Interview with Sarah Drew

The American actress Sarah Drew is best known as Hannah from the TV-show "Everwood". In an exclusive interview she tells us about her passion for acting and her feelings about the cancellation of "Everwood".


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1. What is your favourite memory of your childhood?

One particular favorite memory was when I got the phone call that Iíd been cast as Annie in a community theatre production of Annie. I was 11 at the time, and Iíd been dreaming of playing that role for a long time, and it was my first starring role (outside of school productions), and I remember just screaming and jumping up and down with delight!!

2. When and why did you decide to become an actress?

There was never a time that I can remember when I didnít want to be an actress. From a very early age, I believed that I was meant to act ó believed that it was my destiny. My parents remember my graduation from kindergarden. We had to perform a bit on stage in front of all the parents, and I just walked up in front of everyone and spoke as though Iíd been doing it for years. My parents looked at each other and said "where did this come from" ó and that was it ó all I wanted was to be on stage in front of people. I remember making up songs and setting up a stage in my living room and making tickets and having my family come in and watch me perform. I also wrote a musical with a friend when I was 12 that we planned to produce in my garage ó it never happened because everyone dropped out, but I had it copywritten and recorded a soundtrack that I still have. Itís called "The Ancient Secrets of Camaboo Island" and I whip out the soundtrack from time to time!

As I have evolved in my understanding of why I love to act, Iíve discovered that my love for it goes deeper than just wanting to perform. I love understanding how people thinkówhat motivates them to do the things they do. In comparison to the majority of the world, Iíve lived a very charmed life. I love to jump into the shoes of someone completely different and see the world through their eyes. It opens my mind, and it gives me great compassion and empathy for other people. I have two great loves in my life: God and people all kinds of different people, and this career enables me to understand someone different with every different job Iím given.

3. For nearly seven years youíve been married to Peter Lanfer. Where did you meet him and are you planning to have children someday?

Peter and I worked at a one week long Christian youth camp called "FOCUS". We were leaders together, we led the worship time. Peter than pursued me by writing hand written letters for 6 months, then emails for 2 months, and then phone calls for about one month before I saw him again. Our first date was a whole weekend long visit to my home ó with my parents and brother. The whole thing was very old fashioned and classy. After that weekend, we started dating long distance for two years until we got engaged. We are very excited to have kids ó probably 2 or 3 ó the timing isnít quite right yet, but itís something we look forward to eagerly.

4. Have you ever turned down a role because it compromised your marriage or your faith?

Yes, Iíve had to do it a few times, and each time Iíve turned something down in faith, God has opened the door for something so much better. After enough situations like that, you learn that itís really best just to do the thing that honors God the most and trust him for the outcome. Heís proved Himself faithful time and time again.

5. What do you think about the series finale of "Everwood"?

So many mixed feelings ó I definitely cried at the end with the shot of the ferris wheel over my neighborhood (I lived in the neighborhood where the Brown house was). I think they did a good job of tying up loose ends, but I think there was so much more to tell, and we could have gone on for several more years had we been given the chance.

6. An alternative season finale of "Everwood" has been shot to use it in case that the show gets another season. Can you tell us something about this alternative finale?

The main difference was between Amy and Ephram. He was gonna get a phone call from Madison as he was on his way down to the ferris wheel and then Amy was gonna be left alone with her ferris wheel, and we were gonna be left to wonder ó whatís gonna happen with Madison, Amy and Ephram. Everything else was pretty much the same. The only alternate ending with Hannah was that the audience wasnít going to see what college I decided to go to ó we were gonna be left to wonder if I was gonna stay in Everwood or not.

7. Are you happy about the way the story of your character Hannah ended? Would you have preferred an alternative to this ending?

Yes. I think it left the audience believing that there was real hope for Hannah and Bright in the future, and I think thatís what the audience wanted.

8. Have you kept any "Everwood" mementos?

Well, when the show closed down, they sold all the furniture and clothes and props, and I bought a couch and chairs and a huge desk and tons of clothes ó so whenever I sit on my couch I think of "Everwood", and whenever I put on a shirt Hannah wore, I think of "Everwood".

9. Are you in contact with some of your former colleagues from "Everwood"?

Yes, I just saw Emily and Chris at Tom Amandesí 50th birthday party and that was so much fun! Also, Emily, Tom and I made a little birthday video for Merrilyn Genn (Rose Abbott) over christmas and that was a blast. Emily and I get together for dinner from time to time. It was a wonderful family over at "Everwood"!

10. On "Mad Men" you played Kitty the wife of closeted gay art director Salvatore Romano. Is there any chance weíll see you in season 3?

I have been asked to do at least three episodes this season.

11. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV series, do you have a favorite one?

"Friday Night Lights", because the acting is amazing, the writing is amazing, and the married couple on the show is the best one Iíve ever seen on television. They deal with real issues and real scenarios, and I just think it is amazing!

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