moments, and that is very is my last name.

8. Is there a show currently airing which you would like to play a part in? What kind of part would you like to play if you could choose?

I would love to have my own show playing a spy or an action leading man. Maybe one day soon. I know I can do anything when I put my mind and soul into it. I never let people down and I am always ready when it's showtime. I am exited to play anything if the material is challenging and well written.

9. Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?

There are a few projects in the works, but nothing I can talk about just yet.

10. Have you ever been to Germany or do you have plans to come here? What do you associate with Germany?

Yes, I came to Germany! Hamburg. It was fantastic and I had such a blast. The people were surprisingly friendly and I made friends very quickly. I went out and ate so much, and I also walked all over the entire city and lost 9 pound doing it! I got back in shape in Germany...who knew?!? I was really impressed by the hospitality. I loved it.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite one?

Sorry to sound cliché, but my favorite show is "Brothers and Sisters." The quality of the show and the writing are stunning... I love this show.

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