Interview with Brendan Fehr

We got the opportunity to do an interview with Brendan Fehr from "Roswell" and "CSI: Miami". He talks about his new projects, his website and much more.


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1. First of all: You have two new projects: "The Other Side of the Tracks" and "Paddyville". Can you tell us something about these movies and the parts you will play in them?

TOST is a look at the life of a guy who has lost the love of his life and hasnít quite figured out how to move on and deal with it. I would describe it as an existential journey of sorts, at least in the sense of how I dealt with the emotions of my character, Josh Stevens. It is somewhat haunting and beautiful at the same time, or at least thatís the goal. We just wrapped filming it and now the actor waits to see what the film becomes in the editing room. Itís the worst part of the whole process as an actor in film as opposed to theatre. That immediate feedback on stage is alive and very tangible and you rarely get that in film.

The other, Paddyville, is still in itís beginning stages and we have not started filming yet. Itís about a group of Irish living in NY and specifically, from my characterís point of view I suppose, about finding out otherís first impressions arenít always a true indicator and what it means to grow up and not simply grow older.

2. On your official website ( you stay in touch with your fans and post messages about whatís going on in your life. Not many other actors do something like this. Why did you decide to do it?

Iím a huge fan of Metallica as most know and it was always a treat that the band took the road of letting fans in on recording sessions, tours (obviously), contests, future projects, etc. They let fans into their world on a number of levels, some very personal, as the SKOM documentary shows, and I was very appreciative of that and it was something I felt my fans may feel the same about. Unfortunately I canít say Iím as busy or as influential in my industry as Metallica is in theirs and thus may not be as relevant but for those who do like my work and acknowledge themselves as fans I thought itíd be a good idea.

3. Besides the postings on your official website youíre also doing an NHL blog? How did it come to this?

I know several people at the NHL and one in particular is very good to me in terms of tickets and keeping me in the loop for certain events. Nirva, thank you! At any rate, the NHL has taken some serious steps in terms of upping itís fanbase in the U.S. and also in terms of marketing using Hollywood/celebrities as a tool. Being a known fan of my beloved Canucks I was asked to participate in the blog for the playoffs and graciously accepted. I think I said, "Uhhhh, yah!" Anything to promote my favorite sport and team.

4. Since 2005 youíre starring in "CSI: Miami" as Dan Cooper. Will we see you in season six and can you tell us anything about next season?

You will see me in Season 6 and there are some changes that will occur but I canít quite get into it as I donít know what direction it will end up taking but there is a shake up for sure.

5. When and why did you decide to become an actor?

After I landed my first job and thought, "I get paid how much to do what for how long? Are they crazy? Iím definitely onto something here." The other part of the story is after working for about 2-3 years I truly learned to love it and it became the thing in life I wanted to pursue. Before that time it was enjoyable but was something I was just going to ride until it bucked me. Now Iím fully committed to 8 seconds and more.

6. Besides Adam Rodriguez with whom you are working on "CSI: Miami", are you still in contact with any cast members of "Roswell"?

A few of them. Nick Wechsler is one of my best friends.

7. Did you like the season finale of "Roswell"? Or would you have done it differently?

I have never watched it. I did not like the fact that we really didnít know if we were coming back after any of the seasons, much less that one and as a result, the script had to be written in such a way that had to serve both as a possible ending and also a possible starting point (for the next season) and that involves too much compromise. Thatís too hard to write and pretty much impossible to pull off in order that the showís potential is reached and so I felt we were always behind the 8 ball and thatís not fun or fair for any of the people who worked so hard.

8. Have you kept any "Roswell" mementos?

I have a few things I wore and most all of the scripts. I think they are packed in a box somewhere. I still do have Michaelís ring and pocket watch.

9. If you look back, which season of "Roswell" do you think was the best and why?

The first season was the best I think by far. It was new and fresh and exciting and the actors were all excited and it shows. We had so many things to explore as both actors and writers. It gets harder to maintain the level of a show and for the ones that do it, it really is quite a feat and says a lot about the show. Again, we were pulled in so many directions by different people (with power I might add) that wanted different things that we were forced to compromise and if the show had be left to the people who created it I think we would have been better off. Now, thatís the nature of the business and I accept it but doesnít mean my opinion will change. Everyone has an interest and when those interests arenít the same, bad things happen.

10. Do you have any new projects, besides "The Other Side of the Tracks" and "Paddyville", you can tell us about?

I currently completed seasons in both 2K7 baseball as the Toronto BlueJays and AllPro Football 2K8 as the Vancouver Fishermen. Iím doing well in both thank you very much.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series do you have a favourite one?

My wife and I love "Hellís Kitchen", "Top Chef", and "Project Runway". As far as non-reality shows go, we watch "House" and "Rescue Me". Oh yeah, plus that one show thatís number one in the world, ummm, oh yeah, "CSI:Miami". Thatís up there I guess.

Annika Leichner - myFanbase