Interview with Drew Waters

Drew Waters was in the Navy before he started his own business with his family. But soon he realized that acting was his dreamjob and so he decided with his family to change their whole lives. Now he gives us an insight into his work for the outstanding series "Friday Night Lights" and his life behind the scenes.

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1. What is your favorite moment of your childhood?

One of my favorite childhood moments I remember would be going to my great grandmother's house "Booboo". She would always have a big pile of leaves raked up, and my brother and I would just play all through it. And before we left, she would give us a small bag of homemade candy to bring home.

2. When and why did you decide to become an actor?

All through my life my parents and grandparents would tell me I should get into drama at school, but I was too shy. After being in the military then the fashion world; I grew out of my shyness and really found out who I was. I started opening my own businesses and my wife Heather and I wanted to start a family. While modeling overseas I was fortunate enough to be in a commercial and fell in love with the workings of a set. But by now I was the owner of several businesses, stressed out of my mind and never home. I realized I was doing it for the money and not because I loved to do it. So I woke up one day looked at my wife and my two year old daughter and said, I want to sell everything. My wife looked at me like was crazy and said, what are you going to do? I said I was going to start acting. She asked me if I knew anything about it. I said not yet but I didn’t know anything about business and that worked out okay. She paused for a second and said okay let’s do it. And I have never looked back.

3. After graduating high school you served in the Navy for several years. How much does this experience still affect your daily life?

I grew up with the morals that your word is your bond. The military helped me not to be so shy and become a person with a good work ethic that my father had already instilled in me. It really gave me that drive and passion I have for my life and career today.

4. What's more fun? Modeling or acting?

Modeling is fun for a small town boy from Orange, TX. I never thought of myself as a pretty boy. I remember every time I would get a cover of a magazine or a campaign I thought it was so funny that they were paying me for this. I just didn’t see what they saw. Acting on the other hand is a blast. Every job I get to create a different character, become someone else and do something different every day. I was never really good at sitting still or doing the same thing every day. I am not saying I do not like who I am now. I just love getting lost in a character. Acting has made me a better person, husband and father. I wake up every day looking forward to working.

5. What is the difference between working on "Friday Night Lights" and your other projects? Is it more challenging to have a certain freedom in front of the camera with your lines and character interpretation?

FNL was the first of its kind when it came out. No one else was shooting this way. It's great to be a part of such a trend setting show. There are no dead on marks to worry about. The camera follows you, which gives us the freedom to keep the scene very real. The biggest challenge is not getting tripped up while ad-libbing. Brain farts are the death of it!

6. Does a scene come easier that way or is it less difficult to work with a given text and set marks?

You can find difficulty in both. I think the key to making FNL's style work is to have actors that can improv well and interact well with each other. There is a rush when someone goes off script and you have to respond. There’s something very real about it.

7. How is the atmosphere on set when the football games are shot? The games come across very real, does it feel anything like a real game while shooting?

It is crazy how real they feel. When the crowd starts getting into it and I'm on the side line sending in players and calling plays; it brings me back to my high school football days. My emotions and adrenaline are running high almost as if I don't know the outcome.

8. Rumor has it some of your co-stars like to goof around on set. Can you share a funny little anecdote?

We are pretty tame. I would say most of our pranks are caught on camera - trying to throw each other off. But for the most part we have a lot of respect for each other.

9. Season 4 of "Friday Night Lights" just begun. What can we expect for your character Wade in the next episodes? Please give us some scoop!

I wish I could, but I will say I think this will be the best season yet. If you don’t have Direct TV and can't watch it now then you can see it again on NBC starting late February.

10. What are your plans for the future? Do you have some new projects coming up?

I am currently shooting a western called "The Legend of Hell's Gate" based on a true story set in 1880. I play Champagne Charlie Austin. I also created a show called "Art Junkies" which is in pre-production right now. We are still shooting season four of FNL.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite one?

WHAT? You mean besides FNL? I must say I am a big fan of "Modern Family". It is good to see a great comedy again.

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