Interview with Stacey Oristano

Like Mindy - her part in "Friday Night Lights" - Stacey Oristano is a girl from Texas. She confirms that in FNL the portrait of life in a texan town is very realistic. Here she talks about what it is like on this show to have a lot of freedom to improvise during the scenes.


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1. What is your favorite moment of your childhood?

Anytime I can remember being outside with my family by the water. That's my favorite place in the world!

2. When and why did you decide to become an actress?

I was about 5 and sat backstage with my Dad when he did shows. I would watch the girls in their beautiful costumes and the lights and the laughter and I knew even then, that I wanted to be a part of it!!

3. What do you remember from the audition for "Friday Night Lights"? Did you audition for the part of Mindy Collette?

The casting director, Beth Sepko read with me and she really was acting with me... which is rare! It was so fun and they let me improv and go off the script... it WAS for the part of Mindy!

4. How did you prepare for the part of Mindy?

Just read the script and thought about the world she grew up in. A lot of my male friends offered their "help" in taking me to strip clubs to study... but I never took them up on it.

5. What do you like about Mindy?

That girl will say whatever is on her mind. She doesn't care what others think about her and really knows who she is. She's brass and loud and crazy and playing that is really fun! I tend to be a little shy in real life and this lets me out of my shell a bit!

6. Mindy’s younger sister Tyra does everything to go to college. Is going to college really the only chance to get out of a small town?

Sadly... it's that or marrying out. I grew up in Texas and have seen it first hand!

7. Mindy has most of her scenes with the Riggins brothers. Rumor has it that Taylor Kitsch likes to goof around on set. Can you share a funny little anecdote? How is the general atmosphere on set?

Ohhhhhhh Taylor... Yea, he and I tend to get in the most trouble. He likes to see how far he can push the line with our improv and loves to make Derek (Billy Riggins) and I crack up during scenes. I would go into detail... but I'm not sure you would want to publish it! :) Needless to say... that boy makes me laugh harder then anyone I know!!

8. What is the difference between working on "Friday Night Lights" and your other projects? Is it more challenging to have a certain freedom in front of the camera with your lines and character interpretation?

I come form the theatre so it's really easy for me to have the freedom to play. We improv and block organically... there's a lot of trust on our set. Between the cast and crew in that we all know what the end result is and we are all working to make the best show we can. I think that's why the show looks as real as it does!

9. Does a scene come easier that way or is it less difficult to work with a given text and set marks?

For me it may not be a matter of easier... but it's more realistic! I wouldn't change it for anything!

[SPOILER!] 10. Mindy and Billy got married und had their first child. Are we still going to see them now that Tim is probably going to prison?

YES!!!! We have a new member to the Riggins house this season (along with little Stevie.) Season 5 is looking pretty good!!!

11. Are there any new projects coming up for you? What can you tell us about them?

Some movies maybe this summer and next summer... nothing solid yet. It's exciting to see what happens from here...

12. If you could choose to put together an entire crew for a movie: Who would be the director? Who would be the writer? And who would be in the leading role(s)?

Honestly... I'm so lucky to have the group of friends I have out here in LA. Composed of Writers and Directors and Actors... I would just want to work with them until the end of days!!! (Ohhhh... and Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall).

13. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite show?

I have a lot!! "House", "Glee", "Grey's Anatomy", "Modern Family", "Community"!!! (I LOVE!!) "The West Wing" was my favorite show of all time! I could go on... I really love TV!!! I'm so lucky to get to work in it!!

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