Interview with Kelly Stables

Kelly Stables plays Janette in the comedy show "Greek". When she was in college she was part of a sorority, too, and in this interview she tells us what it was like. Furthermore she features the mystery / fantasy web series "Soul Fire Rising" which she produces and plays a part in.

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1. You grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. What's your favorite memory of your childhood?

Playing after school with my friends. I had the best friends growing up, and am actually still great friends with them. I used to love practicing cheerleading and jumping on trampolines doing gymnastics together. Missouri is a beautiful state and a wonderful place to grow up. I miss it.

2. When and why did you get started in acting?

I was in a Christmas play in pre-school playing an angel along with 2 other little girls. During the show they kept on giggling because they were nervous, but I remember wondering why they weren't acting real! I mean, Christmas angels don't giggle. They stand in awe... or float in awe. I have always wanted to be an actress. Always.

3. You've been playing Janette on "Greek", a show about sororities and fraternities in college. Is the portrait of college life accurate?

Yep! I was a Delta Gamma at the University of Missouri and it was A LOT of fun! We had a lot of super fun parties and activities! I liked the skits and intramural sports the best. I majored in Communications and minored in Theatre. I graduated early with honors, but only because I wanted to move to California.

4. Storylines and characters on this show are so fun. Is there a lot of goofing around on set? Can you share a funny little anecdote?

One of my lines was "I have a bladder infection!!!" So for a while there I was known as "The Bladder Infection Girl." That's pretty gross. I've fortunately never had a bladder infection, but a girlfriend of mine has had several, and apparently they are not fun.

5. Watching "Greek" feels like being on vacation. What do you think brings this quality to the show?

Uh... I don't know. Maybe becaaaaause... its a break from your real life?

6. Which one is your favorite "Greek-"episode and why?

I like them all, but #2.01 Brothers and Sisters is one of my favorites because I got to play a real stinker, and also get pummeled by Rebecca.

7. You are one of the producers of the mystery/fantasy web series "Soul Fire Rising". Episode 5 shows Jodi Lyn O'Keefe in the role of Lilith having a fight with the arch angel Gabriel. What can you tell us about the series so far?

Its been one hell of a ride! (badabing!) Its action packed and the stakes are high. We finished shooting all of season one, and I have to say I'm very proud of it. It was my first time producing and creating something from scratch. I learned that if you let people who you trust do what they do best, you get a great product.

8. On "Soul Fire Rising" you play Eve. What's her agenda? Is the character based on Eve, the first woman created by God?

Eve wants to protect Adrian, with whom she has secretly fallen in love. However, when it looks like he is going to kill himself because he is ridden with the weight of guilt of thinking he is at fault for his ex-girlfriend's death, Eve literally decides to take matters into her own hands to try to save him. The character I play is not based on Eve in the Bible, although I guess both of them give into their temptation: Adam's Eve wanted the apple, and my Eve wanted Adrian.

9. The web series deals with heaven and hell in its own way like the two popular shows "Supernatural" and "Lost" recently did. Were these shows an inspiration for the web series? Or any other show or film?

When I was in The Ring movies, I fell in love with two things: The horror film fans, and the art of gory make-up. Rick Baker did my make-up in The Ring & The Ring TwO, and he simply is the best. What he creates is art, and horror fans know that. Art proposes us to think. It allows us to stop for a minute and wonder. And hopefully it arouses our senses, effecting us to either learn something new about the human condition or extend our suspension of belief. We obviously could not afford Mr. Baker, but we found a new star artist on the rise, Liz Mendoza, who is just as passionate about artfully creating monsters, demons and creatures that will hopefully scare the yahoo out of you.

10. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

I obviously love 2 1/2 Men! I also like old I Love Lucy episodes, True Blood, The Glades, Southland, Toddlers & Tiaras, Dexter, and American Idol.

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