"Devious Maids" interview with Rebecca Wisocky

October 15, 2014 | As the satiric comedy-drama "Devious Maids" starts airing in Germany tonight, Rebecca Wisocky, who plays the marvelously sharp-tongued Evelyn Powell, kindly made time to answer a few of our questions describing what makes the show special. We also talked a little bit about season 2 and Rebecca's hopes for season 3. And we asked a few questions about her role on "American Horror Story".

Note: Questions no. 6 and 7 contain spoilers about episodes that have not aired in Germany yet.

Foto: Rebecca Wisocky, Devious Maids - Copyright: Lifetime
Rebecca Wisocky, Devious Maids
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1. The first season of "Devious Maids" is about to air on German free TV and the second season on cable. Why should viewers tune in and what makes the show so compelling?

The show has the addictive deliciousness of a soap opera and the complexity and stakes of a satire too. Itís a stylized dirty look inside the excess that a place like Beverly Hills represents with a great ensemble cast led by 5 awesome Latina actresses.

2. You play Evelyn Powell, one of the leading roles and a standout character with jaw-dropping lines. What do you admire about her?

Well, "admire" is an interesting choice of words. She behaves reprehensibly most of the time. But, yes she does have good lines! Evelyn is a creature that has every luxury and privilege imaginable except for the thing she wants most. Always.

3. Evelyn's frosty nature and her dry sense of humor give her the certain something. Is there a little bit of Evelyn in you and in what way can you identify with the character?

I donít know if Iím like her, but I am very fond of her and her ridiculousness. Evelyn uses humor to deflect and attack. Sheís very smart and crafty and yet so blind at the same time. The role is great fun to play.

4. The Powellís marriage seems like a nightmare most of the time. Do you and Tom Irwin enjoy the "slugfest"?

I think itís a great love story! It is often sick and twisted, yes. But Adrian and Evelyn love one another deeply. And I absolutely adore working with Tom.

5. Is there any room for improv? If so, what is your favorite improv or blooper moment?

Itís a testament to good writing when you think it couldíve been off the cuff. In fact, every word you hear has been written. There is a lot of silliness behind the scenes though. The cast (and the crew especially) are very funny people. We saw a great blooper reel at the wrap party. Hopefully that will make it to the Season 2 DVD.

6. In the first season Evelyn witnessed her husband having an affair. What was it like for her now to be the one with a lover?

Sweet revenge! She endured many years of Adrianís "disgusting little hobby". It was Evelynís turn to have some fun. Of course, much of that fun for her was the cat and mouse game of it all. For better or worse, the Powells are tango partners til the bitter end.

7. At the end of season 2 Evelyn learned who killed her son. How do think this knowledge will affect Evelyn?

Thatís a very good question. Adrian and Evelyn were broken on the day they lost Barrett. Nothing can un-do that. Whether the knowledge of who was responsible brings them peace or fuels more madness and retribution remains to be seen.

8. In the third season, what are your hopes and wishes for Evelyn?

Iíd be very interested to learn more about Evelynís family. Iíd also love to get to play more with the rest of the cast. Ana and I have great fun with the chemistry between Marisol and Evelyn. I havenít worked with Ros and Judy yet at all. I hope that happens next year! I love them both. I love the whole cast!

9. You played Larry's wife Lorraine Harvey on "American Horror Story", former residents of the Murder House. What was it like working on that show with special effects, makeup and all?

I find the mask aspect of working with special effects and prosthetics really exciting. And, the makeup and effects team on AHS are very very good. I was honored to be painted by them!

I was so glad to play a small part on that show. Ryan Murphy is doing something super cool with AHS. Heís assembled a repertory company of fantastic actors that get to do something new and outrageous every year. I hope he has me back one day. I think itís a great model that more creators should use.

10. What is one thing about "American Horror Story" people might not know?

Well, the Murder House really exists. The interiors were recreated on a set. But at the time the first season was being shot I believe that house was available for sale. So if you had the money and the stomach for it, it couldíve been yours!

Also, the first episode of Season 4 of "True Blood" in which I played Queen Mab and the episode of AHS where Larry sees Lorraineís ghost were both directed by fabulous Michael Lehmann. (Who also directed the movie Heathers!) Thereís some trivia for you!

11. If you could hang out with one person in character from your favorite show, who would it be?

Thatís too hard. Can I assemble a dinner party instead? Or can I just go spend the weekend with the Golden Girls? Thatíd be dreamy.

12. Since myFanbase is an online magazine about TV shows, we would like to know what your favorite shows are?

"Sherlock", "Girls", "Project Runway", "Anthony Bourdain", "Key & Peele", "Orange Is the New Black". "Devious Maids"! Lots of good TV these days!

Thank you for making time for us, Rebecca, we wish you all the best for your future!

Same to you! Thanks for watching "Devious Maids"!

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