Interview with Matt Czuchry - Part 2

The following questions are directly from his fans:

9. From Karen: Did you receive the birthdaybook that was send to you for your birthday? Your thoughts about it? And how do you feel about your popularity? Are you sometimes visiting websites about you or the show that fans have created?

Foto: Matt Czuchry, Gilmore Girls - Copyright: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Matt Czuchry, Gilmore Girls
© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Indeed I did receive my birthday book. I thank each and every fan that was a part of that work. I thank you so very much! I remember exactly when the book was handed to me. I was in my car ready to leave set and I sat briefly in my car to contemplate briefly the bad day I had just been through. A tap came on my window. I opened the door and the birthday book was handed to me. I sat in my car and read every page. Instantly my day went from bad to great. What was so beautiful about the book was it was a collection of individuals from around the world who met through their love of the character I play on TV. I felt as though I was the glue for new friendships. I felt special because connections of goodness had been made through my time on the show. Television provides that release for people. A way to add enjoyment to their lives. I felt appreciated because my efforts had made others happy. Thank you for giving me that.

The book was an instance where the popularity of the show, and my impact on the show, blew me away as to the places and individuals that can be reached. That popularity can be both overwhelming and beautiful all at once.

As far as visiting websites are concerned, I know what is out there one way or another.

10. From Constance: You once said in an interview that you had auditioned for several characters on Gilmore Girls. Which ones? (Don’t tell us it’s Kirk! ;-))

Ha! That is beautiful. No Constance it was not for Kirk. I auditioned for the roles that eventually became Jess, Tristan, and Marty.

11. From Nina: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Where I see myself in 20 years is such a difficult question because this business and this craft forces you to focus on the immediate future. That being said, I certainly have goals and desires that I hope to attain 20 years from now and I work towards those future wants every day. Some of my future hopes are: I would like to direct, write a screenplay, continue acting in T.V. and film, and have a dog by my side who is my best friend.

12. From Julie: Besides your age and sex, since you said you were a fan of Gilmore Girls even before you got the role of Logan, is there any role on the show you would like to play, if you weren’t playing him?


13. From Sawan: The goodbye scene in "Partings” was so emotional. How did you and Alexis prepare for it?

With emotional scenes such as the one in "Partings," I find myself off in a corner by myself, closing my eyes, very quite, not talking to anyone, and listening to music that puts me in the appropriate emotional state for the scene.

14. From Karen: What would you do if you were Logan? Pull a Lorelai Gilmore and break away from the family or will you do what is expected from you? Be an heir to your family's fortune and go into the newspaper business?

If I were Logan I would take control of my future on my terms. I would go into the newspaper business but I would... sleep in and show up to work at 10am. I would never stay past 5pm. I would take two-hour lunch breaks. I would never work on weekends. And, at least every two weeks I would have to see my girlfriend Rory no matter what distance separated us.

15. From Ellie: You and Alexis Bledel have such great chemistry on screen, are you guys good friends off-set too?

Alexis is a dear friend of mine. We trust and respect each in all aspects of our lives. I look forward to days when I get a chance to see her.

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