Exclusive interview with Milauna Jackson

November 25, 2016 | Actress Milauna Jackson has been in the showbusiness since her childhood. We got the chance to talk with her about "How to Get Away with Murder" and her character D.A. Renee Atwood since she joined the TV show for season 3.

Foto: Milauna Jackson - Copyright: Vince Trupsin
Milauna Jackson
© Vince Trupsin

You started acting at an early age. How would you describe the thrill of standing in front of an audience?

There is nothing like the energy that a live audience gives you. The immediate feedback during and after your performance can be exhilarating and infectious. Be that as it may, I also enjoy the challenge of fighting against playing into the anticipation of the audience's reaction. It keeps my performance fresh suring the run of the show and forces me to simply trust the work. I absolutely love it.

You have been playing Renee Atwood on "How to Get Away with Murder". What are your favorite aspects of the show?

I love the fact that it is so unpredictable and there is nothing on TV like it. I love that it has chosen to be diverse in its casting and is so well written. Additionally, it showcases its cast and its guest actors always compliment them quite nicely. Lastly, getting to work and play with Viola is an awesome bonus.

Can you talk a little bit about working with Viola Davis?

Working with her has been an amazing treat which is still quite surreal. She has been essential in the development of our rivalry and it has been an unpredictable, educational experience every single time. Plus she is funny and I welcome the levity in between our extremely tense moments.

When you read the script to "How to Get Away with Murder" were you shocked about who is going to die? Can you give us a little - cryptic - hint about the victim? It is okay if you can't, but we have to ask!

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In one of the episodes Mary J. Blige makes an appearance. Did you get to meet her?

I absolutely love me some Mary J, but unfortunately her scenes were shot on location and I am always shooting on the lot. So, no I did not get the chance to meet her. Not yet.

Has there been a day on the set of "How to Get Away with Murder" that you would like to relive because it was especially funny or exceptional?

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For the TV show "Strike Back" you traveled to Africa. What was the experience like shooting the episodes there?

I am completely single now, but I want to honeymoon in South Africa. That is how impressionable it was on my life. We shot in the city of Joburg and the jungles of Durban (The home of the Zulu Nation). I want to share that experience with my future husband. It changed my life and I believe it will do the same for him.

Foto: Milauna Jackson - Copyright: Vince Trupsin
Milauna Jackson
© Vince Trupsin

Which place in the world is your favorite and what place do you dream of seeing?

Again for me it was South Africa, but Paris is a close second. I do dream of seeing a few places in South America. Chile, Peru, Argentina. I would love to visit there soon.

For two years you were part of "Aquarius" a TV show that's set in the 60s. What do you think about that era?

I think the '60s in America was an era of loss and it was a difficult time for Blacks historically.

You played the wife of Grey Damon's character and you also got to meet David Duchovny, who has been an actor for almost 30 years. What were they like and what did you learn from David?

I learned so much from them both. First, they both reminded me that it was a collaborative effort. They are both very giving and allowed me to feel so welcomed on set every single time. Second, David was very respectful and professional to me and has a great sense of humor. He lead the show with ease and it helped during some of the more challenging episodes. Third, Grey and I had great chemistry so he was always open to anything I threw at him. That made it seem less like work and more like play. I loved that show.

In what kind of movie or in which TV show you would you love to play a part and why?

I would love to be in biopic of a musician because I would like to infuse my knowledge and love for music into my work. I also love, love horror; so "Stranger Things" or "Black Mirror" would be something I would love to contribute to as a cast member.

Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

"House of Cards", "Scandal", "Orange Is the New Black", "Real Time with Bill Maher", "Law and Order SVU", "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern", "Modern Family", "Game of Thrones" and of course "How to Get Away with Murder." I have been a fan since episode 1 aired.

Thank you so much for making time for us, Milauna, we wish you all the best for your future!

Marie Florschütz - myFanbase

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