Exclusive interview with Greyston Holt

August 21, 2015 | "Bitten" season 2 is an exciting season for werewolf Clayton Danvers. We learn a lot about his background story and get a glimpse inside his soul. Actor Greyston Holt kindly made time to answer our questions about this exciting journey and he also talks about his experiences at "Supernatural" conventions and roaming the streets of Rome.

Foto: Greyston Holt - Copyright: Gordon Dumka Photography
Greyston Holt
© Gordon Dumka Photography

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Congrats on being picked up for a third season of "Bitten" and thank you for making time for us again, we loved talking to you last year!

Thank you. Happy to do it again.

1. In season 2 we learned a lot about Clay in the flashback episode. Malcolm is not only his maker, he's also responsible for the death of Clay's parents. What do you think how much of an impact does that have on Clay?

It had a huge impact. Everything Clay thought he knew was turned upside down. It adds more fuel to the fire and yet another reason to kill Malcom.

2. In episode 2x08 Aleister takes over Clay's body, which adds another dimension to your portrayal. Greyston playing Aleister playing Clay. How did you approach these scenes?

When I heard about the details of 208 I couldn’t wait to get started on it. What an amazing challenge as an actor. I worked with Sean(Aleister) to nail down his cadence and movement. He has a very specific tone and musicality to his voice so it was fun to recreate but also hide it. There was a fine line between too much Aleister and not enough showing through. I even had Sean record all his/my lines. That helped a lot.

3. In this episode we also saw Clay's inner struggle. Why did the Malcolm of Clay's subconscious help him?

Well the Malcom inside Clay’s head wasn’t really Malcom it was Clay’s subconscious perception of him. It was Clay facing his inner demons and using them to help break free from from the prison in his mind.

4. The pack lost one of its members in season 2 - a devastating shock! Will his death lead to some kind of a permanent change in the pack's structure?

Any death always affects the structure of the pack. This would be something the writers would know more on though.

5. In a lot of the "Bitten" fight scenes we see the actors' faces, so you do a lot of the stunts yourselves, right? How do work on those, a little like learning a dance choreography? And were there ever bloody noses?

Yes we do most of our stunts and yes it really is like dance choreography. It’s amazing how well it can flow when you really have your moves nailed down however, yes, we do get banged and bruised. It’s exhilarating!!

Foto: Greyston Holt, Jus in Bello 2015 - Copyright: Sandra Meier
Greyston Holt, Jus in Bello 2015
© Sandra Meier

6. In an interview Laura Vandervoort and you talked about what people could learn from Elena and Clay is passion - hear what your heart is telling you. Is that also how you got into acting?

Yes. I’ve always had an artistic mind and I was always looking for ways to express myself as I’ve always been terrible at talking about my feelings and emotions. When I first discovered acting I thought “Wow! What a catharsis.” It’s almost like therapy. Also as an only child I spent a lot of time entertaining myself. I was always creating characters in my mind. I had very distinct voices and personalities for both of my dogs. We would have full three way conversations. Naturally, with these things in mind, acting was the perfect fit. I get paid to do things I love.

7. In another interview you talked about the romantic scenes like the bath scene at the end of season 1 and that shooting them usually isn't really romantic. Do you have another fun story for us from when shooting a certain scene felt completely different from what it looks like in the episode?

Most scenes feel very different than what you see on the screen. Movie magic.

8. A few weeks back you did JIBCon in Rome, the SPN-Family dream con. Was it your first European and/or SPN con? What was your experience like?

I did the Birmingham Con a year ago but JibCon was my first Supernatural convention. I had such an amazing time. The whole family welcomed me with open arms. I also spent a week in Rome after with my mom and girlfriend. One of the best experiences of my life. We saw the sights. We ate. We drank. We walked…… A LOT!!!

9. At JIBCon you talked about the imbalance between male and female characters in the TV and film industry. Who are your all-time favorite female characters and why?

There definitely still is an imbalance but I think we’re starting to slowly see a shift. It’s about frickin time. One of my favourite female characters would have to be Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Fuck she was badass. I love revenge movies and man did she get sweet revenge.

10. If you could hang out with one person for a day in character from your fave show, who would it be?

I would have to say Hank Moody from Californication. Or Anthony Bourdain. Does he count?

11. What tv shows do you like, character or plot driven, serialized or procedural etc.?

"Breaking Bad" would have to be my top choice. In my mind the best show ever produced. The pinnacle of a plot driven series. It's also a masterclass in acting.

Thank you, Greyston, we wish you all the best for your future!

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