Interview with Austin Nichols

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Austin Nichols who is recently playing the role of Julian in the sixth season of "One Tree Hill". He told us about his ambitions to work as a writer, his work on "One Tree Hill", his character Julian and a pretty funny story that happend to him along with Hilarie Burton.


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1. There is a rumour that you were named after the "Austin, Nichols distilling company". Is it true? If so, do you know why you were named after the company?

I was told that when I was a baby, my Grandfather snuck that Wild Turkey bourbon into my baby bottle. I think my Grandfather wanted to name one of his sons Austin because he loved that bourbon and that name, but my Grandmother would not allow it. Ha! So my dad took up the slack. Still, after all the free press I have given that company, I still have not seen a single complimentary drop of that 101 proof bourbon.

2. What is your favourite memory of your childhood?

My favorite memory from growing up is when one of my older sister's friends taught me how to kiss. This one I have to keep to myself, though. Too precious. But I will say that it was like discovering the Holy Grail. Everything seemed to make sense and the future looked so bright.

3. You have a degree in creative writing. Do you have any ambitions to work as a writer in the future?

I absolutely want to work as a writer. I have continued to write since college and I will not stop. And I would love to be paid for it!!! Ha Ha!! Acting is a strange art. You have to be given permission from many people to go to work. And I can wake up in the morning and write. I can write whenever I want. There is a different kind of freedom in that.

4. When and why did you decide to become an actor?

I decided to become an actor at 15. The reason still escapes me. It was just something in my blood or my soul. My heart and DNA. I believe that if you just listen, your answers will be provided. And I was lucky enough to start listening at a young age.

5. If you could choose to put an entire crew together for a movie: Who would be the director? Who would be the writer? And who would be in the leading role(s)?

Well that is a great and very difficult question, because every project requires different artists and sensibilities. But to just randomly put together a dream movie, I would start with a script written and directed by Gus Van Sant. And I would cast Austin Nichols as the hero. I hear he's pretty good!!! Ha. Something like Drugstore Cowboy.

6. "One Tree Hill" is in its sixth year now. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being new in a crew that have been working together for such a long time?

Well that was all very useful to me as an actor. Because everyone is quite unsure of Julian's intentions. And my arrival here was received with a similar distrust. Due to their comfort with each other for years, my arrival may have been slightly threatening, much like Julian's. But now I have shown myself to be a hard worker and a good friend, so myself and Julian have come to be accepted and even embraced.

7. Paul Johansson directed some episodes, Chad Michael Murray wrote a script and Bethany Joy Galeotti would like to direct an episode. Would you also like to work behind the camera (on "One Tree Hill")?

Ha!! No, mam. I will stay in front of the camera while I am here. I would write something totally crazy and I'm afraid it would not be welcomed.

8. When Julian first appeared people thought he was only there to tear Peyton and Lucas apart. Then we learned that Julian seems to be a very nice person and now many viewers want him to stay as long as possible or even to hook up with Brooke. What kind of reactions did you get?

Pretty much the same. That was pretty much my plan. I wanted to be super devious in the beginning and grow incrementally sweeter and sweeter. I just thought that would be an interesting entrance and an interesting arc. I believe every human being out there has both heroic and villianous traits. Not just one or the other. Life is too complicated to just be one or the other. We are all both.

9. Can you give us some scoop about what’s going to happen next with your character?

I can try. I may get in trouble, but I will risk it. Julian has always been quite a bachelor. Other than Peyton, he has always been very single and available. He loves women and he loves the chase. The game. But I think for the first time in his life, he sees something in Brooke that makes him stop. She makes him shake. She gives him butterflies. And he is seriously thinking about a future with this girl. Long term. Maybe even a family. That is all I can say.

10. It seems more than possible that "One Tree Hill" will get a seventh season. Is there any chance you will be part of it?

There is definitely some talk about Julian in the seventh season. And that is so nice to hear. When you create a character, you never know if people will like him and accept him. So it is nice to be wanted. As for a definite answer, I do not know yet. I have never made a decision in my life until the very last second.

11. Are there funny experiences you made on set that you can tell us about?

Well, one night I was driving around with Hilarie Burton and there was a bus in front of us full of girls. It was a bachelorette party or 21st Birthday or something like that. And one girl stuck her bare ass up on the glass and mooned us. So I told Hilarie to pull up next to them and I mooned them right back. Later that night, I went to a bar and bumped into all those crazy, screaming girls. They knew it was me and Hilarie!!!! Ha! Hilarious. We laughed pretty hard about that one.

12. If you could choose two other characters from "One Tree Hill" to have their own spin-off with your character Julian, who would it be? And why would you choose them?

The spinoff would be Julian and all the pretty girls. I would get rid of all the guys. That's gold!!! Ha!! But of course Julian would end up with Brooke. I think that relationship is very well written and endlessly entertaining. And Sophia is quite a performer and a great star. I think the spinoff should be Julian and Brooke in Italy. She is in the fashion world and I am making spaghetti westerns.

13. Do you have any new projects you can tell us about?

"The Informers" premieres at Sundance in January.
"Prayers For Bobby" premieres January 24 on Lifetime.
"Fencewalker" is the other movie, but I dont know the date.
Check online for European release dates.

14. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite one?

I loved "Arrested Development", "Six Feet Under", "The Office" (BBC original), and of course, "John From Cincinnati"(check out the last one on DVD).

Annika Leichner - myFanbase