Exclusive interview with Adam Harrington

Jan 26, 2012 | Adam Harrington plays the role of Ethan Conant on "The Secret Circle". He is Adam's father and part of the parents' circle of witches. In this interview Adam talks about this character as well as about his role of Connor James on "Queer as Folk". Before he became an actor though he studied Marine Biology.

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Adam Harrington
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1. You've got a Masters of Science degree in Marine Biology. What does this course of studies involve, assumingly some interesting excursions and research?

Marine biology is, more or less, the study of things living in salt water (the oceans and the seas). In my case, I was studying the cell membranes of fish under certain conditions. It doesn't really sound very exciting does it? But I ended up doing a lot of SCUBA diving on the East Coast of Canada, in places that have the biggest tides in the world, 10 meters or more, so there were times when I felt like an action hero just making it home from work at the end of the day.

2. How did you get into acting after that?

I had always been interested in acting, but I liked science as well, so I decided to get an education first, and then try acting after.

3. You play the role of Ethan Conant on "The Secret Circle" and right now it looks like Ethan is getting more involved in the storyline. Can you tell us a little bit about the development of your character?

I'm sworn to secrecy about a lot... but I can say that Ethan started out the series as the town drunk who wasn't a very good father, and now we're finding out that Ethan's been drinking to forget some painful truths that could spell danger for Cassie Blake, his own son Adam, and their own circle of witches.

4. Charles Meade was the villain in the pilot, yet Dawn Chamberlain always seems to be the power-hungry one. Now it seems whoever has got the crystal turns into a villain, even Ethan?

Power is a very seductive thing, and I'm not sure anyone is safe from its grasp in Chance Harbour. The great thing about the show is that whats really going on might be very different from what we think is going on.

5. So far the storyline of the parents was quite separate from the one of the children. Will this change in the second half of the season?

As Cassie gets deeper into dark magic and she learns more about what happened sixteen years ago on that boat, the storylines really start to mix, it gets darker and more dangerous than we've seen so far.

Foto: Queer as Folk - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Queer as Folk
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6. Looking back at "Queer as Folk" what comes to your mind first?

How little I was wearing under the RAGE costume.

7. "Queer as Folk" was a groundbreaking show and within the show Rage as a gay superhero would have been a groundbreaking movie. If the movie had been made for real as something like a spin-off from the show would you have liked to play the role of Rage?

I would've been flattered to play RAGE, but in all honesty, the character always belonged to Gale Harold, as his portrayal of "Brian" really was where RAGE came from.

8. Are you aware that since you and Gale Harold are on "The Secret Circle" together there are lots of fans out there who are hoping to see "Real Rage" getting into a brawl with "Movie Rage" for sleeping with Justin when everyone was rooting for Brian & Justin? Do you and Gale joke about this on set, too?

I was not aware of this! Actually Gale and I never met while I was working QAF, (although I'm sure meeting him while dressed as HIS superhero alter ego would've been a very odd experience). So "The Secret Circle" is really the only experience we share, and I am really enjoying working with him, he is a cool guy and a fantastic actor.

9. What is your best memory from your time on "Dexter"?

Working with the cast and crew, they were fantastic.

10. "Luck" is a very highly anticipated show. You play a character called Dennis Bowman. Can you tell us a little bit what we can expect from the show and your character?

Well, LUCK will pull you into the world of horse racing, which is high stakes, high risk, and attracts both very good and very very bad people. I come in to play a manipulative horse farm owner guy who want to mess with Nick Nolte's character.

11. Do you have scenes with Dustin Hoffman? What is working with him and with David Milch like?

I worked with Nick Nolte on the show, who has always been an actor I admired. Working with him was a real pleasure, he's a great man and a very generous actor.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

A favorite show? TV the last few years has really been amazing, it's too hard to pick one.

Thank you, Adam, we wish you all the best for your future!

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