Interview with Jackson Brundage

On August 23rd three of our editors went to Wilmington to get a closer look at the set of "One Tree Hill". They had the chance to do an interview with Jackson Brundage who plays one of the main characters, Jamie Scott. In this interview he told myFanbase about his hobbies like Skateboarding and what he likes about working on the show. Find out with which of his colleagues he would like to have his own show. As a special feature we provide you with audio bits from the interview.

There are some spoilers in this interview!

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When and why did you decide to become an actor?

I first started auditioning for commercials and then I got on an episode of Las Vegas and a couple of other things. And then I auditioned for One Tree Hill and I got the part.

And that has been all you wanted?

Yeah, it's been great, it's been really cool.

When you're older, would you still like to be an actor or is there another profession you're interested in?

Well, I don't really know. I might want to do something else, but if I were being able to film in the future I would really want to work with Jackie Chan because he is my all-time favourite actor.

You do karate, right?

I used to.

And what else would you be interested in?

I don't know. I guess we just have to see what goes.

(his teacher) Rocket scientist!

You're interested in rockets?

I like seeing the lift-offs and stuff. It would be cool to be an astronaut!

How do you handle going to school while you're filming?

When it's a work day and I still have to do school, then we're normally able to get some school stuff in when we're having a break or when there's a scene between my two scenes. That's normally how it goes.

That sounds pretty exhausting!

Yeah, sort of, I guess.

Are there any funny experiences you made on set that you can tell us about?

Oh, wow, yeah there's a lot! Well, if you go to the website of The CW and you click on “One Tree Hill” you might be able to see me doing the Single Ladies dance! But there has been a lot of fun stuff behind the scenes, just hanging out with friends during breaks, to go outside and play catch with a football with some of the actors – we have a good time!

What was the most difficult scene you have ever shot?

Probably the one this season, where I'm doing a whole speech to aunt Quinn while she's in the hospital. All the sad scenes that I've done, all the emotional scenes have been pretty hard.

Like when Lydia told Jamie that she was going to die?

Oh yeah, that was pretty hard for Jamie! That was tough!

Is there a certain storyline for Jamie that you would like to play?

Well, I'd really like Jamie to play more basketball, more sports – that would be awesome. Or maybe Jamie being left alone home again and he gets to trash the house, that was really fun. Slide down the banister pole… It would be fun to do a lot more of that stuff, like the KISS scene!

How long did it take to shoot that scene?

Four hours. Because it took almost 45 minutes to get both me and James' make-up on, so it took a while!

When you are not on set, what do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?

I like skateboarding with my friends, jumping on my trampoline that I have at home, it is pretty big, 14 foot wide. I like hanging out with my friends, playing lots of sports, going down to the park – because the park is right down the street from our house. I like doing most stuff outside.

If you could choose two other characters for a spin-off with Jamie, who would they be? Why would you choose them and what would the show look like?

It would have to be a comedy, and I would have to say it would probably be Shantel Van Santen and Robert Buckley, because they are both really funny. They make the show work.

Do you have a concept for the show, something like "Two and a Half Men"?

That would be funny! We were watching "Two and a half men" one time and we said that it would be funny if I could be on "Two and a half men", that Charlie would have an unknown son. That would be awesome!

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV-shows, do you have any favorite shows?

I like "The Simpsons", they are very funny. I tried to watch them, but my mom wouldn't let me. I usually have to watch them with my dad. I like a lot of Disney shows, like "Zeke and Luther" about these two really good skateboarders. I like "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory". He is a professional skateboarder. His first show was called "Rob & Big" and it was him, Rob Dyrdek, with his bodyguard Big Black. And wherever there was a security guard where Rob couldn't skate, Big Black would shove him out of the way and say "Yes he can!". And "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" is a show where he has his own huge factory with a skate park in it. It's a really funny show, I like to watch it a lot, mostly because of the skateboarding.

Any other shows?

I like "American Idol". On my iPod Touch I sometimes watch "Britain's Got Talent". There was this 4-year old girl that sang "Over the Rainbow", she was good! I like a lot of those shows.

Are there any new projects coming up for you besides "One Tree Hill"?

Not really, I am too busy with "One Tree Hill".

What do you find most fascinating about "One Tree Hill"? A special storyline, a character you like most?

I like hanging out with all my cast-mates, they are really fun to work with, really nice people. And they do a great job on the show. It's just fun working with the cast, it's awesome.

How can we picture a typical day on the set for you?

If I have a lot of scenes, let's say four scenes, then my regular day is nine and a half hours, that's as long as I can work. A typical day is two or three scenes. I change into my wardrobe clothes, I go into hair and make-up, we do rehearsal, and then we shoot.

Do you rehearse with your cast-mates?

Yes, and I practice at home the night before with my mom. I am a good memorizer, I have long-term memory.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh, I've heard that question before. I want to get through school, and I want to go to college, doing what college people do.

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