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David Blue plays a main character in the new science fiction show "Stargate Universe", the second spin-off from the successful mother series "Stargate SG-1", which consists of ten seasons. David is a huge fan of all Stargate shows and never missed an episode. Here he jokes about the great chemistry between his character Eli and Chloe, played by Elyse Levesque. Also he talks about how much he liked working on the vampire series "Moonlight" and he admits to being a true junkie for tv series.

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1. When and why did you decide to become an actor?

Right around conception. I've always loved performing and found it to be a great release after-school and on weekends. I did little plays here and there and some great shows in high school. Then it was time to go to college. At the last minute, I change my mind about what school I was attending and decided to pursue my passion.

2. When you got the part of Eli Wallace on "Stargate Universe" what did you think about the character? Now that you look back on the first season did he turn out the way you expected him to be?

I was intrigued by both his similarities to myself and the huge gaping differences. He and I both love pop culture and the sciences, but I enjoy challenging myself. In fact, one of my mottos is "if it scares me, that's WHY I have to do it." And I feel that Eli is always so terrified of failure that he doesn't ever push himself beyond his own comfort zone. Having seen all of season 1, I think I like the way that Eli is going. There are lots of things I'm hoping for and looking forward to, but I'm trying to learn patience. It's different with television. In film, the arc of the character ends after an hour and a half. In television, you can do 20 hours and still have only scratched the surface.

3. Which is your favorite episode of "Stargate Universe" so far and why?

I love "Time". First off, it was a blast to shoot and exciting to work in this new environment. Secondly, they let me shoot a lot of the stuff that was from Eli's point of view. I really enjoyed the camera work and deciding what the audience would be looking at at any given time. Then, as an episode, it's just amazingly, intensely fascinating. Immediately after reading the script for the first time, I emailed Robert Cooper to tell him how much I loved it. And I think that translated well into the final episode.

4. Did you know any episodes from "Stargate SG-1" or "Stargate Atlantis" before you auditioned for the role of Eli? Or are you a fan of the whole franchise?

I have watched every single episode of SG1 and Atlantis, actually. I've watched the shows from their beginning. I loved the stories and some of the characters. In fact, it made auditioning for the role more challenging. I loved the way David Hewlett played McKay, and the way Michael Shanks played Jackson, so I felt compelled to make sure Eli wasn't the same as either of them. But in the end, it's just made me get teased more on set. Everyone loves telling me how like Eli I am. But in the end, I really am acting, I promise.

5. In the mid season finale "Justice" Rush was left behind on a planet. Can you tell us if he manages to escape from that place?

Only a few short weeks and you'll know, won't you? :) I will say this, Robert Carlyle is a phenomenal actor, and any show would be at a huge disadvantage to not have him around. Now, when and HOW? That's another story.

6. Robert Carlyle will direct one episode of season 2. Would you like to direct one yourself or is it maybe already planned?

I'd be honored. I've directed a lot in the past. I also write and produce my own projects. I think it's a testament to how committed to this craft most of us are as a cast. Almost all of us have chatted from the beginning about how we'd love to direct some episodes down the line. So, as soon as they'd have me, I'm in!

7. If you had the opportunity to use a real stargate where would you like to go?

Is Megan Fox's bedroom an inappropriate answer? Because if so, I'd have to say Jupiter's moon Titan. I was recently reading an article about what they've discovered there -- lakes of liquid crystal, mountains of ice and a methane atmosphere. It'd be amazing.

8. Eli and Chloe have a great chemistry on screen. Do the two of you also get along well in real life? Could you imagine that your characters become a couple on the show?

Sadly, she's obsessed with me. Ha! Elyse and I actually became very close very quickly. I am proud to count her as one of my close friends now. She's quite an amazing woman. And we're both immensely silly, which always helps a bond form. I could see Eli and Chloe together, since there was such a connection and a spark immediately from both of them when they first met. But it's hard to see it happening at the moment, because she's so deep in he relationship with Scott.

9. Before getting the part of Eli you played a role on the vampire themed show "Moonlight". It was cancelled after its first season although it was a favorite among vampire fans. Would you have liked to come back to the show, had it been picked up for another season maybe by another network?

Absolutely. I had a great time playing Logan. He was so sarcastic that I could get away with a lot. And I became quick friends with Alex O'Loughlin, so working on that set was fun. I have hopes that everyone gets their ducks in order to do a movie of "Moonlight". I'd be there in the blink of an eye. I was speaking with Jason Dohring about it recently and I think everyone is intrigued by the idea. I'd love to play Logan again. Especially since I heard some of the stories being thrown around for season 2. Could be interesting!

10. You played Logan Griffen, a vampire computer hacker who Mick St.John turned to for help. What did you like about your character?

I loved his sense of humor and self-interest. It was almost as if he was watching all of these people around him as if they were there just to serve him. He could get away with anything. And more than that, I had this whole complicated backstory I came up with for the character and I liked going into that world for the character.

11. Do you think "Moonlight" is similar to "Angel"? Maybe even too similar?

I think they're very different. In the grand scheme of things, the entire mythology was different. I'd liken it more to one of my favorite shows as a kid -- "Forever Knight". And to put it even more simply, Mick St. John was entirely different from Angel.

12. Are there any new projects coming up for you? Will we see you in different roles soon?

I'm currently producing a movie with some friends of mine as well as writing a few of my own. And depending on shooting schedules, there are some features on the horizon as well. I'm slowly, but surely, invading your lives through all of your media.

13. Do you read online magazines about TV series?

Google is a curse. I read far too many. More than I should. You have to be careful these days as a performer. It's so easy to stumble on some inappropriate or hurtful comments, that it's almost dangerous to go searching. Not that immune to that temptation.

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

They're are a bunch I'm obsessed with. I've been a fan from the beginning and will stay until the end for most of them. But every week I wait excitedly for: "Lost", "The Office", "Fringe", "Dexter", "Glee", "How I Met Your Mother", "True Blood", "Family Guy", "Modern Family"... Yes, I watch that much. Thank God for my DVR!

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