Exclusive interview with Sherri Saum

June, 2013 | Sherri Saum plays one of the lead roles on the new ABC Family show "The Fosters". In our exclusive interview she talks about her fascination with the show's concept and her German roots.

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Sherri Saum
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1. How did you get into acting? Have you always wanted to be an actress?

I started in the modeling world and eventually broke through into acting- I got some lucky breaks pretty early on and never looked back. I've always had a creative spirit and everything about make-believe fascinates me.

2. You play Lena Foster on "The Fosters", a new and unconventional show starting to air in June. What was it about this role and the show that got you hooked?

I loved that ABC Family wasn't candy-coating the subject matter. It's way overdue that we show these kinds of families on TV in a realistic way. Families like the Fosters exist everywhere.

3. Lena and her partner are a bi-racial lesbian couple with kids. How would you describe your character and their relationship?

Lena Adams is a compassionate person who is dedicated to raising her children to feel loved and empowered. Stef foster is her better half, they are opposites in many ways but that's also what attracted them to each other. They work really well as the heads of this complex family.

4. Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of "The Fosters". What is it like to work with a pop icon like her? Does she come to the set?

Jennifer Lopez is someone I've always admired because she worked her way to international megastar one brick at a time. Hard work and fierce talent. She surrounds our show with her inspiration and her support- she's come to set many times and promoted the show extensively. Plus she showers the cast and crew with giant ice cream parties and gourmet cupcake days. Gotta love it.

5. Not only in the US many homosexuals fight for equal rights to marry the one they love or to adopt a child with their same-sex partner. How important do you think it is that television shows like "The Fosters" deal with this topic?

Television is a powerful medium that ushers in the seeds of change- the food for thought. It's incredibly influential. I think a show like the Fosters may go a long way toward "normalizing" families that might otherwise feel as though they exist on the fringes of society

6. You studied in Spain for six months, right? Did you have the chance to travel through Spain or even Europe? If so what is your favorite place?

Spain is like my second home. I've gone every year since I was first a student in Madrid in the study abroad program. I've traveled throughout Europe but I always come back to Spain as a favorite.

7. Is it true that your mother is German? What do you associate with Germany?

My motherís grandfather came from Germany, so it's far removed, but I still felt the influence growing up- certain phrases I'd hear, foods we'd eat etc.

8. myFanbase is an online magazine about U.S. television shows. Do you have one or more favorite show(s)?

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I loved this series called "Damages" with Glenn Close. Also I really enjoyed this Australian show called "The Slap". I'm finally catching up with "Downton Abbey". And at least twice a week, I sit and watch a handful of "Seinfeld" reruns.

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