Exclusive interview with Greyston Holt

August 29, 2014 | Werewolves are the hot stuff right now and Clayton Danvers from "Bitten" is one of those who let the temperature rise! And that's in no small way due to the fact that actor Greyston Holt is just so seductive in bringing this conflicted character to life. Greyston made time for our interview and talks a little bit about his work on the mystery show.

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Greyston Holt
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1. With Clayton Danvers on "Bitten" you landed your first leading role in a tv series. What is that like starting out on a new show with a whole new character to flesh out?

When I booked the role I was extremely excited to get started on such a great project with such a great team. I loved the role and the complexity of my character and couldn't wait to bring it to life with my new cast mates. At the same time I felt pressure to do the books justice and make sure our fans were pleased with the show.

2. The first season of "Bitten" is airing on German television right now. What would you say why should viewers tune in, what makes the show so compelling?

I think what makes our show so compelling is the fact that we are werewolves living in a very real and recognizable world. We have a lot of the same problems humans have we just deal with them a little differently. Also, in the midst of all the violence, sex and action we find a nice counterbalance of grounded, emotional and real performances. There's really a little of something for everyone.

3. The wolf pack has very complex rules and structures. How do you slip into the skin of a werewolf?

My cast mates are amazing and they all know their characters so well so it kind of just comes to you when you step on set and into the Bitten world. We also all know our place in the pack hierarchy and Greg (Jeremy Danvers) sets the tone for the pack. Under him everything falls into place.

4. You played your fair share of violent and frightening scenes on "Bitten". Is that one of your favorite parts of acting, exploring that kind of darkness?

Totally. To be able to step outside of your comfort zone and explore something new is one of the best parts about being an actor. I've never been in a fight in my life but on the show I've broken a few necks, cut a guy's balls off and fought countless mutts. What a job!!!

5. You read the first book the show is based on, right? Is there a scene in the book that you miss in the show?

Yes I read the first book. To be honest I think we hit all the important plot points in the first book although one part I really liked was when Elena was running for days to save me after I was taken by Santos.

6. For the book readers there is a huge change in Clay's reasoning to bite Elena, in the show he bites her to save her. What do you think why did they make that change?

The audience needs to find things and moments they can relate to. This gave clay more compassion and humanity.

7. The torture scene between Clay and Zachary Cain was very intense and revealed a few similarities between the characters. Do you think Clay is at odds with his standing in the pack?

Hell no!

8. Do you have a favorite improv or blooper moment from working on "Bitten"?

It's hard to think of a specific one. We're constantly joking and fooling around. For a show with such a serious tone we're a pretty light hearted and affable bunch.

9. In season 2 we will meet the witches. Can you tease anything about the interaction between Clay and the witches?

I can't tell you much. But I can tell you that you will be surprised to find out how they are involved with the pack.

10. It was a great surprise to see you again as a vampire on "Supernatural" just days after the "Bitten" season finale aired! How did that come about and what was working with Jensen and Jared like?

I live in Vancouver where they've filmed it for 9 years so it was so nice to finally book a spot on the show. Jared and Jensen were great guys. It's nice to see two guys who've been filming a show for 9 years still having a lot of energy on set and truly enjoying their work.

11. You're also a musician, right? Please tell us a little bit about that. Any chance we will get to hear some of your stuff in the second season of "Bitten"?

Yeah I've been playing guitar since I was 12. I used to play in a hardcore/metal band in Vancouver called The Mary Belle. Good times!! Now I mostly write instrumental stuff on my own. It's hard to commit to a band when I travel so much as an actor.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about tv shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

One of my all-time favourite shows is "Californication". Especially the first two seasons. Of course "Breaking Bad" was amazing too. Holy fuck was it good. If I flick on the tube the I usually gravitate towards cooking/travel shows. Anthony Bourdain is my hero.

Thank you for making time for us, Greyston, we wish you all the best for your future!

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